Token Circulation Supply: How to Update? Why Is It Important?

Discover what’s the circulation supply of your token. What advantages can a high circulation supply bring to your project. Find a full guide on how to improve your token circulating supply.

If you’re the owner or CEO of a blockchain startup, you should take care of your token circulation supply. But what is the token circulating supply? Why is it so important? How to change the circulation supply of your cryptocurrency on Coingecko? This article explains everything.

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What is the circulation supply?

In simple words, a Circulating supply is the free float of your project’s cryptocurrency. Another definition is the number of your project’s tokens that people can buy and sell on exchanges’ spot markets right now.

What is the circulation supply formula?

Simultaneously, the Circulating supply formula can vary depending on the tokenomics of a project. In general, there are two types of tokenomics. The first is when a company creates a fixed amount of tokens. The second one is when a company issues coins whose total supply can vary in the future.   

Fixed total supply of tokens

90% of projects issue a strict amount of tokens without any possibility to generate new coins in the future. In that case, the Circulation supply formula is as follow:

Circulating supply = Total Supply - Team & foundres' tokens - Treasury tokens - Locked tokens

Important to note that potential token-buyers prefer to have coins whose price will not be affected by additional token supply. 

Flexible total supply of tokens

The second type is when a project creates mintable cryptocurrency. So, the total supply might be increasing or decreasing in the future due to the smart contract conditions. In this case, the Circulation supply formula is quite simple:

Circulating supply = Total Supply

Why is circulation supply so important?

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of the circulation supply. It affects the market capitalization of your project and rank on coin trackers. A high rank on trackers, in turn, automatically attracts potential buyers, users, and partners into your project. Moreover, a high circulation supply inspires current and future token-holders to keep your cryptocurrency.

It’s important to note that the circulating supply only works when trackers display it. So it doesn’t matter what you state on your project website about total and circulation supply.

How to improve market cap with circulating supply?

Obviously, to increase your cryptocurrency market capitalization, you should increase its circulating supply reported by trackers if your token price is stable then, the higher your token’s circulating supply, the bigger its market capitalization.

How to increase the rank of my cryptocurrency?

There are many ways to increase the rank of your cryptocurrency. But, the most efficient way is to increase your circulation supply. Look at the list of coins on Coingecko. As you see, the higher the market cap (token circulating supply x price), the higher the rank of a coin. Therefore, to move up your token’s position, first, you should take care of its circulating supply. 

Rank and Market cap on Coingecko
List of coins on Coingecko

Moreover, with your coin’s rank increasing, more and more people will be noticing your project. It will increase your website’s organic traffic, the number of new token buyers and users.   

Does circulation supply inspire token buyers?

In addition to the above, a high circulation supply inspires token holders and potential buyers. Why? It’s straightforward. Investors prefer to have cryptocurrency which price will not be affected by a suddenly increased supply. So, a priory, cryptocurrencies with a high percentage of circulating emissions are more attractive for buyers. 

If you have just added your token on Coingecko, then it appears in the Recently Added Coins List. Now, imagine you’re an investor and ask yourself: “what line would I click to learn more about the project – a line with a question mark or a line that states a market cap”? The answer is obvious. So, don’t lose a chance to get free traffic and buyers – update your token’s circulation supply (CS) as soon as possible. Read the next paragraph to know how to update CS for your cryptocurrency. 

recently added tokens on Coingecko
Coins added on Coingecko recently

How can I change the token circulating supply on CoinGecko?

The process of updating your token’s circulation supply has three stages and can be very time consuming, especially if you don’t know how to fill the form (step 1). So if you don’t have time or enough experience, reach our team at so that we could help. Otherwise, perform the following steps by yourself.

1st Step: Preparing Token Distribution Details

Remember that this is an essential step. So, if you don’t know how to fill it correctly, ask for help here During this stage, you need to create the table in a required format, fill it with information and get a sharable (public) link.

Creating a table

By using your project’s official email address, create a copy of this template in google docs. 

Filling in the table with token distribution details

After creating a table from a template, fill it with the information about your token distribution. Remember that this is a crucial step. So, if you don’t know how to fill it correctly, ask for help here

Getting a public link to the spreadsheet

After filling the table, get a public link on it in your google docs interface. You will need this link ready to complete the 4th Step later.

2nd Step: Filling the request form 

Fill the GoinGecko’s form as shown below.

