Meet Tokpie’s New Interface: UX/UI and mobile version

Discover the so anticipated UX/UI update on Tokpie exchange. Look at the fresh and modern user interface that’s coming.

New main page on Tokpie

Tokpie is getting a UX/UI deep refresh in a few months with many new useful features. Moreover, with the new interface, users will get a mobile version of the exchange. In this post, Tokpie’s developers will be sharing the upcoming improvements. So, look below to preview the re-design pages. Also, find brief explanations. Don’t forget to open that article tomorrow because the team will be uploading new mockups regularly.

Update Schedule

Such a big update will be completed in four stages.

  1. First Website (.io) update including main pages improvements will happen between February 01-22, 2022. Done ✔️
  2. The second Website (.io) update including the launch of the new DAap for listed projects will happen between February 23 – May 30, 2022;
  3. Third Website (.io) update including the launch of the voting DAap for upcoming projects will happen in June-August, 2022;
  4. The update of the trading platform (.com) will be happening from April to September 2022.

Sign up page

The starting page will look much better – isn’t it?-)

Sign up page
Log in / sign up: UX/UI update on Tokpie

Main page

The new main page will become much more user-friendly than it’s now. Also, look at the Tokpie mobile version below.

New main page on Tokpie
Main page: UX/UI update on Tokpie

Balance page

Also, users could see USD equivalents of all their assets and $ total balance.

New balance page on Tokpie
Balance page: UX/UI update on Tokpie

Market page

Simultaneously, the Market page will get a rearranged columns, icons, and a straightforward button to trade. Moreover, having pairs sorted by volume, users could easily find the most liquid assets. Alternatively, they could use a searching bar.

New market page on Tokpie
Market page: UX/UI update on Tokpie

The order book (pair)

The new order book will become much more nice and useful than it was. Also, a user will be able to delete his orders (BIDs and ASKs) just from the Order book panel by clicking on a cross element (right upper corner). Moreover, full stats about opened orders, trades, and funds will be visible below the price chart.

Order book page on Tokpie
Order book of a pair: UX/UI update on Tokpie

Mobile version

The new mobile version allows users to do all operations by using any mobile phone (even the oldest and cheapest devices). Moreover, a user doesn’t have to download an app from Google Play or App Store. Therefore, people get full freedom.

New mobile main page on Tokpie
Mobile version: UX/UI update on Tokpie
Mobile menu on Tokpie
Mobile version: Menu page
Mobile balance page on Tokpie
Mobile version: Balance page

New Landing page

In addition to the exchange platform –, Tokpie’s developers also update the website – So, check below how .io pages will look soon.

Updated fees page

Thanks to the new design, visitors could check plans, fees, trade, deposit, and withdrawal commissions in a more suitable way. Moreover, people could search cryptocurrencies by name or symbol.

Fees and commissions page on Tokpie
Fees and commissions: UX/UI update on Tokpie

More images of new designs for the desktop and mobile versions are coming. So, stay tuned for the update.

Useful links

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