Make Successful Cryptocurrency: Ultimate Guide with Gantt Chart

Get a step-by-step guide with a free Gantt Chart on launching cryptocurrency and making it great. Learn what you must do first and next and how to make it with minimal expenses.

Do you know why we live in extraordinary times? It’s because nowadays, any person and business can launch a successful cryptocurrency to join the blockchain revolution regardless of location and budget. A token’s issuer needs just an internet connection and a little perseverance. No matter who you’re: a newbie entrepreneur, an experienced crypto fan, or a big company’s CEO, thanks to this article, you’ll learn how to start a token from scratch. Besides, thanks to this guide, you’ll avoid many mistakes from the beginning. Moreover, this ultimate guide will help a well-developed blockchain startup to fill many gaps in coin progress. Let’s rock.

If you have already released a website and launched a coin, skip the first paragraphs and start from a website updating to ensure that critical content is there.

Formulate an idea

First, find out what service or product you could deliver to your target audience in the most efficient way. Understanding your or your company’s strengths (competitive advantages) is vital. Write down everything and then edit it by using any proofreading tool (like this). Keeping a website’s content in clear English and grammatically correct is essential. 

Crypto startup’s idea structure

After brainstorming and searching for potential competitors on the web, crystalize your value proposition. Also, use the following structure to formulate your crypto project’s idea:

  • What? Describe your product/service features.
  • How? Describe how your product/service is working.
  • For whom? Describe your ideal customers.
  • Why? Describe why customers should purchase your services or products. It should contain the benefits of your product.
  • Why do people need your cryptocurrency? Describe how your token helps your clients; for example, they can get additional features or discounts by paying with a coin.

All the above will serve as core content for your future website

Define domain name

The next stage is to define the domain name for the website. It should have no more than ten letters. Many hosting firms provide useful domain searching tools. For example, you can use a domain searching and registering tool of Namecheap. Once selected, register it with .com and .io extensions. Yes, it’s better to take both extensions to avoid fake replication in the future. Also, apply SSL certificate from the beginning. It’s free of charge. As a result, it will enable the website to go from HTTP to HTTPS address. Later you’ll need it to satisfy main coin-trackers’ requirements. 

Register email address

Having an official email address with the same domain name as your web is imperative. For example, if your website is besttoken. com, then register an email address like info@besttoken. com. Note that having an official domain email simplifies passing coin trackers. Moreover, it makes your project and a coin more reliable in the eyes of potential investors and users. 

Release a website

The easiest way to release a website is to use a template. Many platforms like WordPress and Tilda offer an abundance of templates. However, we suggest you make a native website. Why? Because main coin-trackers may refuse to accept your theme web. Therefore, to smoothly pass trackers later, do the following:

  • Make a landing page prototype (for free) on Mogups or a similar platform. 
  • Then hire a freelancer (or ask any of your dev friends) to create a simple website.

Remember, you don’t build a rocket, make the whole process easy and low-costed. Then, if your business takes off, you could rebuild a website later. 

Information on the crypto project’s website

A commonly used information that a website must-have at this stage:

  • Explanation of startup’s idea (use this structure).
  • Official email address (learn why it should have official domain).
  • Team section (add at least three teammates with a photo, position, short bio, and link to a LinkedIn profile).
  • Token address and other information (you can add it later after coin creation).

Create a token

A token creation contains three stages: defining blcockhain, selecting a name/symbol, and uploading the token’s contract to the mainnet.  

  • Select blockchain

First, choose a blockchain for your cryptocurrency. Then, better choose Ethereum or BSC. If you issue a token on all the rest blockchains, you face a problem with listing on exchanges later because of the high integration cost. Moreover, only Ethereum and Binance Smart chain have the most developed ecosystems of additional services and DApps. So, if you want significant exposure from the beginning, issue a coin on the Ethereum blockchain or BSC.

  • Define the token’s name and symbol

After selecting the network, define the token’s name and symbol. The name could have one or two words and be the same as your project’s title. But the symbol should contain just 3-4 letters or digits. Look at the screenshot below to learn the difference between token names and symbols. Avoid using the name/symbol that other projects have already occupied. So, spend enough time searching for similar titles on Etherscan and BSCscan. 

  • Upload the contract to the chain

Finally, you must prepare a token’s contract and upload it to the blockchain. We suggest using a simple token contract. No need to use tricking and flexible taxation, etc. Why? Because coin-trackers will mark your project’s page accordingly. It doesn’t attract potential buyers. There are dozens of guides on creating ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens on the Ethereum chain and BSC. So, If you have minimal coding skills, do everything yourself. Alternatively, you can contact the Tokpie team to create a token contract for you. 

Verify token contract on Explorer

Only the token’s issuer can verify a coin on Explorer: Etherscan or BscScan. So, to complete the verification, you need access to the wallet address used to create a currency. However, the verification process is quite simple. Learn how to verify and publish a contract on Etherscan. Also, get a guide on how to do it on BscScan

Create a logo

The easiest way to grab users’ attention is to make a memorable logo. It creates a first impression and your brand identity. Besides, it separates you from competitors. If you don’t have a budget to higher a designer, then use a free tool to create a logo. Then, use this logo on your website’s main page and as a token’s logo. In addition, use a logo as a favicon on your domain address. Apart from the above, you can add a slogan using the Logaster platform at no cost.

Update website

Before applying the Coingecko, CMC, and all other coin-trackers, assure that your website contains core information:

  • Official email address. It’s better to have the same email prefix as your web domain.
  • Token contract address and its tokenomics
  • White paper
  • Road map
  • Team section. It should have 2-3 team members with photos, positions, short bios, and links to their LinkedIn profiles.
  • HTTPS:// domain address. If you have not done it before, apply for the SSL certificate. Usually, it’s free.  
  • Link to the Product or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) if you have it.
  • Other details that specify the startup’s idea. Use this cheme.

Also, clearly state the above data on your main web page. The coin-trackers’ managers don’t have time to browse through your web. So, if you want to pass CoinMarketCap and CG smoothly, make sure it takes one minute to find the token contract address, official email, team, wp, and road map on your website’s main page.   

Launch social accounts

Around 20% – 40% of traffic usually comes from functioning social accounts. But the word “functioning” means that the new posts should appear at least three times per week on your social accounts. So, if you don’t have time or money to pay a professional Social Media Manager (SMM) for regular postings, then launch 1-2 accounts only. No need to create ten accounts on different platforms that will be empty or not regularly supported. We suggest starting at least two profiles on any of these social platforms: Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Github, LinkedIn, Medium, and YouTube. 

Start a Bounty (Airdrop)

There are advantages and disadvantages of making a bounty campaign and airdrop. The main benefits are increasing the project community and the number of token holders. But, on the other hand, 80-90% of bounty/airdrop participants sell out your tokens once received. Therefore, such campaigns can dump a coin price. So, how to decide? If your startup’s target audience represents crypto fans, you should run a bounty campaign. However, if it doesn’t, make a bounty or airdrop anyway but with a low reward pool.