Request form page 1
Coingecko Request form page 1
Request form page 2
Request form page 3
Coingecko Request form page 3

3rd Step: Sending an email to the Coingecko team

By using your project’s official email address, send an email message to CoinGecko. Find the message template below:

 “Hello, kindly update our circulation supply on the [your token symbol] token page: [link to your token page on Coingecko].

Here is the Google Sheet link to the supply distribution data: [public link to the table you prepared in the 1st Step above].”

4th Step: Waiting and replying to CoinGecko’s questions

After you completed steps 1-3, wait for a reply from CoinGecko. In most cases, they ask you to clarify some information about your token supply. So, to pass this stage smoothly, make sure that you filled the distribution spreadsheet correctly. Coingecko will update your token circulation supply, market capitalization, and rank 48-72 hours if everything is fine. 

The bottom line

It’s hard to see when blockchain startups’ owners and directors ignore the circulation supply factor — such a vital aspect of the cryptocurrency business. The increase of token circulating supply opens the unlimited, straightforward, and forever free road to new token buyers and users’ flow. So, don’t wait; use this guide to stand out your cryptocurrency from coins of lazy owners. 

Useful links

For any question or cooperation, you can contact Tokpie at

Update 2.2

Find the description of the most recent Tokpie’s updates and improvements.

Learn about the Tokpie updates and improvements made during March-June 2020.

Server response time improvement

To improve the exchange performance, Tokpie upgraded its servers. So, now users can enjoy a two times quicker response time, fast routing, and database queries.

YouTube channel launch

After many users’ requests, we have finally launched the Tokpie YouTube channel.

Tokpie on YouTube
Tokpie YouTube channel

Deposit and Withdrawal improvement

At that moment, when you make a withdrawal, the transaction gets a ‘processing’ status.

processing of withdrawal on tokpie
Instant withdrawal processing status

Moreover, the system now processes all deposits automatically. That process usually takes up to 2 hours.

Bounty Analyzer update

Tokpie website visitors can now hide finished bounties on the Bounty Analyzer tool. By default, the checkbox “Hide finished” is turned on. However, if you need you can click on it to turn off. Also, we updated the description of how the analyzer works.

Hide finished bounties
Bounty Analyzer improvement

Road map update

You can now see the main Tokpie’s plan for the year 2020. However, because of the rapid market changes, some additional goals and achievements might be added.

Integration with DAI

Thanks to the cooperation with the MakerDAO, Tokpie has become a custodial exchange for the DAI stablecoin. The next step will allow users to lend and borrow DAI in a peer-to-peer way on Tokpie.

Lend and Borrow stats improvement

To simplify the lending and borrowing, you can now watch all Annual Percentage Rates (APR) in real-time. By clicking on any line (screen below), a lender or borrower opens the related promissory note’s order book.

APR for promissory notes
Lend and Borrow crypto

API improvements

Aiming to get Tokpie exchange listed on CMC, we added one of the five API methods. Now the full order book for any trading pair is available. Example. Moreover, we made a public API more resistant to the DDoS attacks. Additional API methods are coming.

Bank cards integration

Because of the partnering with Simplex, anyone can now buy bitcoin with a credit card. Furthermore, users can purchase popular crypto with debit, credit, MasterCard, and Visa cards.

buy bitcoin with credit card
Buy crypto with credit card

Mentions in crypto media

Discover the two new mentions about Tokpie in popular crypto media.

Completed and upcoming updates

Find the list of all finished and upcoming updates.

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Tokpie Exchange Update 2.1

Beta 2.1 released. Check out the new features.

Check out the most recent Tokpie’s updates and improvements.

Crypto Bounty Analyzer improvements

We had optimized Bounty Analyzer for the search engines. In addition, we have added the description of the main terms that help users to understand how the Analyzer works. Thanks to that, the Bounty Analyzer is now featured on top of Google’s organic results in a box as a featured snippet. Being featured means getting additional Tokpie brand exposure in search results.

featured snippet about bounty stakes
Capitalization of projects and its bounty stakes on Google!

Bounty stakes depositing update

Bounty stakes depositing rules have slightly changed. The system as usual locks some amount of TKP on a user’s account as collateral. Previously, the amount of TKP collateral was based on the current best bid price due to the formula: Best bid price x Quantity x Collateral rate.

