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Transparent Prices and Efficiency

Buy and sell any cryptocurrency directly with other users, for any fiat or coins (swap) by bargaining on price through real-time, two-sided simultaneous auctions. All other peer-to-peer exchanges are simple advertisement platforms with limited functionality.


Almost ZERO fees

Trade with almost zero fees. TOKPIE offers a wide range of plans allowing you to pay only 0.02% trade fee and be rewarded with up to 70% referral bonus.


All-in-One Tools for Smart Trading

Capture perfect market conditions by using Tokpie’s sophisticated features such as market screener, spread analysis, watchlists, price charting, price alerts and notification tools. Then, earn higher profits by striking the best deals, through online auctions organized in order books, all in one easy-to-use platform.


Highest security

Trade safely because Tokpie does not touch or hold users’ fiat money, so banks and/or legal authorities cannot intervene. As a guarantor, Tokpie holds 95% of sellers’ cryptocurrencies in 100% safe TRUE multi-signature hardware (cold) storage with only 5% of assets stored in the platform’s hot wallets, so there is no risk of deposits being hacked.


Unlimited scalability

Tokpie’s unique concept of encapsulating different parameters into tradable instruments and the peer-to-peer nature of the platform offers limitless possibilities, such as support for Dark Pool Order Books, private B2B Order Books, crypto indexes, mutual funds, options, P2P decentralized lending and leveraged trading.


Bounty Stakes and Token Listing for Start-ups. Token Sale Framework

Boost you bounty by providing hunters with the ability to trade stakes they earned on TOKPIE platform. Get more hype! Also, there is no need to develop cabinets for Token Sales and pay high entry fees to then be listed on exchanges. With Tokpie, start-ups can reach a ‘KYC/AML-verified’ audience of ‘hot’ contributors, avail of high liquidity, and customizable Order Books for pre-sale and post-sale listings.