  • What’s airdrop: it’s a short-time (7-30 days) campaign to increase the number of your social accounts’ followers. Participants perform the simplest and fast-completing tasks.
  • What’s bounty: it’s a long-time (30-60 days) campaign to promote your project and increase the number of followers on all your social accounts. Participants perform middle-complicated tasks. Example.
  • What’re the requirements: working website, issued token, updated page on Explorer with logo and social profile
  • How to make it: There are two ways to start a bounty or airdrop. The first one is to do it by yourself. But you will face a low number of participants. The second way is to hire a reputable bounty manager (it costs money, but the number of participants will be high).

Add token logo to Explorer

In an early stage of your project development, you can make an essential update of the token on Explorer (Etherscan or BscScan). An initial update includes adding a token’s logo and social profile to the Explorer’s page. Learn how to complete the Basic update on an Explorer.

Add token to coin-voting platforms

Dozens of similar coin-voting websites will accept your cryptocurrency for free. Therefore, you get more exposure at no cost. So, use the list of Top Coin-voting platforms and learn their pros and cons.

Understand the Token sales funnel

Understanding a token sales funnel is essential for your startup’s success.
The first buyers usually get awareness about your coin on Coin-trackers. Then, if a buyer sees strong liquidity and volume, he visits your website. After that, if a buyer likes your product/idea and tokenomics is good, he purchases the coin. Also, constantly make improvements to persuade holders to buy more tokens. In addition, count your web traffic and the conversion rate to find bottlenecks and improve them.

token sales funnel
Cryptocurrency sales funnel.

Start ICO, IEO, or IDO

Although Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), and Initial Decentralized Offerings (IDO) processes aim to sell your altcoin, they have some differences. So, the ICO runs on your website, while the IEO runs on a centralized exchange. And the IDO, in turn, is running on a decentralized exchange. In most cases, a token sale through ICO has no cost, but it’s a useless endeavor because a startup’s website has low traffic. So, combining a token sale through the web (ICO) with IEO/IDO makes sense. However, many projects skip ICO/IEO/IDO stages and list their currency on exchanges to pass the coin-tracking website as soon as possible. So, look at the token sales funnel to make a wise decision.  

List a token on Exchanges

Making a token tradable on at least one exchange is a must-to-do action for any crypto project. Any startup can list its coin for free on famous decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap (for BEP20 currencies) and Uniswap (for ERC20 coins). Listing on DEXs is a process of pool (pair) creation. Get a detailed guide on how to do it on PancakeSwap. And find the instructions for the Uniswap.  

However, to speed up appearing on Coingecko (CG), CoinMarketCap (CMC), and other cryptocurrency trackers, a project should list its currency on as many exchanges as possible. That’s why many projects also get listed on centralized exchanges (CEXs). For example, you can apply to list token on the Tokpie centralized exchange to unlock many other advantages such as passing CG, CMC, Coincodex, Coinpaprika, CoinCheckUp, Livecoinwatch, and more. Simultaneously, it’ll expand your coin liquidity on DEX for free.

Take care of liquidity and trade volume

Just a listing on an exchange doesn’t make your token attractive automatically. It would be best to make it appealing with trade volume and liquidity. Besides, it will help to pass coin-trackers.

 How to increase trade volume?

Trade volume’s formula is the price of your token multiplied by the number of tokens sold/bought for the last 24 hours. For example, if your coin’s price = $1 and 100 tokens have been sold/bounty for the last 24h, then trade vol. = $200 ($1x100x2). Coin-trackers use the “2” to sum up purchases and sales. So, to increase a trading volume, a project should stimulate the number of coins trading, price growth, or both. 

 How to increase liquidity?

In simple words, liquidity is the ability of traders to sell and buy your currency at any time. So, the higher the liquidity of your cryptocurrency, the higher amounts of coins people could trade without a slippage. Furthermore, high liquidity helps get verification from CG and CMC as quickly as possible. Moreover, good liquidity attracts traders and investors (view the Token Sales Funnel). To increase a token’s liquidity on a CEX or DEX exchange, use the instructions below:

  • Increase liquidity on a centralized exchange (CEX)

Place a BID (order to buy) and an ASK (order to sell) worth $500-$1500 with a spread below 0.1-1%. Note that the spread is a difference between the lowest ASK and highest BID in your market. For example, if the highest BID price = $0.0000001149, then the lowest ASK should be $0.000000115. Consequently, the number of tokens should be 4,500,000,000 in the highest BID and lowest ASK.

increase liquidity on CEX
Improve liquidity on centralized exchange.

Also, place 30 ASKs and 30 BIDs with different prices in your coin’s order book.

place many bids and asks on CEX
Add many BIDs and ASKs to the order book.
  • Increase liquidity on Decentralized exchanges (DEXs)

Uniswap and PancakeSwap DEXs utilize Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol. Therefore, a token’s issuers can increase liquidity on these Decentralized exchanges in a few clicks.  

Put at least $3000 in WBNB if you create a pair on PancakeSwap. And at least $2500 in ETH if you make a pair on Uniswap. However, passing CMC with only one exchange (PancakeSwap or Uniswap) may require having 200,000 – 300,000 in a liquidity pool. 

Alternatively, a project can Rent liquidity if it doesn’t have a huge budget.

Important to note that all exchanges (DEXs and CEXs) have API endpoints, so many projects use bots (special programs) to automate the control over trade volume and liquidity. But it’s not so hard to perform market-making by hand (as instructed above), especially if you don’t have funds for automation. 

Enable token purchasing with bank cards

While Cryptocurrency exchanges unlock coin trackers for a token, a project’s website is also an excellent channel to sell the currency. So, allowing your web visitors to buy your coin with bank cards is a good idea. Look at the example and learn how it works.

Run a trade competition

There is no rigorous evidence that trade competitions help to increase the demand for cryptocurrency. Moreover, it raises a supply of your coins because trade competition’s participants receive coins for free. And it leads to the token’s price decreases. However, trade competition can be an additional way to gain attention from potential buyers. So, you can do it or not do it.

Make organic media publications

Before applying to CoinMarketCap (CMC), it’s better to have at least two organic publications on reputable media. What does it mean “organic”? It’s a featured post or mention about your crypto startup in a press that follows the backlink to your website and doesn’t contain a “sponsored” attribute. You can request a list of media with prices for organic publications. Also, note that making a press-releases on 50-200 miserable news websites is a useless waste of money. It doesn’t bring traffic and doesn’t help get verification on CMC. 

Add a token to coin-trackers

No matter what exchange you listed, always remember that coin-trackers have much bigger traffic than any exchange or project’s website. Find below the list of the most potent coin-tracking websites. Also, note that the leading trackers’ verification process is quite complex and time-consuming. So, be patient.