However, starting from now, the collateral amount is based on a base price that is set by Tokpie. So, the new formula is Base price x Quantity x Collateral rate. Check the updated Rules here.

The search field on the balance page

To allow Tokie users to easily find a required cryptocurrency or bounty stake title, we have added the search field on the balance page. Simply start typing a project name of a crypto-asset symbol to find it instantly.

Searching field on balance page
Search for cryptocurrency fast

“Lend” in the toolbar

We added the “Lend” element into the left toolbar. It will increase awareness about Tokpie’s P2P lending tool. So, more people could lend their cryptocurrencies and earn returns.

Lending tool on Tokpie
Lend is in the left toolbar

Completed and upcoming updates

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Tokpie Cryptocurrency Exchange Update 2.0

Tokpie beta 2.0 released. Check out the new features aiming to improve cryptocurrency trading, staking, borrowing and more.

Learn about the recent Tokpie cryptocurrency exchange platform updates and improvements.

Collateralize Asset tool

Collateralize Asset tool allows Tokpie users to do the following:

  • deposit bounty stakes of supported cryptocurrency projects in seconds
  • settle previously deposited bounty stakes in seconds
Tokpie exchange platform toolbar with a highlighted Collateralize Asset section

Thanks to the collateralization users can deposit bounty stakes even if they have not yet earned them! Collateralization means using TKP tokens as collateral. In other words, the Collateralize Asset tool is the core element of Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0.

Tokpie devs added the Collateralize Asset section into the left toolbar (screenshot above).

Borrow tool

Borrow tool is the main feature of the Tokpie’s P2P Lending solution. It allows Tokpie users to do the following:

  • issue promissory notes to get a loan
  • settle previously issued promissory notes to unlock collateral
Tokpie exchange platform toolbar with a highlighted Borrow section
issue promissory notes to get a loan

As a result, Tokpiee users can borrow money: stable coins or any other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, a borrower can use TKP and other popular altcoins as collateral with up to 90% LTV ratio. Learn how it works for TKP token now.

The Borrow section is located on the left toolbar (screenshot above).

Crypto Bounty Analyzer

The Bounty Analyzer has no analogy on the crypto market. It not only saves time but also helps to determine:

  • what bounty is worth for joining
  • which bounty stakes are overbought and oversold
  • what are the forecasted market capitalizations of all listed projects based on their bounty stakes prices (BIDs)
Crypto Bounty analysis table that helps to decide what bounty stakes to earn, sell or buy
Best bounties and prices of their stakes

Tokpie has located the Bounty Analyzer on a separate page. Many updates of that tool will be made soon. Besides, this is a fundamental premise for the new product that Tokpie will release in Q1, 2020.  

Usability updates

Tokpie devs made two useful updates to improve order book functionality.

Base cryptocurrency description

Every order book now contains a link to the description of the base cryptocurrency (screenshot below).

cryptocurrency exchange order book
Asset description and balances

Balances of base and quote cryptocurrencies

In addition, every user can now see his available balances of base and quote cryptocurrencies. For example, for a CRAD/USDC pair, a base cryptocurrency is CRAD token and quote cryptocurrency is USDC.

Upcoming Updates and Releases:

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Crypto Bounty Analyzer: Earning Ethereum Made Fast and Simple

Crypto Bounty Stakes Trading allows to get ETH, USDC for bounty work immediately and upfront. No need to wait many months before receiving unpredictable reward.

Help to sell and buy bounty stakes.

Forget about hard manual work aiming to find out how much money you could earn by participating in crypto bounties, selling and buying bounty stakes. Introducing, Crypto Bounty Analyzer – an automated and free bounty analysis tool.

Сatch the best moments to sell and buy bounty stakes. Find the most profitable crypto bounties to join. Save your time every day!

? Crypto Bounty Analyzer ?

Crypto Bounty Analyzer
Automated crypto bounty analysis


The tool analyzes all bounty stakes listed on Tokpie exchange to provide the following:

  • The related project name and website link
  • Bounty stakes title as it used on Tokpie exchange
  • The market where the bounty stake is traded
  • Bounty pool allocation percentage applied to a bounty campaign and to each bounty category
  • The number of a listed project’s tokens allocated to a bounty campaign and to each bounty category
  • The number of bounty stakes which have been already earned by all participants due to related bounty spreadsheets
  • The forecasted number of bounty stakes that would be probably earned by all participants at the end of a campaign
  • The forecasted number of tokens which would be probably given for 1 bounty stake in the future
  • The current highest bid price of 1 bounty stake
  • The forecasted market capitalization of a project and every related bounty stake. This is the main parameter that allows you to find the most undervalued or overvalued bounties for joining them, buying or selling stakes
  • Automated recommendation to buy or sell
  • Links allowing to earn, deposit and trade the related bounty stakes
  • The approximate day when the trading will be stopped

Problems it solves

The Crypto Bounty Analyzer is an absolutely unique solution. Being filled with dozens of different projects’ bounties, it solves the core problems of bounty hunters, traders, investors, and crypto projects.

