TOP Token Voting Platforms with Free Listing

Discover the best sites where people could notice your project’s cryptocurrency and vote for it. Moreover, you can add your token on these platforms in minutes, at no cost, and without any hassle.

List of Coin Voting Platforms

If you operate a crypto startup and want to promote your token for free, this article is for you. So, in the following paragraphs, you’ll find top token voting platforms. As a result, you can stand out from other cryptocurrencies in the Blockchain World. Moreover, you could compare all crypto coin voting platforms by traffic, supported chains, and other conditions. Besides, you’ll learn about their pros and cons. 

In the world of cryptocurrencies, it’s super important for people to see what you’re doing. That’s why token voting platforms are a great idea. Why? Because they connect your tokens with people who are into crypto. Also, these websites work with different blockchains, like Ethereum and Solana, which helps more people see your token. But, some of these platforms need users to sign up. This is good because it keeps out fake accounts but might stop some people from joining. Also, big sites like Coinsniper, Fundraising DApp, and Coinhunt have cool stuff to offer. But they have some rules, too, like needing to sign up or not working with all blockchains. So, picking the right popular platforms that work well with your crypto project is really important. Use these platforms to make your crypto project stand out and get noticed!

What’s the token voting platform?

A normal token voting website ranks cryptocurrencies based on how many votes they get. This easy way of doing things helps everyone reach their goals. How? Well, the website gets more ad sales because lots of people come to vote. At the same time, crypto projects get noticed by excited crypto fans. They do this by giving away free coins on these voting sites. Finally, people can find and invest in cool cryptocurrencies early, even before they show up on big sites like CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. So, everyone gets something good from these token-voting websites!

Alternative token-boosting options

In addition, get many other guides on how to grow your token awareness at no cost. For example, boost the attractiveness of your token by adding it for free on the MetamaskMEWTrezorLedger, and TrustWallet (for 700 TWT) wallets. Also, add it to CMCCGCoincodexLiveCoinWatch, and CoinCheckup. Additionally, list coins on Coindataflow, DigitalCoinPrice, Coincost, Blockspot, TokenInsight, CoinLore, Coindar, BitDegree, Coinranking, and Coinpaprika trackers.

Also, learn how to increase the market capitalization of your token and rank by updating the circulation supply on Coingecko and the market cap on CoinMarketCap. Besides, list a currency on Binance at no cost and on Coinbase. Furthermore, integrate Bank Cards and Apple Pay to increase token sales to crypto newbies. Also, don’t forget to enable price and market cap on the main explorers. Additionally, expand coin liquidity on Pancake Swap and Uniswap at no charge. Finally, discover a step-by-step guide to making a successful token.

Traffic analysis 

So, for a startup picking token voting platforms for its token, how many people visit the site is super important. But to ensure these visits are from real people and not bots, it’s wise to look at the strength of the website’s domain. How do you do that? You can use a tool like Ahrefs. So, the table we have here ranks all the platforms based on how strong their domain is, according to Ahrefs. Hence, the sites with a higher score on Ahrefs usually get more real visitors. So this helps startups choose the best platforms to get real attention for their tokens.

Besides, sites with higher domain power have more organic references from third-party web resources. Therefore, we suggest you select sites with the highest domain power. But, of course, if you have enough time, then add your token to all voting platforms. 

Coin Voting platformDomain Power
Fundraising DApp51

Supported blockchains

Another key thing to consider is what kind of network your coin uses. So, the next table shows the voting platforms based on the blockchains they support. For instance, if your startup’s token works on Ethereum (ERC) or Binance Smart Chain (BSC), like ERC20 or BEP20 tokens, you can add your coin to almost all these voting sites. But, if your token is on the Solana network, only a few platforms will take it. So, you must pick the right platforms for your coin’s network.

Coin Voting platformETHBSCMATICTRXOther chains
Fundraising DApp✔️✔️
Coinalpha✔️✔️✔️✔️+9 chains
Coinvote✔️✔️✔️✔️+2 chains
CoinMooner✔️✔️✔️✔️+4 chains
Coinscope✔️✔️✔️✔️+4 chains
Top100token✔️✔️✔️+7 chains
Coinxhigh✔️✔️✔️✔️+32 chains
Launchbar✔️✔️✔️Solana, +7

Registration requirements 

Also, in the table below, you’ll see some coin voting platforms asking visitors to sign up. So, it means people can only vote for your token after registering. On one hand, this is a good thing because it stops fake votes from bots. But on the other hand, many regular folks don’t like signing up for things. So, they might not vote if they have to register first. Therefore, you have to consider whether you want a site where people have to sign up.

RankCoin Voting platformVoting without registration
2Fundraising DApp✔️


The CoinSniper allows users to find the best new cryptocurrency projects. Also, users can vote for their favorite coins and see what’s trending. You can add your project’s coin by filing a short form. 

Coinsniper's dashboard
Coinsniper’s dashboard.

Advantages: After being added to Coinsniper, you can also get a free Crypto Price Bot in your Telegram group. At that moment, the platform supports altcoins that run on four chains: Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), and Tron (TRX).