What’s the Unverified status?

Unverified status on a coin-tracking website means that a specific coin’s price, spread and trade volume stats normally flows from an exchange API to the tracker. But, a project must fill out a coin-tracker’s form to get a verification and a separate page.  

What’s the Verified status?

Verified status on a coin-tracking website means that a token has a separate page on that tracker. A separate page shows a project’s website, social media links, price, chart, markets, and other statistics. Moreover, a startup can obtain rank, market cap, and other benefits. So, appearing on main coin-tracking sites like Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, and many others is a must-to-do achievement for any crypto project.

Fill and submit Coin-trackers’ forms

Each coin-trackers has its requirements and conditions as well as forms. Find below the list of the most popular cryptocurrency trackers. Click on a tracker’s name below to view the detailed instruction for the form’s filling and submission.

Update Explorers

After getting listed on Coingecko (or on CMC), your currency becomes eligible for the next update on explorers (Etherscan or BscScan). As a result of such an update, the token’s page on Explorer obtains a dynamic price and fully diluted market cap. Learn in detail how to get an Advanced update on explorers.

Update Coin-trackers with Circulation Supply and Market Cap

A project doesn’t have to update every coin-tracker with the Circulation supply and Market cap. It’s enough to update only Coingecko and CoinMarketCap TIP: open more markets on exchanges where your token is already in the trade. It’ll be much cheaper than paying for a listing on new exchanges. Learn how to do it.

Get Blue Check Mark

Once your crypto startup has attracted a big community, references, and a good rank on leading coin trackers, you can try to get the Blue check mark on explorers. Moreover, because of cross-integrations between many DApps, you can get many other achievements. For example, after getting a Blue Check Mark, your token will start showing a USD balance on the Debank. Finally, get a guide on how to make additional (final) update on Explorers.

Add a token to the cryptocurrency wallets

When a token’s logo appears on cryptocurrency wallets, your startup becomes more reliable for potential investors and buyers. Learn how to add currency to mighty wallets like the TrezorMyEtherWallet (MEW), and Ledger. Moreover, it’s free of charge, but your asset must be visible (verified) on leading trackers.

Use a Free Gantt Chart

Without using a management tool like a Gantt Chart, your mind will blow while performing all stages stated above. So, get a free Gantt Chart to sort out the whole process. It’s like a Progress Tree for any crypto startup that wants to make a successful cryptocurrency. 

Also, a Gantt chart is a practical way of showing activities (tasks or events) displayed against time. Find the list of the activities and a reasonable time scale. Each activity has a bar. Besides, the bar’s position and length reflect the activity’s start date, duration, and end date. It allows you to see at a glance the following:

  • What the various activities are 
  • When each activity begins and ends 
  • The scheduled time for each activity 
  • What activities overlap with other actions

To summarize, a Gantt chart shows you what to do (the activities) and when (the schedule).

Gantt chart to make great token
Gantt chart to make best altcoin.

Bottom line

According to our research, one of two token issuers doesn’t understand in full what they should do after a website launch and a coin release. Thanks to the Gantt Chart, a crypto project can map and track its cryptocurrency progress. Moreover, it helps grow by passing coin-trackers, updating coin-explorer, and adding crypto assets to the wallets. Finally, you discover minimum volume and liquidity conditions to satisfy for reaching every achievement. So, avoid a mess; always use the above article as a compass for your token in the crypto ocean. We will be updating the above guide over time because the blockchain industry is constantly developing. Keep in touch.

How to Add Token to TokenInsight: Ultimate Guide

Make your coin visible for +90k people. List cryptocurrency on TokenInsight’s coin-tracker. It’s easy to do and free of charge.

Meet the TokenInsight – a coins tracker that focuses on users from China and the English-speaking world. These users are interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins like your coin. After adding a coin to TokenInsight, you get a historical chart with live prices. Furthermore, your altcoin gets ranked. As a result, anyone can add it to a portfolio and set alerts on smartphones. So, don’t wait. Find an ultimate guide on how to add token to TokenInsight now.

TokenInsight for iOS and Android
TokenInsight’s mob app

Also, use other guides to increase your cryptocurrency recognition at no cost. For example, for free, attract potential holders by adding the currency to the MEWTrezorand Ledger wallets. Also, make your altcoin visible on the CoincodexLiveCoinWatchCoinCheckupCoindataflowDigitalCoinPriceCoincost, and Blockspot trackers. In addition, list the asset on the top token-voting sites. Furthermore, improve the market cap and rank by increasing the circulation supply on Coingecko. And don’t forget to enable the price and market cap on BscScan and Etherscan. Besides, integrate Bank Cards and Apple Pay purchase options with your project’s website. Finally, get an Ultimate guide on how to make great token and expand your currency liquidity on DEX for free.

What’s the TokenInsight?

TokenInsight is not just another coin-tracking website. Instead, it’s a powerful mobile app you can download on App Store and Google Play. Thanks to the TokenInsight’s tools, around 90,000 users receive unbiased, in-depth analysis of all cryptocurrency markets daily. Tools include ratings, industry research, and data. Moreover, TokenInsight’s classification system and proprietary rating research mechanisms help investors find value in blockchain and navigate uncertainties in the digital assets industry.


Around 80,000 – 90,000 crypto-passionate people are visiting TokenInsight’s website monthly. Important to note that May 2022 was not a good time for the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, the traffic is much higher during the market’s uptrends. 

tokeninsight's traddic
Tokeninsight’s number of visitors: March-May, 2022.

How to add my token?

The process of a coin’s adding to the TokenInsight is similar to Coingecko’s procedure. The tracker has tracked and untracked listings. So, to pass your token must satisfy the three core criteria:

  • A token must be tradable on at least one active exchange that TokenInsight supports. Check the list of eligible exchangers here. Note that Tokpie exchange has already integrated with TokenInsight. So, you can list a token on Tokpie to make it visible on TokenInsight’s main page and many other coin-trackers.  
  • Your project must have at least two major social media accounts (e.g., Facebook and Reddit) for news updating with active followers. 
  • A crypto startup must have a working, functional website (better with team bio) and other sufficient information on the cryptocurrency you list. 

If you believe your currency satisfies the above criteria, submit the form. Use the example of form filling in the series of screenshots below.

How to increase the rank?

The rank on the TokenInsight depends on two primary factors: Trading Volume and Circulating Market Cap. So, to increase the ranking and appear on the Class A coins, your altcoin should have a daily volume of above 1000 (the higher, the better) USD equivalent.

Additional ways to boost altcoin for free

Grow Token Liquidity on PancakeSwap or Uniswap: Popular Altcoins DApp

How to constantly grow Token Liquidity on PancakeSwap or Uniswap. How to stand out from other altcoins and attract potential buyers. Use the Popular Altcoins DApp for Free.

