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How it works?
Project Bounty stake title Market Bounty Allocation percentage Tokens allocated Stakes already earned Forecasted number of stakes earned at the end Forecasted number of Tokens in 1 (one) stake Current stake price (USD) Forecasted Cap (USD) Advice* Earn Stakes Trade Stakes End date
* Risk Warning: An above advice to buy or sell is just a recommendation. This is not a guarantee of profits or of protections against loss. Note that Investing in bounty stakes carries high risks and the possibility of losses to zero. Tokpie is not responsible for any gains or losses.

How Crypto Bounty Analyzer works

On Crypto Bounty Analyzer, you are greeted with the list of cryptocurrency projects and related bounty stakes. The Analyzer helps determine the real value of every stake and a forecasted market cap for each project. Moreover, you can trade any stakes from the list long before tokens distribution.

Let’s define some terms that will help you understand how the Analyzer works.

Crypto projects

Every crypto start-up whose bounty stakes are listed and traded on the Tokpie exchange has a separate section on the list. To open a Project’s website, click on its name stated in the first column of the list.

crypto startup name pointed by arrow
Crypto projects and their bounties

Bounty stakes

All crypto projects stated in the Analyzer have bounty campaigns and related stakes that you can buy and sell on Tokpie exchange. The stakes titles contain two abbreviations that we use to differentiate them: Token (coin) symbol and Bounty category.

  • A token (coin) symbol means the short name of a cryptocurrency that will be given to the holder of stakes after a successful bounty campaign.
  • Bounty category is a part of the bounty campaign where hunters can earn stakes.

For example, a stake's title like “PGPAY_CA_Stake_Signature” means PGPAY tokens that can be earned in the Signature category.

bounty stakes titles pointed by arrow
Stakes included into crypto project’s bounty

Bounty Stakes prices

Every stake has a current price (in USD equivalent). This is the current value of one stake based on its highest BID price. The Analyzer obtains BID prices from the related Tokpie exchange's order books every 2 minutes.

stakes prices pointed by arrow
Stakes prices in USD equivalent

Bounty stakes market cap

Automatically calculated Forecasted Market Cap allows you to detect the most profitable bounty category to join as a hunter. Also, it helps to find the most undervalued stakes to buy and the most overvalued stakes to sell. Moreover, it’s possible to sell stakes (open ‘short’ position) even if you don’t participate in a bounty.

The Analyzer shows the Forecasted number of tokens per 1 (one) stake and Market Cap ( in USD) for each type of stakes based on the following data:

  • Current stakes Prices;
  • Amount of tokens allocated to a specified bounty category;
  • Already earned stakes by all participants;
  • The forecasted number of stakes which will be earned at the end of a campaign.
stakes market cap pointed by arrow
Forecasted market cap of stakes

The forecasted market cap of a project

You can easily select the most promising project to join as a hunter or invest by buying stakes.

Knowing the Forecasted Market Cap of stakes and total Bounty Allocation Percentages, the Analyzer calculates the weighted average Forecasted Market Cap ( in USD) for the related crypto project. The result, you can see the best approximation of projects real-time market capitalisation long before the related tokens go on exchanges.

startup market cap pointed by arrow
Crypto project’s aggregated market cap

How to earn, deposit and trade bounty stakes

A user can do the following actions with stakes listed on the Analyzer:

  • Earn stakes by joining the bounty
  • Deposit stakes to sell them
  • Buy and sell stakes
  • Look at token distribution status and final stake to token conversion rates

To perform the above actions, press on the Earn, Deposit, Distribution clickable elements in as shown in the Figure below.

action elements pointed by arrow
Actions available in crypto bounty analyzer

Note that clickable elements can be different. This difference depends on the following conditions.

Action Clickable element Condition
Shows you how to earn stakes by joining a bounty. Earn Visible if a listed bounty campaign is currently active and accepts new participants (hunters).
Explains how to deposit stakes on your Tokpie account balance. Deposit Appear if stakes trading for a specified project is active.
Allows you to know tokens distribution status. Distribution Available if stakes trading had come to the end.
Open an Order Book of stakes which are not tradable any more. Finished

How to buy and sell bounty stakes

The analyser provides advice based on the current stakes prices. To sell or buy listed stakes, simply click on the line with a stakes title or on the SELL/BUY clickable element.

trade advices pointed by arrow
Get advice and bounty analyzer

Time limits

In the last column, you can see the ‘End date’. Until that date, users can deposit and tradе listed stakes. Note that Tokpie can prolongate stakes trading of any project and change the end date accordingly.

End date pointed by arrow
Final day for stakes trading

Crypto projects under review

Projects, whose bounty stakes might be listed soon, are summarized in the “Under Review” part of the list.

Use cases

Learn more about what problems the Analyzer helps to solve for hunters, traders, investors and crypto startups.


Find the methods of data collection and calculation for all data represented in the Analyzer.

How to get listed on Analyzer

To include a start-up in to the Analyzer, fill the form or contact to