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Blockchain as a service platform to tokenized real estate assets with web3 technology


You can upvote by clicking on the buttons below. Moreover, you can get profit from price changes when voting by buying. Also, you can earn passive income by voting through staking.

WECOIN's advantage 

WECOIN's advantage allows conveniently buying NFT Fractional properties online with technology web3. WeCoin, the versatile cryptocurrency token, functions seamlessly in various capacities within the Weset platform. It is more than just a token; it's an integral part of the ecosystem, facilitating multiple functions. As a $WECO holder, you can stake for rewards (LP) and voting power. Moreover, you may also use the coin for NFT purchases or trade the currency with an automated market maker (AMM). Liquidity will be coming from NFT purchases and the Weset Treasury.

What's the WECO token?

WECO is a BEP20 utility token that allows one to obtain NFT Fractional properties online with web3 technology. So, this altcoin has a substantial utility value. Also, the project's decentralization will be structured in three stages, ensuring complete control and management. During the early days, the team will entirely control the project, managing bugs and events that require immediate hotfixes centrally. Semi-decentralization will follow, where the team can take community input via a forum or even via off-chain voting, like a snapshot for non-urgent decisions. Finally, the project will implement a process following industry best practices for complete decentralization. With WeCoin and the Weset platform, you can experience the full potential of NFTs and cryptocurrencies.


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