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It aims to create a global human-based network (WWH) using Neuralink chip and upcoming gadgets to meet digital needs efficiently and sustainably.


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Neuralink's advantage 

Neuralink is focusing on developing a groundbreaking solution for human digital needs. The team aims to leverage the Neuralink Chip in their upcoming gadgets. This project offers numerous advantages, including high scalability and privacy in network access. By utilizing their wearable devices, individuals can securely access the network using their brains as the key. This innovative approach ensures convenience and contributes to the conservation of natural resources as the hardware requirements are minimal, limited to the Neuralink chip and Nlink Gadgets. The company is committed to revolutionizing the way digital needs are addressed, offering an efficient and sustainable solution.

What's the Nlink token?

Nlink is a BEP20 altcoin aiming to support the team's mission. Such support will enable Neuralink's management to impact society significantly. So, the team's goal is technological advancement and improving the world. Concurrently, the company and its supporters can drive innovation and create a better future.


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