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KAINET project aims to penetrate the play-to-earn market with the new RPG game powered by the KAINET token. So, with the help of KAINET tokens, users unlock the play engine and DeFi ecosystem tools. In addition, this startup has experienced developers and a vast community to grow its metaverse.


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Kainet's Advantages 

Also, Kainet's devs have already released the public Alpha NFT game to show its main advantage. Besides, they are ready to launch the Wally v2.0 app for iOS and Android at the end of 2021. Simultaneously, the team won't forget about promotion. So, the project performs regular AMAs for international communities and provides users with free $KAINET tokens through airdrops. 


What's the KAINET token?

The KAINET token is the BEP20 (BSC) cryptocurrency with a 7% taxation rate. So, the coin contract takes seven percent from every transaction and allocates it as follows. 3% goes to the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. Another 2% goes to all token-holders. The rest, 2%, goes project team wallet. Apart from auto-remuneration benefits, the holders receive free NFTs as a bonus for holding.



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