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It's a genuinely deflationary altcoin.


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Deflationary's advantage 

The Deflationary's advantage is in its coin that genuinely lives up to its name. It has an actual use case and aims to combat the problem of inflation, making it a valuable asset. Furthermore, unlike other tokens, DEF does not collect taxes for LP generation or reward distribution. Instead, it has a simple fee of only 3%. So, this fee is instantly and automatically sent to the Dead wallet rather than being deposited into a Dev wallet, making DEF a truly deflationary token.

What's the DEF token?

DEF is a BEP20 altcoin operating on the Binance Smart Chain. DEFswap Finance platform uses Deflationary (DEF) as its native utility token. DEF is a token with a true deflationary feature and the purpose of promoting financial literacy. Furthermore, it offers a lifetime solution to the inflation problem, making $DEF a valuable asset. Also, essential to know that token's contract takes 3% from each transaction.


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