The dark side of the cryptocurrency boom is the myriads of blockchain projects coming to the market every day and every hour. So, it’s hard to stand out a token from many other crypto assets around. Therefore, even the most fantastic startup gets lost in a crowd. Worst of all, a promising but low-budget project cannot attract investors by locking massive liquidity on PancakeSwap or Uniswap DEX. Fortunately, Tokpie has launched the Popular Altcoins DApp to solve these problems. Let’s find out how this decentralized application works. How it helps a crypto project to grow token liquidity on PancakeSwap and Uniswap at no cost. Simultaneosuly, it helps to increase number of holders for your coin. Also, you’ll learn how to add a token to the Popular Altcoins list. 

What’s the Popular Altcoins DApp?

The Popular Altcoins DApp is a protocol that automatically sorts tokens by the number of votes. A resulting list of assets – Popular Altcoins List, allows investors to define crypto unicorns quickly. Simultaneously, the juiciest projects gain additional traffic and liquidity with the increasing votes.

List of Top Altcoins
List of Popular Coins.

For example, anyone can vote for your project by liking (for free), buying your token, or staking it on PancakeSwap/Uniswap. So, the more people like, stake, or buy your cryptocurrency, the higher your rank on the Popular Altcoins List. Moreover, the DApp calculates votes in a decentralized and unbiased mode to move coins with the highest number of votes to the top of the List. Yes, so simple. So, add your currency now. Don’t wait because the app adds Liquidity Bonus to your cryptocurrency every hour

How does it increase the liquidity of my token on PanckaSwap and Uniswap?

All fees and commission from your token’s market running on the Tokpie exchange (CEX) go to your Liquidity pool. As a result, the total liquidity of your coin is constantly growing. Furthermore, your liquidity increases whenever someone buys your token or stakes it on PanckaSwap or Uniswap.

How does it attract buyers to my token?

Potential buyers can immediately notice your token in the Popular Altcoins List and buy it on famous DEXs (PancakeSwap/Uniswap) and Tokpie CEX. Why? Because the developers put the List on the main Tokpie page with the fast-growing traffic. Moreover, the team constantly attracts investors by promoting through social channels and other crypto-related media. Besides, many TKP-holders are always looking for new crypto projects for investments.

How does the DApp work? 

The Popular Altcoin DApp works by constantly retrieving data from two blockchains. These blockchains are Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks. So, the application automatically increases the number of votes for your project when someone buys your token on PancakeSwap or Uniswap for TKP. Also, the app raises the number of votes when someone adds liquidity into the pool. Furthermore, the votes’ number grows when users click on the Like button on your startup’s Profile page (like that). Simultaneously, the protocol has protection against auto-bot voters. So, the cheating projects cannot appear on the top of the List.

Profile page for your token
A Profile page where people vote for your coin by Liking, Buying, or Staking.

How to add the token to Popular Altcoins DApp?

Adding a token into the Popular Altcoins DApp consist of two simple steps explained below: 

1. List token on Tokpie 

Listing on Tokpie centralized exchange is a fast and easy process. If Tokpie already supports your coin, proceed with step #2 below. If not, Apply to List now to unlock many other advantages that include listing your altcoins on the main coin-trackers such as Coingecko, CMC, Coincodex, Coinpaprika, CoinCheckUp, Livecoinwatch, and more. 

2. Fill short form

After you listed your token on Tokpie, fill a one-minute form. As a result, the Dapp could display a correct information in your token’s profile. After form’s submission. the team contacts you via email within 2-12 hours.

How to create a pool (pair)?

Then, create a pool on PancakeSwap or Uniswap. You need to do it by providing your tokens and TKP altcoin (ERC20 or BEP20). Note that any person can do that. Moreover, you can create a pool of any size and withdraw funds at any time because there is no LP locking.

So, appearing on Popular Altcoins’ DApp is FREE because you can withdraw your LP at any time after your currency appeared in Popular Altcoin DApp!

After the pool’s creation, send its address (0x..) to That’s it. As a result, you appear on the Popular Altcoin DApp within 24h. Besides, you will get a unique Profile Page where people could buy, stake, like, and vote for your cryptocurrency raising your brand awareness and liquidity indefinitely. Besides, providing liquidity gives you revenue in the form of trading fees every time when users swap in this liquidity pool.

If you don’t know how to create a pool, open the following guides:

Extra bonuses from Popular Altcoins List

Tokpie team monitors the Popular Altcoins List to provide the top 5 coins with valuable services for free every month.

How to increase the rank: Liquidity Bonus

Get Liqudiity Bonus for your cryptocurrency
The app recalculates Liqudiity Bonus every hour and adds it to the number of total Upvotes for your coin.

Apart from the basic ways to increase the rank (getting users’ likes, purchases, and stakes), there is a liquidity bonus. What’s that? A liquidity bonus allows projects to get additional upvotes. Every hour, the DApp adds +0.1% upvotes due to the amount of TKP in a [your token]-[TKP] pool on PancakeSwap or Uniswap. For example, if a pool contains 1000 TKP, the app gives +1 upvotes every hour. As a result, the projects with more liquid pools have more chances to appear on the top of the Populat Altcoins List.

Additional ways to boost cryptocurrency for free

Token Price and Market Cap on BscScan or Etherscan

Learn how to add the dynamic coin price, fully diluted market cap, Logo, reputation, and a blue checkmark for your cryptocurrency on the BscScan or Etherscan. Make your BEP20 / ERC20 coin grate at no cost.

We believe that a token design is essential. Investors are choosing something because they think they’re getting something of perfect quality at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, many crypto projects create and offer coins that are the same at first glance. But, if your cryptocurrency design and branding are superior, buyers start to trust you more. That’s especially important when an investor checks a coin on the BscScan and Etherscan. So, today, you’ll know how to Update Token on BSCscan and Etherscan (BEP20 and ERC20). Thanks to the BscScan’s and Etherscan’s tools your currency will become much more attractive for potential buyers and holders for free.

Also, get other helpful guides to grow your Token’s awareness at no charge. For example, attract potential buyers by pushing the currency to the MEWTrezor, and Ledger wallets for free. Also, make your altcoin visible on the CoincodexLiveCoinWatchCoinCheckupCoindataflowDigitalCoinPriceCoincost, Blockspot, TokenInsight trackers. In addition, push the asset to the best token-voting sites. Furthermore, improve the coin’s cap and rank by updating the circulation supply on Coingecko. Besides, integrate Bank Cards and Apple Pay with your project’s web. Finally, get an ultimate guide on how to make successful token and learn how to grow a coin’s liquidity on DEX at no cost.

What’s the BSCscan?

The BscScan is a blockchain explorer where people can watch all movements of BSC (BEP20) tokens. Also, Explorer provides powerful tools and analytics for Binance Smart Chain. But, most important, it’s a source of information where investors keep an eye on your cryptocurrency if you issue the altcoin on BSC.

