Take Ethereum (ETH), USDC, and TKP in Advance for Bounty Work

Get paid for different crypto bounties immediately and upfront!

Stop waiting for bounty rewards for many months. Get the money upfront!

Thanks to the Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0 provided by Tokpie exchange, hunters can now take the money even before completing bounty tasks! Watch the video guide showing how to get ETH by selling bounty stakes.
Alternatively, click on the [Bounty Analyzer] button below to:

  • select the most profitable bounty campaigns to join and sell bounty stakes;
  • collateralize and deposit any amount of bounty stakes that you could earn in the future;
  • sell deposited bounty stakes to get TKP, ETH, and USDC;
  • settle deposited bounty stakes to unlock the collateral.

Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0 Description


  • Every hunter usually faces a long reward waiting time. It could take 7 months to get any money from a bounty campaign.
  • It’s impossible to get money for bounty stakes which are just the numbers in excel spreadsheets.
Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0: what problems it solves


  1. Tokpie exchange lists a project’s bounty stakes.
  2. Hunters get the ability to deposit any amoung of listed bounty stakes by providing TKP tokens collateral.
  3. Bounty participants get the ability to sell deposited bounty stakes to get TKP, Ethereum (ETH), and USDC.
  4. Hunters are able to get back the collateral at any time by returning the bounty stakes or providing bounty tokens after distribution.
Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0: how it works


  • Can get money (TKP, ETH, USDC) upfront
  • Can deposit and sell all bounty stakes
  • No risk. If bounty fails, collateral less TKP obtained from selling is provided back to a hunter
  • No need even to wait for stakes appear in a bounty spreadsheet
  • No need to wait 7 months or longer to be rewarded
Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0: advantages for all parties

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Get Ethreum (ETH), USDC and TKP Immediately by Selling Bounty Stakes in Advance

After successful collateralizing and depositing of EFT Round 2 Bounty stakes, you can sell them in few clicks to get TKP, ETH, and USDC as explained below.

1. Sell your stakes on the following markets to get TKP tokens immediately:

– By clicking on the links above you can submit your trade orders at any price you want, check the market depth, view current bids, asks, last matched prices and price charts;
– You may sell and buy EFT bounty stakes (rounds 2) only until
EFT token distribution event;
– All holders of EFT bounty stakes will automatically get EFT tokens on their Tokpie account balances when the campaign has come to the end and in accordance with the conversion’s proportion revealed as the results of the campaign;
– You can 
check bounty stakes prices without registration;
– The following 
trade fees are applied.

2. Get Ethereum (ETH) and USDC.

After getting TKP tokens as explained above, you may easily exchange them (if wish) for ETH or USDC in the following markets:

Check TKP price here.

Congratulation, you have gotten money long before receiving a bounty reward! Just don’t forget to settle your obligation on time.

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How To Settle EFT Bounty Stakes Obligation

Use any of two ways to settle your obligation and release TKP tokens collateral.

To release TKP collateral that was tied during EFT bounty stakes depositing you shall use one of the following options:

1st Option: Settlement BEFORE the distribution of EFT tokens to bounty participants.

You can settle your obligation in full, at any time, before EFT tokens distribution to bounty hunters is completed. You can make such settlement by providing the same amount of EFT bounty stakes which you had previously collateralized and deposited.

How to do that?
1. Open Collaterelize Asset page
2. Find the line with the bounty stakes which you want to settle
3. Click on [settle] button as shown in the example: Figure 1 below.

The result, the same amount of previously collateralized and deposited bounty stakes will be deducted from your Tokpie account balance. At the same time, the tied TKP tokens will be deposited on your Tokpie account balance.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you have the same stakes in the same amount available on your balance. If don’t have, then close all opened orders or buy these stakes in the related market.

2nd Option: Settlement AFTER the distribution of EFT tokens to bounty participants.

If you have not yet fulfilled your obligation to settle collateralized & deposited EFT bounty stake as described in 1st Option above, then Tokpie sends you an email message stating the following:

  • amount of EFT tokens that you must send to Tokpie. It’s calculated as stakes-to-token conversion rate x the number of unsettled bounty stakes;
  • a wallet address to which you must transfer this amount of EFT tokens.

– Tokpie sends such email message only after EFT tokens are distributed to all bounty hunters. You will have 48 hours to send EFT tokens;
– After a successful transfer, you will get back TKP tokens previously tied as collateral and your obligation will be settled automatically;
– get EFT tokens for settlement by participating in Easy Feedback Round 2 bounty.