Bounty hunters problems

  • It’s hard to know what is the best bounty to join;
  • It’s hard to decide: keep bounty stakes and get the related tokens later or sell them now to get Ethereum, USDC, and TKP.

Learn how crypto bounty hunters can get ETH, USDC, and TKP immediately by selling bounty stakes even before completing bounty tasks and distribution.

Traders and investors problems

  • It’s hard to know what is the best bounty stake to invest in;
  • it’s hard to evaluate and compare different crypto projects on early-stage by using inefficient ICO trackers like Icobench, etc.

Learn how traders and investors can get the best ROI by trading bounty stakes.

Crypto projects problems

  • It’s impossible to know what is the transparent (market valued) capitalization (a token price) of a project on early stages;
  • it’s hard to stand out a project from hundreds of others and promote its token sale
  • It’s hard to avoid token price dump caused by bounty hunters selling tokens after distribution at any (low) prices.

Learn how crypto projects can boost token sales and avoid price dump thanks to the Bounty Stakes Listing.

Use cases



Crypto Bounty Analyzer provides up-to-the-minute updates for all market data found on the Tokpie exchange. Every three minutes, all order books where bounty stakes traded are queried for their most recent market data. Here is a detailed description of how each metric is calculated.

Join the community discussion on Bitcointalk (English, Russian) or telegram.

Boost Token Sale: Bounty Stakes Listing 2.0

Find advantages of Bounty Stakes Listing 2.0 and how it helps to sell your tokens.

Learn how to boost your tokens sale and list your token.

How to increase your token sales

To increase the sales of your token, avoid price dump, and get listed for FREE apply for Bounty Stakes Listing 2.0.
As a result, you will quickly stand out from many hundreds of other crypto projects.


Boost bounty, community, and token sale

  • Many new hunters will join your campaign. They will be attracted by the possibility to exchange bounty stakes for ETH, USDC, TKP upfront and immediately. This option will stand out your project from hundreds of others.  
  • Also, Tokpie promotes your project through all its media channels and direct emails targeting 10,000 Tokpie’s users.
  • Moreover, you get listed on Bounty Analyzer to find out your forecasted market cap (and token price)

Avoid token price dump

Bounty Stakes Listing 2.0 decreases the risk of price dump by 90%. Impatient hunters get the option to sell their bounty stakes before token distribution.

Simple and fast promotion

  • Tokpie and project make one cross announcement. There is no additional integration work from the project’s side.
  • Ability to get service at the earliest possible stage (minimal requirements to project quality).

Free token listing

When the bounty campaign of a project is over, Tokpie lists a project’s token on the TKP market for free. As a result, a project token automatically appears on CoinGecko and Coinpaprika (and on Coinmarketcap soon). Note: TKP is the token of Tokpie exchange, like BNB for Binance.

How it works

  1. Tokpie and a project publish a crosslinked announcement;
  2. Then, Tokpie lists a project’s bounty stakes in the TKP market. For example, [ABC_stake_facebook / TKP], [ABC_stake_siganture / TKP], and so on, where ABC is the name of a project.
  3. After that, any person can sell and buy these bounty stakes for TKP tokens. People can exchange TKP tokens for ETH and USDC on Tokpie in seconds, at any moment!
  4. When a bounty is over, those people who were selling bounty stakes of the ABC project shall deliver the related amount of ABC tokens to Tokpie. The Tokpie, in turn, delivers these ABC tokens to those who were buying ABC bounty stakes.
bounty stakes trading 2.0
Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0 solves three main problems.
List your bounty stakes
The simplest solution to boost any bounty campaign.
Bounty Stakes Listing 2.0 advantages
Bounty Stakes Listing 2.0 provides all parties with win-win-win advantages.