What’s the Etherscan?

The Etherscan is the most popular Explorer for Ethereum-based altcoins. It has the same interface and features as BscScan has because the same team owns both coin-explorers. As a result, the process of Etherscan’s updating for your ERC20 token page is identical to BscScan’s updating that we described below. However, one hidden solution will help you turn on Dynamic Price and Fully Diluted Market Cap traction for your ERC-20 coin.

How to update Token info?

Token info is a pack of icons and data that BscScan’s visitors see when they open your coin’s page like that. Such info includes a token’s Logo, Social Profile badges, Price, Total Delluted Market Cap, Reputation icon, and Blue Checkmark. Just compare two coins: one with complete token information and another that doesn’t have any info (look at two images below). So, what currency looks more attractive to potential buyers. Right. The first asset has all token’s information, so it attracts more buyers. Let’s do the same for your startup’s BEP-20 (or ERC-20) currency. Read below how to do step-by-step:

Note that you can do the same for your ERC20 cryptocurrency on Etherscan: the process is identical for both explorers. 

Everything updated on explorer
Full pack of updates on Explorer.
Nothing updated on explorer
No any updates on Explorer.

Basic update

The Basic update on BscScan is the first thing you must do after creating a token. Also, you need to have a working project’s website, email address (better to have the same email domain as your project’s web), and at least one social account. So, to make such an initial update do the following: 

  1. Go to your token’s page:[token contract address]
  2. Click on the three dots in Profile Summary and Press on Update Token Info (image below)
  3. Then fill and submit a simple form there. As a result, the explorer will start showing token’s logo and social profile.
Basic update of token profile on explorer
Submit request on BscScan or Etherscan.

Important to know that you can skip the Basic update and proceed with the Advanced one if your cryptocurrency has already appeared on Coingecko or Coinmarketcap.

Advanced update

The advanced update allows you to add a token Price and Fully Diluted Market Cap data. Moreover, these data will work dynamically by reflecting your token’s trades on DEX and CEX automatically and forever. As a result, all token-holders will start watching your token’s balances on their wallets in USD equivalent (picture below). Important to note that your coin must get verification (get a working page with active price) from Coingecko or CoinMarketCap coin-trackers. Then, you can request an advanced update on BscScan (or Etherscan). The good news is that you can list your token on Tokpie to appear on these coin trackers. So, complete the steps below to archive superiority over competitors.  

  1. Make sure your coin has an active page on Coingecko (or CMC).
  2. Go to your token’s page:[token contract address]
  3. Click on the three dots in Profile Summary and Press on Update Token Info (as on the image above)
  4. Then fill out the form, entering a link to your coin’s page on Coingecko (or CMC).
US dollar equivalent for your coin
Get US dollar equivalent for your coin on all holders’ wallets.

Additional update

The Additional update allows you to get a better Reputation (Neutral and Ok) icon and Blue Checkmark on the cryptocurrency’s page on BscScan (or Etherscan). To obtain this kind of final improvement, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your token’s page:[token contract address]
  2. Click on the three dots in Profile Summary and Press on Update Token Info.
  3. Then fill and submit the form, thereby selecting “Existing token Info Update” and entering what and why you want to change in the “Comment/Message” field (as shown below).
submit additional information on explorer
Ask explorer to make additional upgrade.

Special request: Etherscan

An alternative way to obtain price and market cap tracking for your altcoin page on Etherscan is to write a special request. Note that this option will work if you have already updated the logo and social profile section on your Etherscan page. If so, write a letter to the explorer-like shown in the picture below. Don’t forget to use the official email address you previously used to contact Etherscan’s team. Also, enter your token’s name, contract address link, and link to your Coingecko page.

hidden solution to update coin-explorer
Send a special request to the Etherscan.

Dynamic Price

Dynamic price tracking on Explorers
Coin Price traction on explorers.

The dynamic price of your cryptocurrency on BscScan or Etherscan is a core metric. Why? Because an explorer uses it to calculate the coin’s Fully Diluted Market Cap. The formula is simple: price x total token supply. Follow this guide to get dynamic price traction on your BscScan’s or Etherscan’s page. 

Fully Diluted Market Cap

Market Cap tracking on Explorers
Coin Total Market Cap traction on explorers.

Another crucial metric of any coin is a Fully Diluted Market Cap. We believe that this is the only parameter that allows investors to compare cryptocurrencies. Due to the formula price multiplied by total token supply, the BscScan or Etherscan shows the total market cap for your cryptocurrency in real time. How? It constantly takes an aggregated token’s price from Coingecko or CMC. Also, it takes a total token supply from the coin’s smart contract. Therefore, when a price grows, the Fully Diluted Market Cap rises. To get the dynamic Fully Diluted Market Cap traction on your altcoin BscScan’s page, complete an Advanced update for free.

Cryptocurrency Logo

Assure to get token logo on BScscan
Cryptocurrency Logo on the explorer.

Another important thing for the coin’s brand awareness is its Logo. It must be the same on your crypto project’s website, Bscscan / Etherscan, and coin-trackers. So, prepare a transparent background logotype for your currency with 200 x 200 pixels dimensions and PNG format. Then, make an elemental improvement on the coin-explorer as soon as possible.

Social Profile Badges

Social profile on BSCscan and Etherscan
Social profile icons on BscScan and Etherscan.

Not a big secret that the cryptocurrency market is full of scammers who can easily create social accounts imitating any crypto startup’s asset. Therefore, your coin page on BSCscan or Etherscan must have proper links to your project’s social accounts. These can be the links on your startup’s Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and a valid email address. Then, an explorer marks all of them by related budges and puts them into the Social Profile section (image above). So, complete the initial update for your currency to have that section done.

Reputation icon

Improve reputation on BscScan
Improve reputation on explorers.

All altcoins get an “unknown” reputation icon on Bscscan’s or Etherscan’s pages. However, two more upgrades are possible: “Neutral” and “Ok.” To get a “Neutral” reputation, a startup’s team members must have a good LinkedIn profile associated with the project. Also, a coin page must have a logo and price on an explorer. Crypto projects must also have clear goals and a working product to get an “Ok” reputation. Hence, if you think that meets the above requirements, try to update the reputation status.

Blue Check Mark

Get a blue CheckMark on BscScan
Reach the Blue CheckMark on explorer.

The Blue Checkmark on a token’s Bscscan or Etherscan page means that the associated crypto project has a substantial public interest. So, don’t even try to obtain it within the first 2-3 months after commencing the startup. First, a coin needs to gain many on-chain transactions, many holders, and references on media. Also, a working product or prototype (MVP) must be. Then, when you feel it’s ready, ask an explorer for the Blue Check Mark. As a result, people could easily find the right cryptocurrency on Explorer and avoid fake coins.

