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To reward Tokpie users subscribed to the Light, Standard, Premium or Enterprise plans, Tokpie cryptocurrency exchange starts the endless airdrop campaign. Get promising altcoins every week!

Use the information below to track earnings received, participate in ongoing and check all future airdrops. Also, know how to automatically participate in that endless airdrop campaign.

Total amounts paid 💼

The table below shows the USD equivalent of all payments made to Tokpie users depending on their subscription plans.
Note: the amount of earnings depends on your subscription plan and airdrop joining conditions.

PlanPaid all the time Average monthly payment
Light$13.1 – $122.3$4.3 – $40.7
Standard$13.7 – $128.1$4.5 – $42.7
Premium$14.3 – $133.9$4.7 – $44.6
Enterprise$15.6 – $145.7$5.2 – $48.6

Active airdrops 💸

To get 3.15-3.75 PGPAY tokens for free you must be subscribed to the Light, Standard, Premium or Enterprise plan on Tokpie exchange. But, if you buy at least 30 PGPAY on Tokpie Launchpad before January 31, 2020, 23:00 UTC, then you get 31.5 – 37.5 PGPAY tokens. The distribution of bonus tokens will be made on January 31, 2020.

DatesAssetAmountUSD equivalent
until Jan 31, 2020PGPAY3.15 – 37.5$1.42 – $16.88

Upcoming airdrops 👍 🎁

The next airdrop will be announced soon.

DateAssetAmountUSD equivalent
Feb 10, 2020?????????

Finished airdrops 👌

DateAssetAmountUSD equivalent
Jan 23, 2020CLT10.5 – 12.5$1.58 – $1.88
Jan 06, 2020CRAD05 – 125$0.13 – $0.15
Dec 15, 2019TLS5.25 – 62.5$6.83 – $81.25
Dec 10, 2019FRED10500 – 12500$0.63 – $0.74
Nov 24, 2019XRM20-240$1 – $12
Dec 02, 2019EFT105-12502.9-34.4

How to join Top ICOs airdrops ❇️

To start getting valuable cryptocurrencies for FREE and FOREVER you need to be subscribed to the Light, Standard, Premium or Enterprise plan. If you still have not subscribed then do the following:

  1. Open Tokpie subscription plans page
  2. Click on the [Apply] button related to one of the Plans that you want to subscribe
  3. Make sure that you have enough TKP token on your Tokpie account balance.
Choose you plan
Upgrade Tokpie’s subscription plan

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