What if bounty campaign fails

If Easy Feedback doesn’t distribute EFT tokens to bounty hunters for any reasons (a failed project) then Tokpie returns TKP collateral to a user who has collateralized and deposited EFT Round 2 bounty stakes, due to the formula: 

TKP pledged as collateral - TKP tokens already obtained by a user from selling the related bounty stakes

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How to Deposit Bounty Stakes Before you have Earned Them

To get money in advance for the bounty work you can deposit and sell bounty stakes, which you are planning to earn in the future.

Follow the instruction below to deposit Easy Feedback (EFT) Round 2 Bounty stakes on your Tokpie account balance:

1. Sign up or login Tokpie to open Collateralize Asset page and select bounty stakes title that you wish to deposit.

The following bounty stakes of Easy Feedback (EFT) Round 2 Bounty are available for collateralization and depositing:
– EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Telegram
– EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Twitter
– EFT_CA_Stake_R2_YouTube
– EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Facebook
– EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Blog
– EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Signature
– EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Translation
– EFT_CA_Stake_R2_LinkedIn
– EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Reddit
– EFT_CA_Stake_R2_YoutubeEngnt

For example, select [EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Twitter] as shown in Figure 1, if you have a Twitter account and could earn EFT Twitter bounty stakes in the future.

cryptocurrency collateralization
Figure 1. Bounty Stakes collateralization and depositing

2. Enter how many stakes you want to deposit.

You can enter any amount of bounty stakes depending on how many TKP tokens you have for collateral.

For example, if you’re able to earn 20 stakes per week in the Twitter category, then enter 80 (20 x 4 weeks) as shown in Figure 1.

3. Click on the [Collateralize & Deposit] green button.

The result, a new line appears in the Collateralized Asset table as shown in the Figure 2 example.
It means that the collateralized amount of bounty stakes were deposited on your Tokpie account balance and you can sell them to get TKP, ETH or USDC.

Figure 2. The list of collateralized Assets

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Easy Feedback Bounty (Round 2)

Know about the main Round 2 conditions of Easy Feedback bounty.


  • 5,000,000 EFT tokens will be allocated among bounty participants in accordance with the number of bounty stakes earned.
  • Ethereum (ETH), USDC, TKP reward can be taken by bounty participants IMMEDIATELY in advanceKnow how to take it.


Easy Feedback (EFT) tokens for Rounds 1-3 will be distributed after all IEO sessions, running on different exchanges, have come to the end.

? LINK To Bitcointalk Bounty Thread


  • Telegram Campaign 5%
  • Twitter Campaign 10%
  • Youtube Campaign 10%
  • Facebook Campaign 5%
  • Blog Campaign 10%
  • Signature Campaign 25%
  • Translation Campaign 20%
  • LinkedIn Campaign 5%
  • Reddit Campaign 5%
  • Youtube Engagement Campaign 5%



  • Week 1 (Aug 25 – Aug 31)
  • Week 2 (Sep 01 – Sep 07)
  • Week 3 (Sep 08 – Sep 14)
  • Week 4 (Sep 15 – Sep 21)

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Get 100% Cash Advance on Future Bounty Rewards

Know how to get Ethreum (ETH), USDC and TKP in seconds by selling all your bounty stakes before earning them.

Update: The trading of EFT bounty stakes (Round 2) has been finished on January 04, 2020.

Everyone who holds EFT bounty stakes (Round 2) on his Tokpie account balance after JAN-04-2020 will receive EFT tokens in the end of 2020 due to the Conversion Rates stated below:

Here are the Round 2 EFT bounty stakes Conversion Rates:

  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Blog = 3571 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Facebook = 15 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R2_LinkedIn = 121 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Reddit = 1101 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Signature = 3655 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Telegram = 302 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Translation = 4831 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R2_Twitter = 73 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R2_YouTube = 2907 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R2_YoutubeEngnt = 2778 EFT

Tokpie cryptocurrency exchange continues to revolutionize the bounty common practice thanks to the new Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0 solution!

Thanks to everyone! It was a great opportunity to get money
immediately for the Easy Feedback Round 2 Bounty work. All participants could earn ETH, USDC, and TKP even in advance by following three simple steps described below.

Deposit bounty stakes long before you have earned them.

Deposit any amount of Easy Feedback Round 2 Bounty stakes before you have earned them, as explained here. Now it takes a few seconds!

Get cash immediately by selling the deposited bounty stakes.