Bottom line

Summarizing all the above, every crypto project’s owner must take care about updating his coin’s page on BscScan (for BEP20) or Etherscan (for ERC20 coins). The cryptocurrency looks weird and doesn’t inspire anyone to purchase it without such an update. So, start with basic improvements on Explorer. Then, pass Coingecko (or CMC) to be eligible for getting Dynamic Price and Fully Diluted Market Cap. Finally, grow the number of holders and social channels activity to obtain a blue checkmark and improve your reputation on your currency BscScan’s or Etherscan’s page. 

Additional ways to improve crypto asset

How to Add Token to Blockspot: Ultimate Guide

List your crypto asset on Blockspot’s tracking-data platform. No need to pay for that. Get a step-by-step guide to making your coin visible to 100K real users every month.

Meet another long-working cryptocurrency tracker that can list your Token for free. Discover the Blockspot. It’s a blockchain data platform that works since 2018. Thanks to the honestly generated traffic, it contains 12000 coins from 1100 exchanges. Moreover, it constantly adds new wallets, altcoins, and crypto companies. So, find all the details below for adding your asset to Blockspot’s list of cryptocurrencies.

Also, get many other guides to increase your Token’s awareness at no cost. For instance, attract potential buyers by pushing the currency to the MEWTrezorLedger wallets for free. Also, make your altcoin visible on the CoincodexLiveCoinWatchCoinCheckupCoindataflowDigitalCoinPriceCoincost, and TokenInsight trackers. In addition, push the asset to the best token-voting sites. Furthermore, improve coin’s cap and rank by updating circulation supply on Coingecko. In addition, turn on the price and market cap on BscScan and Etherscan. Besides, integrate Bank Cards and Apple Pay with your project’s web. And boost your currency liquidity on DEX for free. Finally, use an ultimate guide on how to make best coin.

What’s the Blockspot?

The Blockspot is an informative platform dedicated to blockchain technology and companies. Moreover, the developers founded it in 2018 and constantly released improvements. So, as for now, this tracker has become one of the biggest Blockchain Data Platforms. Why? Because it attracts 80-130K visitors monthly. Also, its data is available to retail and institutional investors via a user-friendly interface. As a result, the website supports over 12000 coins, 1100 exchanges, 150 wallets, and 50 Blockchain companies.


Also, due to the Similarweb, the Blockspot’s had 76.5K to 122.1K visitors for the last three months. Is it good traffic? Yes. That’s a high organic traffic. 

number of visitors on Blockspot
Blockspot’s traffic stats.


The primary advantage of Blockspot is scalability. Firstly, it shows cryptocurrencies and exchanges. Secondly, the platform allows adding crypto wallets. Moreover, users can add non-tokenized blockchain companies. As a result, this tracking portal can gain more traffic in the long run. So, appear on Blockspot’s list of crypto-assets. Therefore, all markets for your altcoin will be visible in one table (see an example below).

Active markets for your currency
Market pairs to trade your crypto-currency.

How to add Token?

To add the currency to Blockspot’s list, perform two actions. Firstly, ensure that Blockspot supports an exchange where your Token is tradable. Secondly, submit a request, as explained below.

1. Check exchanges

Use the search bar here to check exchange as shown on the screenshot. So, type the name of the crypto exchange where your Token is available for trading now. 

check exchange that supports your token
Find an exchange that supports your crypto-asset.

2. Submit the form

If you found a cryptocurrency exchange that supports your Token in the searching bar, submit the form as explained below. Also, you can list Token on Tokpie exchange to appear on Blockspot and other trackers. Find the replies’ examples in this table

Add token to BlockSpot
Token’s submission form on BlockSpot.

More options to boost altcoin for free

Get Passive Income: Farm with TKP Tokens

Learn how to earn up to 196% ROI. Get a guide to staking and farming by using Tokpie exchange tokens.

Thanks to this article, you’ll learn how to get a great return by farming popular altcoins with the TKP token on DEXs. For example, you can stake TKP tokens and BAMBOO through Binance Smart Chain on Bamboo’s DEX. As a result, you will be earning high-liquid cryptocurrency every second. Don’t be lazy and let your coins work. Start getting passive income now. 

Farm BAMBOO tokens

Bamboo’s farming pool generates 57.6 BAMBOO tokens every 24 hours. So, get your revenue share by providing Bamboo (BEP20) and TKP (BEP20) on the BambooDeFi DEX. Such staking and farming give the participants up to 196% APR return. To start earning, perform the following three steps:

1. Prepare TKP and BAMBOO

Ensure that your BEP20 wallet contains TKP and BAMBOO tokens running on Binance Smart Chain. If you don’t have them, use these PancakeSwap markets for purchasing:

Also, important to note that your wallet must have around 0.01 BNB for the gas fee payments. Find screenshots below that show the examples of acquiring BAMBOO and TKP. 

purchase TKP tokens
TKP’s purchasing on PancakeSwap.
purchase BAMBOO token
BAMBOO’s purchasing on PancakeSwap.


The next step is to get LP tokens by staking TKP+BAMBOO on the BambooDeFi decentralized exchange. Go to the pool page on BambooDeFi’s DEX. Then, connect your wallet (1), input BAMBOO’s amount (2), TKP’s amount (3), click on Approve button to confirm (4). Once approved, press the Supply button (5) and click on Validate.

Stake TKP and Bamboo tokens
Add TKP+Bamboo coins to the Pool.
Validate Staking
Supply’s validation.

Once completed, you’ll see LP tokens on your wallet via BSCscan.

Get LP tokens on your wallet
Check LP_tokens on your wallet.

3. Start BAMBOO farming

After getting LP-tokens, open the BAMBOO’s farming page, find TKP’s line and click on “Approve Staking.”

Start to farm with TKP and Bamboo
Initiate farming by staking LP-tokens.

Then, confirm the operation and click on Deposit. As a result, you will see a popup window where you need to click on Max and Validate. Finally, confirm LP tokens’ staking through the wallet. That’s it. Good job!

Validate LP-tokens provisioning
The farm’s validating.

How to track BAMBOO’s earnings

Once you have done the three steps above, wait for 15 minutes. Then, track your earnings and ROI on the farming page (image below). Note that you must connect your wallet to Bamboo’s DeFi DEX to see the rewards. 

How to withdraw the BAMBOO reward

Getting a reward is very simple. Open the Farm’s page, connect your wallet, press the Get Reward button, and confirm the transaction. As a result, you will receive BAMBOO coins directly on your BEP20 wallet in a few seconds. After that, you can cash out the rewards by selling BAMBOOs on any of these markets or re-investing them, as explained in this guide

Withdraw the rewards
Check the ROI & Profit: Get reward.

Other ways to get passive income with TKP

Additional options to obtain passive income with the help of TOKPIE tokens will appear in this article soon.

How to Add Token to Coincost: Ultimate Guide

Make your crypto asset visible on 1M-traffic portal that tracks cryptocurrencies since 2017. Get a guide on adding your coin to Coincost’s tracking website.

