Token Distribution

There is no initial coin offering or public fund raising. TOKPIE utility token (TKP) is launched on the ERC-20 protocol standard. Token is accepted on TOKPIE exchange and will be a vital part of TOKPIE’s growth & development.

Total token supply is strictly limited to: 100,000,000

Token name: TOKPIE

Token symbol: TKP

Contract address

Trade TKP

Circulating Supply: 25,000,000

Reserved: 75,000,000

The usage of TOKPIE (TKP) token allows:
– to get up to 500% trade fees discount
– to decrease withdrawal commissions by almost 200%
– to receive up to 70% referral bonus and other premium tips
- to purchase IEO tokens in Tokpie Launchpad sales!
- to apply TKP token as collateral for getting access to the Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0

TOKPIE buys back TKP with its net profit derived from trade fees, crypto-assets listings and other services to top-up a growth reserve fund used for platform growth & development.