For any question or cooperation, you can contact Tokpie at

An introduction to P2P cryptocurrency lending on Tokpie

Learn how to lend TKP tokens and earn interest income. How to get cash urgently by holding TKP or Ethereum.

UPDATE: Tokpie has launch P2P lending and borrowing solution: ?


  • When the possibility to earn passive income from token staking is closed, the temptation to sell this token grows.
  • Another problem is that a person having TKP or ETH can face an urgent need for money.
  • To deposit and sell bounty stakes under Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0, hunters will have to pledge TKP tokens as collateral. But what if TKP price is too high and a bounty hunter doesn’t want to buy it.

To solve all the above problems simultaneously, Tokpie introduces a p2p lending solution. It will allow TKP holders to earn income through TKP lending to other people, which need money quickly.

P2P Lending Solution

Basic Principles
  1. Any holder of any TKP amounts could lend them and start earning income.
  2. Any person could borrow TKP tokens, use them or sell immediately to withdraw ETH, USDC or any other listed cryptocurrency.
  3. Lenders and borrowers will be able to negotiate any interest rate by bargaining on price in the related Order Book. The result, fair-market lending interest rates will be defined by people (Figure 2 below).
  4. P2P lending will be based on the same mechanics which are used for collateralizing and asset trading on Tokpie.
  5. Users who want to borrow shall deposit (issue) a Promissory Note by providing TKP or ETH as collateral (Figure 1 below).
    1. The following sale of Promissory Note to lenders gives money to a borrower.
    2. To help borrowers and lenders to make the right decisions, an Annual Interest Rate will be automatically displayed before trade order submission (Figure 2 below). Annual Interest Rate will be calculated due to the formula: (((1-matched price)/matched price)/days until the promissory note expiration)*365*100%
  6. Users who want to lend and earn interest income shall buy a Promissory Note with a discount.
    1. By buying Promissory Note lenders earn incomes due to the formula: (1-matched price)*amount of Promisory notes bought. So the lower a purchase (matched) price the higher income will be earned. Annual Interest Rate is calculated in the same way as stated in clause 5.2 above.
  7. One Promissory Note (PN) is a digital title that confirms the issuer’s promise to pay 1 (one) TKP to Tokpie at a specified date. Tokpie, in turn, will guaranty to pay 1 (one) TKP to any holder of one Promissory Note at a specified date.
    1. Promissory notes in circulation will have different times of repayment. For example, a day of repayment (execution) for Promissory Note title [TKP_PN_15APR2020] will be April 15, 2020.
    2. People could deposit (issue) any quantity of Promissory Notes depending on the amount of collateral pledged.
    3. Promissory Notes could not be withdrawn, but they could be issued, sold, bought, settled (repaid) or held on balance until execution day.
Examples of use case

Alice wants to borrow 95 TKP on January 15, 2020, and willing to pay back 100 TKP in three months.

  1. She deposits (issue) 100 Promisorry notes [TKP_PN_15APR2020] by providing 300 TKP as collateral. See an example in Figure 1 below.
  2. She opens the related order book [TKP_PN_15APR2020] / [ TKP ] and submits a trade order to sell 100 [TKP_PN_15APR2020] for the price she wants. Let’s assume that she wants to sell 100 promissory notes for the price of 0.95 TKP per one. See an example in Figure 2 below.
  3. If any lender e.g. Bob submits a purchase order for the same price (95 TKP), then Alice receives 95 TKP (0.95 x 100) on her balance. At the same time, Bob receives 100 promissory notes. See an example in Figure 2 below.
  4. If Alice doesn’t settle her obligation earlier, then Tokpie will deduct 100 TKP from Allice’s balance on April 15, 2020, to auto-settle her obligation and release her 300 TKP frozen as collateral.
  5. One of the greatest features is that Allice can buy back Promissory notes [TKP_PN_15APR2020] to settle her obligation and release collateral at any time before April 15, 2020. Moreover, she can even try to buy them for a much lower price than she sold before to decrease expenses.

Bob has 95 TKP on January 15, 2020. He wants to earn 5 TKP in interest income for the next three months.