Wouldn’t it be a wrong idea to list your Token on as many coin trackers as possible? Of course not. Every blockchain startup needs to bring in new visitors, users, and investors. And the most efficient way to attract people is to list your Token on every tracker. It doesn’t cost a penny.
Apart from CMC and CoinGecko, there are many other popular tracking recourses such as CoincodexLiveCoinWatchCoincheckUpCoindataflowDigitalCoinPrice, Blockspot and TokenInsight. So, today, we’re happy to introduce one more platform that shows cryptocurrencies’ prices in real-time. Meet the Coincost, a light, and high-traffic cryptocurrency tracker. Also, learn how to add your Token to the Coincost’s list. 

Besides, gain more attention to your crypto project for free by adding the coin to:

What’s the Coincost?

The Coincost is a crypto-tracker that shows the live prices of over 12,754 crypto assets. Also, it supports +540 exchanges and their markets. Its users can sort top cryptocurrencies by market cap and volume. Furthermore, visitors can spot the most viewed coins for the last 24 hours and seven days. Important to note that the tracker’s domain has been active since 2017. So, there is no reason to think that its website could stop working.


According to Similarweb, Coincost’s traffic was around 613.1K in December 2021. However, sometimes the number of visitors reaches one million (check the image below).

Number of visitors on Coincost
Coincost’s stats.


Also, the portal supports 24 languages and has a light and very responsive interface. After being listed on Coincost, your Token gets a separate page (example) with a price chart, brief information about your project, and social links.

How to add Token?

Do two simple steps if you want to add Token to the Coin Cost. First, make sure that your coin is already tradable on any exchange from this list. The second step is to submit a short contact form on the tracker’s website. Find a detailed explanation below. 

1. Check crypto exchange

As said in the beginning, Coincost supports over 540 exchanges, so make sure that your altcoin has a trading volume on any one of them. For instance, the Tokpie exchange is already in the Coincost’s list of exchangers. So, list your currency on Tokpie to make it visible on Coincost. Besides, having a coin tradable on Tokpie unlocks many other trackers for you.

2. Submit the form

After checking exchanges, fill out and submit a short form. How to do it? Click on “Contact us” in the Coincost’s website footer. Fill in your name and email address. Finally, enter the message and press the “Submit” button. Find a template of the message’s text below. 

Hello, Kindly add our [Token’s symbol].
Please find all details below.
Token’s name:
Token’s symbol: 
Token’s address URL: 
Link to the Token’s logo:
Exchanges/markets where the asset is listed and traded:

CoinCost submission form
CoinCost’s form.

Additional ways to promote your Token for free

How to Add Token to DigitalCoinPrice: Ultimate Guide

Unlock price forecast and comparing tool for your project’s Token. Learn how to add your cryptocurrency into DigitalCoinPrice’s tracking platform.

Since 2017, the DigitalCoinPrice cryptocurrency tracker has become one of the trusted recourses in the crypto community. Why? Because, it attracts around 800,000 – 1,300,000 visitors monthly. Apart from standard tools of altcoins’ analysis, the DigitalCoinPrice’s website providers a price forecast for each listed token. Moreover, users can track, compare and add favorite coins into portfolios. Continue reading to learn how to add Token to DigitalCoinPrice for free.

Also, speed up the growth of your cryptocurrency at no cost by using the following guides:

What’s the DigitalCoinPrice?

The DigitalCoinPrice is a cryptocurrency-tracking platform. A Group of professionals launched it in 2017 to provide the crypto community with accurate market analysis and data. Also, this platform offers the latest news, blogs, and many other helpful tools described in the following paragraphs.

Compare coins

Besides basic features, adding a coin to the DigitalCoinPrice’s list of assets unlocks comparing tool. For example, anyone could compare your Token with any other cryptocurrencies. This comparison summarizes the coins’ differences by rank, price performance, social channels, and other parameters.

Comparison tool on DigitalCoin
DigitalCoin’s comparing tool.

Gainer and losers

Another feature allows visitors to instantly find gainers and losers among crypto assets for the last 1, 24, or 168 hours. So, if your Token’s price grows higher than other listed currencies, around 1M of DigitalCoin’s visitors could notice your crypto startup.

Price Forecast 

One of the most popular DigitalCoinPrice features allows seeing price forecast for any listed asset. Such estimation uses historical price data to calculate predictions. 

Additional features

Another valuable feature is creating a personalized portfolio. Such a portfolio shows a pie chart. Also, users have the ability to upvote favorite tokens without registration. Besides, any user can see price charts on a log scale.

Creating portfolio on DigitalCoin.
DigitalCoin’s portfolio tool.


Due to the Similarweb, the DigitalCoinPrice had around 800K-1,300K visitors per month in November-December 2021. That’s slightly lower than CoinDataFlow traffic, but it’s still high enough. Also, DigitalCoinPrice’s Alexa Traffic Rank is 16963 that’s a good result compared to other trackers.

Number of visitors on Digitalcoin
Digitalcoin’s Traffic.

How to add Token

Adding Token to the DigitalCoinPrice consists of two steps. First, make sure that your cryptocurrency is already tradable on any exchange from DigitalCoin’s list of exchanges. The second step is to write an email to DigitalCoin’s team. Find more details in the two paragraphs below. 

1. Check crypto exchange

Make sure that DigitalCoinPrice supports crypto exchange where your altcoin has trading volume. But the problem is that the tracker doesn’t have a separate list of supported exchanges. So, it would be best to ask whether an exchange that lists your coin is supported or not. For example, DigitalCoinPrice supports Tokpie exchange. That’s visible on that page

Moreover, having a token tradable on Tokpie unlocks the DigitalCoin and many other cryptocurrency trackers. They are Coingecko, CMC, Coinpaprika, Coincodex, Nomics, Livecoinwatch, CoinCheckup, Coindataflow, and others.

2. Send an email

Once you checked the exchange, send an email request. By using your project’s email, write a message to with the following subject and text.

[token symbol] – Add token request.

Body Text: 
Hello, Kindly add our [token symbol] token to the DigitalCoinPrice.
Please find all details below:
Token name: [Your Token Name].
Token’s symbol: [Your Token Symbol].
Token address ULR: [Link to your token’s address].
Website: [link to your web page].
Exchange(s)/market(s) where token is listed and traded: [link(s) to your market(s)].

Other free options to grow token

How to Add Token to Coindataflow: Ultimate Guide

Get CEX and DEX markets in the all-in-one tracker, including your token’s small pairs on Uniswap and PancakeSwap. No need to pay for that. Send an email to get listed and enjoy the free promotion.