Get cash (TKP, ETH, USDC) immediately by selling the deposited bounty stakes for any price you want as shown here. You can also buy any listed bounty stakes to get the EFT tokens after distribution.

Settle your obligation.

Settle your obligation as described here, by giving back the bounty stakes or providing the related EFT bounty tokens.


Q: How Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0 solution differs from original Bounty Stakes Trading?
A: By using Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0, a bounty hunter can deposit bounty stakes long before he will see his stakes in the bounty spreadsheet. Also, the process of depositing takes just 5 seconds and doesn’t require any additional actions. Moreover, any user can deposit and sell bounty stakes if he believes that their price will be decreasing in the future, then buyback for a lower price to get a profit.

Q: May I see some feedbacks for how it works?
A: Sure, Tokpie exchange provides its services since September 2018. Read all feedbacks in the ANN thread dedicated to the Bounty Stakes Trading 

Q: What is the Tokpie?
A: Tokpie is the first cryptocurrency exchange that provides a unique Bounty Stake Trading service to hunters and early investors.

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Asset Collateralization Rules

Asset collateralization allows Tokpie users to deposit bounty stakes in seconds and upfront.

To understand the process of collateralization, read the following rules.


  • Asset is any digital asset that could represent specified bounty stakes of a particular project which are listed on Tokpie exchange and available for trading
  • Base price is an Asset price set by Tokpie and used in calculations of collaterals.
  • Bounty campaign is a marketing program aiming to promote a specified project where hunters can earn a project’s tokens.
  • Bounty stakes are the points which are used as the means of evaluation of bounty hunter’s performance during a project’s bounty campaign. Every bounty stake represents the right to receive a project’s tokens in the future when stakes-to-token conversion rates are being defined.
  • Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0 is an alternative way to deposit and trade bounty stakes on Tokpie exchange.
  • Collateral is the specified amount of TKP tokens pledged as security for obligation settlement. If a hunter fails to settle his obligation then he loses the corresponding collateral.
  • Collateralization is the process of depositing bounty stakes on a user account balance and locking the corresponding amount of TKP tokens as collateral.
  • Collateralize is an action leading to the depositing of particular bounty stakes on a user account balance after locking the corresponding amount of TKP tokens as collateral.
  • Depositing is a process resulting in appearing bounty stakes on a user account balance.
  • Hunter is a bounty hunter or bounty participant who is engaged in a Project’s bounty.
  • Obligation Settlement is the process of unlocking TKP collateral that was initially used for the asset (bounty stakes) depositing.
  • Project is a cryptocurrency startup, ICO, STO or a company that runs its bounty campaign and whose bounty stakes are listed on Tokpie.
  • Project’s tokens are any altcoins (tokens or coins) issued by a Project and used to reward bounty hunters who participate in Project’s bounty campaign.
  • Settle is an action leading to the withdrawing of particular bounty stakes from a user account balance and unlocking the corresponding amount of TKP tokens initially pledged as collateral.
  • Stakes-to-token conversion rate is a rate that defines how many tokens are to be distributed to a bounty hunter for the number of stakes earned in a specified bounty campaign.
  • TKP is an ERC-20 token issued by Tokpie exchange that provides its holders with the following benefits.
  • Tokpie is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides its users with the unique bounty stakes trading service.
  • User A person who has registered Tokpie exchange.
  • Ban of a user can happen if a user(s) make wash trading.

1. Collateralization and Depositing

  1. A user has an option to deposit bounty stakes, which are listed on Tokpie exchange under Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0 solution. To make such depositing a user shall provide collateral in TKP tokens. The size of the TKP collateral is calculated due to the formula:

    Base price x Quantity x Collateral rate

    Base price is the price of a stake set by Tokpie,
    Quantity is how many stakes you want to collateralize and deposit,
    Collateral rate is a number from 1.4 to 3.0 that depends on your price plan.
    The following collateral rates are applied:
    Trial plan: 3,
    Light plan: 2.5,
    Standard plan: 2,
    Premium plan: 1.8,
    Enterprise plan: 1.4.
    It means that a user having Enterprise status gets the lowest 71.4% LTV (Loan-to-Value Ratio).
  2. Tokpie freezes TKP tokens pledged as collateral on a user account balance automatically when a user clicks on [Collaterilize & Deposit ] button here. At the same time, Tokpie depositing the corresponding amount of bounty stakes on a user account balance.
  3. To get back TKP tokens pledged as collateral, a user shall settle his obligation as described below.

