TerraGreen (TGN) Coin Listed on Tokpie

Tokpie exchange has listed TerraGreen (TGN) coin!

TGN coin is now listed and tradeable on the following market:


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Assets Information

All tokens, coins, bounty stakes, and promissory notes which are listed on Tokpie exchange.

Find the detailed introduction about assets available for trading on the Tokpie exchange.

What assets are traded on Tokpie?

Tokpie supports the trading floors for different type of crypto assets. These types includes tokens, coins, bounty stakes, and promissory notes.

Tokens and coins

The Tokpie exchange usually opens trade floors for ERC-20 tokens. Click on the titles below to get more details about each token.

Bounty stakes

The competitive advantage of Tokpie is the bounty stakes trading solution.
A blockchain project can increase the number of bounty participants by 3-10 times after listing its bounty stakes on Tokpie. Moreover, a post-distribution token price dump caused by hunters can be much lower. Users can find all bounty stakes titles that are available for trading here.

Promissory notes

In addition, Tokpie supports the trading of Promissory Notes. This unique solution allows traders to lend (stake) and borrow altcoins of supported projects. Find all promissory notes titles here.

Check the full list of digital assets and cryptocurrencies available on Tokpie

How to list a token on Tokpie exchange?

To get your token, promissory notes, or bounty stakes listed on Tokpie, please submit this form. For any question or cooperation, you can contact Tokpie at https://t.me/tokpie