As you undoubtedly know, cultivating demand for your tokens it’s still a day-by-day process. Apart from developing the core project’s product, you have to promote your cryptocurrency. Do it everywhere, every day, preferably in the most cost-efficient way. Today, you’ll know how to add your token to Coindataflow coin-tracking portal for free. Also, you’ll know how Coindataflow’s list of markets outperforms CMC and CoinGecko in some way. So, let’s rock your startup’s altcoin! 

Furthermore, improve your crypto asset without any charge by following these guides:

What’s the Coindataflow?

The Coindataflow is a coin-tracking portal that aggregates all possible metrics in a straightforward interface and graphs. Its team aims to provide users with valuable instruments to help them understand the blockchain world. Even though this tracker started working in January 2020, its traffic stats are good. Besides, after successfully adding a token to Coindataflow, you can use a logo or icon on your crypto startup’s website (the image below shows different options). 

icons and logos of coindataflow
Coindataflow’s icons and logos for your web.

Unique Feature

You will be surprised to know that CMC and CoinGecko don’t show each pool (pair) that your token has on PancakeSwap and Uniswap DEXs. Fortunately, the Coindataflow tracker does it. For example, if you have many small pools (pairs) with your token, Coindataflow shows them all. The leading trackers, in contrast, show only the three biggest pools for a single crypto-asset. Also, note that decentralized trackers like Poocoin and Dextools reflect a coin’s price from only Pancake Swap and Uniswap markets because they cannot retrieve data from centralized exchanges. But, the Coindataflow shows all types of your coin-markets: CEX and DEX. For instance, we have never seen the complete list of markets for our token on any tracker before. Look at the image below. Apart from such an ultimate list of pairs, the portal displays the price chart and all other essential things about your cryptocurrency. 

Token's market pairs on coindataflow
Token’s pairs on Coindataflow: show even miserable markets.


Coindataflow’s traffic is growing by 20-50% every month. So, it hits 2M visitors in November 2021 and continues growing. Check the screenshot from SimilarWeb. 

Coindataflow's traffic due to SimilarWeb.
Coindataflow’s stats due to SimilarWeb.

Besides, the Alexa Traffic rank is strong enough.

Coindataflow's traffic due to Alexa.
Coindataflow’s traffic rank due to Alexa.

How to add the token to Coindataflow?

Follow the two steps below to add the token to Coindataflow easily. Due to the developers’ reply, Coindataflow’s team review each coin before adding it to the portal. So, you need to send them an email (use this template) to initiate such reviewing. But, before sending an email, make sure that your cryptocurrency is tradable on any of these exchanges.

1. Check cryptocurrency exchanges

Check that your currency has a trading volume on any crypto exchanging platform from this list. If it’s not, then list token on Tokpie exchange. Having an asset tradable on Tokpie unlocks not only the Coindataflow portal but also many other cryptocurrency-trackers for you: Coingecko, CMC, Coinpaprika, Coincodex, Nomics, Livecoinwatch, CoinCheckup, etc.

Important: your coin’s trading volume must be above $20,000/daily to satisfy Coindataflow’s requirements.

2. Send an email

Using your project’s official email address, send a letter to Coindataflow’s inbox: Find a detailed template for such a message below.

[YourTokenName] – Add Token Request

Body text:
Hello team, kindly add our token to the Coindataflow.
Please find the details below:
Token name: [Your Token Name]
Token’s symbol: [Your Token Symbol]
Token’s contract address: [link to your token’s address]
Project’s website URL: [link to your web]
Name(s) of Exchanges where a token listed: [exchnages’ names and link(s) to your market(s)]
Link to WP: [link to your whitepaper]
Brief description: [explain your project in 50-150 words]

submit token to Coindataflow
Send the request to Coindataflow’s team.

How fast will the coin get listed on Coindataflow?

Give tracker managers some time to work out your request. Usually, it takes three days to get listed on Coindataflow. Note that the team has the power to deny your application because of poor startup quality or provisioning of incorrect data. 

Other options: Boost Altcoin for Free

How to Create Pool on Uniswap: ERC20 Pair Creation

Learn how to create a pair (pool) with your token and TKP on the Uniswap DEX.

If you’re a crypto startup’s owner who wants to expand the demand for your ERC20 cryptocurrency, read this article. With the help of Popular Altcoins DApp, your Token attracts new buyers, grows in liquidity and community power. However, to get listed on the DApp, you need to create a pool by providing your project’s tokens and TOKPIE (TKP). So, in the following paragraphs, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to make your token/TKP pair on the Uniswap decentralized exchange (DEX).

How to create a pool on Uniswap?

The pool creation on Uniswap requires having two currencies in your wallet and approximately 0.17 ETH to cover the gas fees. In the following example, we have used the BountyMarketCap (BMC) tokens to show you how to create a pair with TKP coins. 

1. Top up your wallet 

Top up your wallet (TrustWallet or Metamask) with TKP and your tokens (for example, BMC coins). Note that you can obtain TOKPIE (TKP) ERC20 cryptocurrency on Uniswap. Also, don’t forget that you must have around 0.3 ETH for paying the gas cost (in fact, you will spend about 0.17 ETH). 

2. Open Uniswap’s Liquidity page.

Go to the page of adding liquidity on Uniswap and connect it with your wallet (TrustWallet or Metamask).

TIP: Alternatively, you can open a liquidity page by adding your ERC20 Token’s address to the link below:

3. Create a pool (pair)

Select the tokens (your Coin and TKP) on the liquidity page. Then, enter the number of coins. Note that you can set any ratio of coins you add. So, in that way, you set the price of your currency in this pool. 

After that, click on the Approve button for your Coin and confirm through the wallet. Also, click on the Approve button for TKP and prove it again.

Select tokens and Enter amounts
Setup the “Adding Liquidity” page.

Once done, press the Supply button and confirm via wallet.

Click on Supply button
Press the “Supply” button.

In addition, the Uniswap app shows you the resulting rates and requires final confirmation (screenshot below). So, click on the Create Pool & Supply button and confirm through your wallet to finalize the pair creation.

Final confirmation
Press the “Create Pool & Supply” to proceed.

Congratulations! You have completed the pool creation, and a new pair is available for trading on Uniswap V2.  

How can I get the pool address?

After pool creation, open your wallet on Etherscan and click on the last outcoming address as shown below.

Find pool address
Click on the last transaction’s destination link.

As a result, you will see the just-created pool address as shown below. Copy that address and send it to to get listed on the Popular Altcoins DApp. 

Get the Pool Address on Etherscan
Copy Pool Address from Etherscan.

How can I see the created pair?

Also, you can find the new pair page on Uniswap by inserting the pool address into that link:


See new pair on Uniswap V2
Find new pair on Uniswap V2.

Profit from the Pool

By adding liquidity you’ll earn 0.3% of all trades on this pair proportional to your share of the pool. Also, note that the fees accrue in real-time by adding to the pool. Moreover, you can claim the funds by withdrawing your liquidity at any time.

Additional way to boost your cryptocurrency at no cost