2. Obligation Settlement

  1. Settlement before a project’s token distribution. A user has an option to return bounty stakes, which he had initially collateralized and deposited at any time before the token distribution event. If a user had already sold these bounty stakes, then he can buy the required amount in the related market here before the project’s token distribution to the bounty hunters.
  2. Settlement after a project’s token distribution. Alternatively, a user has an option to settle his obligation regarding the initially collateralized & deposited bounty stakes by providing Tokpie with the related project’s tokens. The number of a project’s tokens to be provided is defined in accordance with the formula (unless otherwise stipulated by the rules):

    stakes-to-token conversion rate x the number of unsettled bounty stakes

    After a project’s token distribution event, Tokpie sends an email message to all users who still have unsettled obligations. After receiving such email, a user shall send a project’s tokens to Tokpie withing 48 hours.
  3. After a user performs any of the above options to settle his obligation, Tokpie returns the corresponding TKP collateral to a user.

3. Risks of default

There are two risks associated with bounty stakes selling: a user default and a bounty fail.

If the value of unsettled bounty stakes, which were already sold, exceeds 100000 TKP, Tokpie has the power to unilaterally settle user’s obligations.  

If a user had collateralized and deposited bounty stakes of a project that is not going to distribute its tokens to all bounty hunters for any reasons (a failed project) then Tokpie returns TKP collateral to a user due to the formula:

TKP pledged as collateral - TKP tokens already obtained by a user from selling the related bounty stakes

For any questions, you can contact us at https://t.me/tokpie

Boost Token Sale: Bounty Stakes Listing 2.0

Find advantages of Bounty Stakes Listing 2.0 and how it helps to sell your tokens.

Learn how to boost your tokens sale and list your token.

How to increase your token sales

To increase the sales of your token, avoid price dump, and get listed for FREE apply for Bounty Stakes Listing 2.0.
As a result, you will quickly stand out from many hundreds of other crypto projects.


Boost bounty, community, and token sale

  • Many new hunters will join your campaign. They will be attracted by the possibility to exchange bounty stakes for ETH, USDC, TKP upfront and immediately. This option will stand out your project from hundreds of others.  
  • Also, Tokpie promotes your project through all its media channels and direct emails targeting 10,000 Tokpie’s users.
  • Moreover, you get listed on Bounty Analyzer to find out your forecasted market cap (and token price)

Avoid token price dump

Bounty Stakes Listing 2.0 decreases the risk of price dump by 90%. Impatient hunters get the option to sell their bounty stakes before token distribution.

Simple and fast promotion

  • Tokpie and project make one cross announcement. There is no additional integration work from the project’s side.
  • Ability to get service at the earliest possible stage (minimal requirements to project quality).

Free token listing

When the bounty campaign of a project is over, Tokpie lists a project’s token on the TKP market for free. As a result, a project token automatically appears on CoinGecko and Coinpaprika (and on Coinmarketcap soon). Note: TKP is the token of Tokpie exchange, like BNB for Binance.

How it works

  1. Tokpie and a project publish a crosslinked announcement;
  2. Then, Tokpie lists a project’s bounty stakes in the TKP market. For example, [ABC_stake_facebook / TKP], [ABC_stake_siganture / TKP], and so on, where ABC is the name of a project.
  3. After that, any person can sell and buy these bounty stakes for TKP tokens. People can exchange TKP tokens for ETH and USDC on Tokpie in seconds, at any moment!
  4. When a bounty is over, those people who were selling bounty stakes of the ABC project shall deliver the related amount of ABC tokens to Tokpie. The Tokpie, in turn, delivers these ABC tokens to those who were buying ABC bounty stakes.
bounty stakes trading 2.0
Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0 solves three main problems.
List your bounty stakes
The simplest solution to boost any bounty campaign.
Bounty Stakes Listing 2.0 advantages
Bounty Stakes Listing 2.0 provides all parties with win-win-win advantages.

For any question or cooperation, you can contact Tokpie at https://t.me/tokpie

What is ZDR token?

Zloadr Token (ZDR) is an Ethereum-based utility token applied on the Zloadr platform. 

Trading is not available because the project migrated to a new contract address.

Total distribution is 100,000,000 ZDR only!

What is Zloadr platform?

The users of Zloadr platform can participate in initial coin offerings and sell cryptocurrencies.
In addition, any developer can buy analytics via Zloadr API for ZDR tokens. For example, banks, investors and financial institutions could get useful and reliable information when providing loans, financial assistance or making investment decisions on crypto-backed properties and assets.
ZDR tokens are also used to pay transaction fees and make accounts on Zloadr platform.

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