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It's a gaming platform for fantasy sports DFS-style entertainment.


You can upvote by clicking on the buttons below. Moreover, you can get profit from price changes when voting by buying. Also, you can earn passive income by voting through staking.

CinemaDraft's Advantages 

The CinemaDraft's advantage combines decentralized finance (DeFi), Gaming, and NFTs technologies. While using a CinemaDraft platform, people can trade and hold. Besides, users can win prizes by playing their fantasy cast of Hollywood stars.

What's the CD3D token?

CD3D is a BEP20 (BSC) token with 10% taxation. So, the protocol takes ten percent of every transaction. Then 6% goes to dividends. And the rest, 4%, goes to the burning wallet. Furthermore, the contract has an anti-whale feature. As a result, whales can not make a transfer that exceeds0.15% of coin supply.


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