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It's a deflationary altcoin helping crypto startups.


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4REALZA COIN's advantage 

The 4RZ token offers a unique advantage to new crypto projects by providing them with the necessary support to succeed. This deflationary coin aims to change the narrative of cryptocurrencies that start with little backing and support and have a low chance of surviving a market crash. The 4REALZA team has a process to authenticate and motivate new crypto projects seeking help. This support includes adding liquidity to unrecognized websites, funding audits, conducting burns, and more. In addition, progress reports will ensure that all funds correlate to accounting, and the 4REALZA community will decide on future projects.

What's the 4RZ token?

4RZ is a BEP20 deflation token operating on the BNB Smart Chain. All buy and sell transactions will have a 4% tax applied. The smart contract, in turn, will distribute taxes biweekly. Such a reallocation will allow the team to support the project (35%), buyback and burns (15%), marketing and development (35%), and the team (15%). Overall, 4REALZA COIN's unique approach aims to support new crypto projects and provide them with the necessary resources to become successful in the market. By utilizing the 4RZ token, new crypto projects can receive the support they need to thrive in a market that can be tough to navigate alone. With the buyback and burn feature, the coin aims to increase its value over time, benefiting the projects it supports. The 4REALZA community's involvement in the decision-making process ensures transparency and accountability for all funds allocated to support new crypto projects.


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