  1. Bob opens the related order book [TKP_PN_15APR2020 / TKP ] and submits a trade order to buy 100 [TKP_PN_15APR2020]. He can set any price he wants! Let’s assume that he buys 100 promissory notes for the price of 0.95 TKP per each. See an example in Figure 2 below.
  2. The result, Bob receives 100 promissory notes and pay 95 TKP for that.
  3. If Bob doesn’t sell the promissory notes earlier then Tokpie will automatically top-up his balance with 100 TKP on April 15, 2020, and deduct 100 Promissory notes.
    1. The result of that trade Bob will earn 5 TKP or 21.34 annual income as shown in Figure 2 below.
  4. Moreover, Bob can sell the Promissory notes for any market price (e.g. higher than 95 TKP ) at any time before April 15, 2020.
Figure 1. Promissory Notes issuing (depositing)
Figure 2. Promissory Notes trading

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Tokpie Beta 1.9.5

Look through the Tokpie exchange recent updates:

1. Bounty stakes trading 2.0 development

Tokpie devs released the first version of a Collateralize Asset section. Through this section, Tokpie users could deposit bounty stakes pledged by TKP collateral. It will allow making stakes depositing in seconds and in advance! Know more.

Collateralize Asset section

2. Blog update

We enhanced Tokpie Blog by adding an upper menu and footer for better users’ navigation. Also, New Listings and Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) categories were added.

Upper menu and footer in Tokpie blog

3. Footer update

Because Coingecko and Coinpaprika started to track prices from Tokpie’s API, we have included the related links into the footer. So, anyone can click on to see trade volumes for cryptocurrencies listed and traded on Tokpie exchange Also, we have added the Announcements section.

Footer update

4. Press section

This is a good practice to refer to the publications where Tokpie is mentioned. This is why you can see now the Press section on our main page. Besides, the more people know about bounty stakes trading, the better trade volumes Tokpie will get.

Press about Tokpie

Upcoming Updates and Releases:

Stay always in touch with Tokpie to Earn, Trade and Invest as never before.

Tokpie Beta 1.9.4

In continuation of Tokpie exchange agile development, the following updates have been made:

1. Free access to the order books

Now users can observe any order book, market depth, price charts, etc without the need to sign up! Any visitor of can just click on any line here.

2. Short URLs for every market

Now users can open any trading pair market using a simple and short URL. Example: if a registered user clicks on such URL he will be automatically redirected to for order placement.

3. Simplified trade order placement

We had hide not usable parameters like ‘county’ and ‘method of payment’ from a trade order placement page. Now, to make a trade, users can simply select base and quote currencies (Figure 1).

trade order placement
Figure 1. Select only Base and Quote currencies

4. New FREE API endpoints

Two new API endpoints are now available to the public. They allow to see the following data:

5. Market Statistics restructuring

Starting from now coins and tokens listed on Tokpie exchange are displayed separately from listed bounty stakes (Figure 2). It will help to avoid some confusion.

bounty stakes and tokens
Figure 2. Separation of altcoins and bounty stakes in Market Statistics section

All the above updates have allowed Tokpie to submit a listing request on Coingecko and start deep integration with other price-tracking websites.

Upcoming Updates and Releases:

Tokpie Beta 1.9.3

The following improvements are now available on Tokpie cryptocurrency exchange platform:

1. Searching tools for asset selection

Now users can easily select a required asset on the dashboard (image 1) and on any order book (image 2). An asset might be a bounty stake title [stakes] or a coin/altcoin, which are tradable on Tokpie.

tokpie exchange
Image 1. Select an asset on the dashboard

Tokpie exchange
Image 2. Set a base asset on the Order submission page

2. UI improvements

Thanks to the iconusers can now easily recognize a tradable asset in the Balance Details page (image 3)
Also, an asset selector contains different icons:   for bounty stakes and for coins/altcoins.

tokpie exchange
Image 3. Tradable asset icon

3. Total order value in the quote currency

Users can see now how much quote currency is required to submit a trading order [price x quantity] in order submission page (image 4).

tokpie exchange
Image 4. Total order value in the quote currency

4. IEO Launchpad with refunds and FREE tokens

A unique Tokpie IEO Launchpad was released. It provides Tokpie’s users with two exiting options:

5. TKP market

In continuation of preparation to Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0, the TKP market was added. So, collateralized bounty stakes will be available for trading in that market soon. Also, Tokpie users can already buy IEO tokens for TKP!

6. Other bug fixes

In addition to the above updates contained in beta 1.9.3, it includes the following bug fixes:
– icons were fixed in ‘My Watchlist’ section
– some API problems were solved and
– other minor fixes

Upcoming Updates and Releases: