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It's a system for accepting online payments. Also, $TGR allows cross-chain transfers between The Open Network (TON) and Binance Smart Chain.


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Tegro's Advantages 

The core Tegro's advantage allows businesses to connect their payment systems with banks without commissions. Also, the project created a payment token for the Tegro ecosystem - TGR. Users can use it for settlements on the site. Besides, companies and customers can pay for services and goods with $TGR via the Tegro Money payment system. Apart from the above, the team uses its altcoin for mutual settlements in the marketplace, payment system, wallet, and a decentralized exchange in Web3.0.

What's the TGR token?

TGR is a BEP20 (BSC) token serving as a means of payment for settlements on the decentralized exchange and NFT marketplace. Moreover, the developers have already integrated it into the first mobile wallet applications. Also, thanks to the bridge solution, anyone can move this coin between the TON blockchain and Binance Smart Chain.


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