Sell More Tokens: Add Bank Card and Apple Pay

Discover how to provide your users with the Visa, MasterCard, and Apple Pay payment methods for purchasing your project’s tokens.

Every day thousands of people are starting to investigate crypto first time. And some of them come on your project’s web page. But they are newbies that don’t have ETH or USDT to purchase your token. That’s a problem. Fortunately, most of these newcomers have bank cards so that they could buy your altcoin for local fiat currencies. Today, you will know about two solutions that allow your website visitors to buy your project’s tokens with a bank card or Apple Pay. The first one is a simple and free solution that takes 4 hours to implement. The second solution is quite expensive, but it’s more suitable for projects with high market caps.

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Two ways to add bank card and Apple Pay as purchasing options

There are two ways to provide your website’s visitors with the opportunity to buy your project’s tokens with a bank card and Apple pay. The first way is available at no cost and easy to implement. The second way allows your users to purchase your coin on your site or in your app directly but costs money. Continue reading to learn more about each solution.

How to add bank cards and Apple Pay payment options at no cost?

To add bank card and Apple Pay payment options to your website, follow three simple steps:

  1. List your token on Tokpie exchange. Thanks to partnering with Simplex (global fiat infrastructure to enable secure credit card processing for the crypto industry), Tokpie is eligible to sell crypto with bank cards.  
  2. Ask the Tokpie team to add bank cards and Apple Pay payment options. It’s free of charge. 
  3. Add a button on your website’s main page and link it to the bank card payment option. Look at the real-time working example (image below).
Add bankcards to your crypto website
BankCard and Apple Pay purchase option on Bamboo’s web (provided by Tokpie).

Note that you can add Visa, Mastercard, and Apple Pay logos if it’s suitable for your web design.

How to add my token into the Simplex bank card processing widget?

To add your project’s token into the Simplex list of crypto assets available for purchase with a bank card and Apple Pay, do the following steps.

  1. List your token on at least three exchanges from the TOP30 due to the CoinMarketCap’s rank.
  2. Add your token on CoinMarketCap and make sure that it has a market cap above $100M due to CMC. It’s important because the cost of integration with Simples depends on your market capitalization.
  3. Be ready to pay a listing fee to Simplex. The price depends on your coin’s market cap as follow:
PricingMarket Cap
$50Kabove $300M
$100Kabove $100M
$150Kabove $150M

Note that Simplex can recoup the payment in full or partially against Simplex’s fees after six months of selling the coin.

Despite the high fee, the benefits of such integration are enormous. It allows exposing your coin to hundreds of millions of users worldwide on hundreds of exchanges and wallets, including Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex, OKEx, Huobi, Bithumb, Abra, Trust, BRD, Changelly, and many more. Moreover, you will get an immediate impact on coin valuation. For example, Deep Coin (DEP) and Tron (TRX) have got 68% and 57% price growth, respectively, since one week after integration. 

What are the advantages?

After integration, your users can choose to purchase your Token with Bank Card that can be Visa, MasterCard, debit, or credit card. Also, they can use Apple Pay at checkout. Moreover, with 45% of Americans owning an iPhone, it’s safe to say that Apple Pay is the popular choice for millions. 

To alert the maximum number of users to this exciting addition, we suggest placing the Apple pay logo (alongside Visa and MasterCard) on your website. Tokpie takes care of all the back-end work. Give us a shout that you want us to turn it on.

Besides, additional ways of payments appears regularly. For example, users can buy crypto with PIX and Pay4Fun (look at the screenshot below).

purchase crypto with PIX and Pay4Fun
Buying cryptocurrency with PIX and Pay4Fun.

Bottom Line

Cryptocurrency adoption is growing. So many new people (your potential token buyers) are coming into the market. But these newbies don’t have crypto to purchase your coin. Therefore, having the bank card and Apple Pay buying options on your site is essential. It will be supporting the demand on your project’s token forever. Moreover, it allows making quick emotional sales. If you want to integrate that solution today, contact us at The Tokpie team will help you and guide you on every step. 

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Sign up Tokpie using your email address copied from TGN wallet profile

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What assets are traded on Tokpie?

Tokpie supports the trading floors for different types of crypto assets. These types include tokens, coins, bounty stakes, and promissory notes.

Tokens and coins

The Tokpie exchange usually opens trade floors for ERC20 and BEP20 tokens. So, click on the assets’ titles in this table to get more details about each token.

Bounty stakes

Also, the competitive advantage of Tokpie is the bounty stakes trading solution. Any blockchain project can increase the number of bounty participants by 3-10 times after listing its bounty stakes on Tokpie. Moreover, a post-distribution token price dump caused by hunters can be much lower. As a result, users can find all bounty stakes titles that are available for trading here.

Promissory notes

Moreover, Tokpie supports the trading of Promissory Notes. Therefore, this unique solution allows traders to lend (stake) and borrow altcoins of supported projects. Find all promissory note titles here.

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How to list a token on Tokpie exchange?

Also, to get your token, promissory notes, or bounty stakes listed on Tokpie, please submit this form. For any question or cooperation, you can contact Tokpie at

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Not a secret that investors are expecting to 10x returns on buying ICO, STO or IEO tokens, due to the high risk of failure and even total wipe-out. The problem is the time of waiting for a token price’s skyrocket (mooning) can take around forever. 

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Bounty Stakes Trading Explanation

Crypto startups preparing their token sales usually run bounty campaigns to promote awareness of their project. Bounty campaigns work by offering individuals rewards or incentives in the form of ‘bounty stakes’ in exchange for carrying out specific tasks or activities. These activities include actions on social media platforms, such as likes, retweets, shares, and comments on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Why crypto startups offer bounty stakes

The benefit to the crypto startup is that bounty campaigns help to promote the token sale on social media platforms, creating a buzz about the project, for stakes, which represent some part of tokens supplied in the future, but not for money.

How it works

A bounty hunter earns stakes for completing an action; for example, he likes a startup’s post on Facebook and makes one stake, which will be converted into some tokens later. A stake-token conversion ratio depends on the type of bounty campaign and the number of participants.
It can take about 3–4 months for the stakes earned to be converted into tokens. Then, an additional 1–2 months to wait until the coins can be sold on an exchange for cash (ETH and BTC), so bounty hunters often have to wait for 4–6 months or more to receive their earnings. But what if the bounty hunter wants cash now?

Return On Investment with Bounty Stakes Trading

TOKPIE offers a unique opportunity for a bounty hunter to sell their stakes immediately using the platform’s unique auction feature.
Bounty stakes that have been earned but not yet converted into tokens can be listed and traded on TOKPIE, and this provides a fantastic opportunity for early investors.

What problems Bounty Stakes Trading solves
How Bounty Stakes Trading works
Advantages for all parties

How early investors can make the best ROI
Every Tokpie user can buy any listed bounty stake on the Tokpie exchange to become a bounty stakeholder. Tokpie automatically deposits the related tokens on every stakes-holder account balance during a distribution event. The result is that a bounty stakes buyer got a promising asset for a discounted price and could keep, withdraw, or sell it to get the best ROI.

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  • All Finished Bounty Stakes Listings and Token Distribution Statuses 
  • Find feedback or ask questions on Tokpie Bitcointalk ANN or Tokpie telegram group.

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