Disadvantages: Although Coinsniper is one of the most popular tools for coin voting, it has one drawback. For example, someone must sign up and log in to Coinsniper’s platform to vote for a favorite crypto asset. As a result, some people could refuse to upvote.

Fundraising DAPP

Additionally, the Fundraising DAPP allows everyone to upvote for ERC20 and BEP20 altcoins by liking them, buying, or staking. As a result, added projects increase their recognition, funds, and liquidity on PancakeSwap / Uniswap. Besides, tokens with the most votes get a free token listing on the TOP 65 CEX Exchange.

Self-listing and Fundraising DApp
Fundraising DAPP’s dashboard
Vote for token by liking, buying, staking
A coin’s profile on fundraising DAPP

Advantages: After being added to the DApp, you could start getting a 0.1% liquidity bonus, likes and funds. Moreover, if a currency gets the highest number of upvotes, it get listed for free on a centralized exchange. Furthermore, projects and users don’t have to sign up. Also, the platform supports altcoins that run on BSC and Ethereum.

Disadvantages: However, crypto projects with zero funds could not successfully compete with other startups inside this DApp.


Coinhunt’s platform aims to become a place where users can find the next big crypto coin. Also, after appearing on this website, people could see your locking liquidity. So, submitting crypto-asset to the Coinhunt should be thoroughly considered by some projects that don’t lock liquidity.

Coinhunt's dashboard
Coinhunt’s dashboard.

Advantages: Thanks to the relatively tight requirements, destructive projects avoid Coin hunts. Why? Because the platform requires upcoming projects for the following: valid contract address, working website with the contract address, locked liquidity, and reasonable holding of supply. You will be surprised, but many low-quality projects could not pass it. And that’s good. Moreover, the Coinhunt supports tokens working on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), and Solana blockchains. 

Disadvantages: However, because of the registration requirements, some visitors could skip signing up and voting on the Coinhunt. 


CoinAlpha provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. Also, the site shows altcoins, coins, and tokens’ prices as well as their market capitalizations. 

CoinAlpha's dashboard
CoinAlpha’s app

Advantages: Additionally to voting, CoinAlpha’s users can leave comments for any listed assets. Moreover, this site supports all popular blockchains: BSC, ETH, Polygon Smart Chain (Matic), Solana Smart Chain (SOL), Enjin Smart Chain (ENJ), EOS Smart Chain (EOS), Ontology Smart Chain (ONT), Tron Smart Chain (TRX), Near Smart Chain (NEAR), Fantom Smart Chain (FTM), Kucoin Smart Chain (KCC), Draken Smart Chain (DRK), and Arbitrum Smart Chain (ARB).

Disadvantages: Although CoinAlpha’s app supports one of the most extensive sets of available networks, users and projects must register to be able to vote and add coins. 


Every cryptocurrency project can try to list its coin on the Coinvote. However, the verification process can take up to 24 hours, and there is no guaranty of successful validation. 

Coinvote's dashboard
Coinvote’s dashboard.

Advantages: The Coinvote supports all major networks such as BSC, ETH, SOL, TRX, Matic, and KCC.  

Disadvantages: However, visitors must sign up to make upvoting and commenting on favorite coins. Moreover, projects have to register to be able to add their tokens. 


Also, the Gemfinder wants to be the best place to find new crypto Gems. As on the other voting platforms, users can find community-based coin listings based on votes.

Gemfinder's dashboard
Gemfinder’s dashboard.

Advantages: Like a CoinMooner, the Gemfinder allows visitors to vote by passing a captcha. Apart from all, that’s very convenient for ordinary users. 

Disadvantages: However, a project that wants to list its assets has to register with the email. Also, Gemfinder supports only two types of blockchains: BSC and Ethereum. However, 90% of newly issued cryptocurrencies run on these two networks. 


Besides, learn about the CoinMooner. It provides users with DeFi Gems and community-based ratings. Also, visitors can find the best-trending crypto coins and active airdrops there.

Coinmooner dashboard
Coinmooner’s dashboard.

Advantages: A person shall pass the most uncomplicated one-click captcha to vote for the favorite asset. Moreover, he can do it one time every 24 hours. Also, startups don’t need to sign up to add their cryptocurrencies. Besides, the site supports the eight most usable blockchains, including Kucoin Community Chain (KCC), Harmony, Avalanche, and Solana Smart Chain (SOL).  

Disadvantages: However, the ability to vote without registration brings many bots that boost the rank of some coins to the sky. As a result, it’s hard to move up a newly added project. 


Additionally, consider the Icogems. It aims to be an ICO Calendar and a Coin Listing Platform. Projects can add altcoins of any blockchain type. Simultaneously, users can get up-to-date info for many new-launching coins with descriptions and links. But there is no option to vote.

ico calendar on Icogems
Icogems’ main page

Advantages: The site maintains all types of blockchains. 

Disadvantages: However, the users can not vote for altcoins. 


Freshcoins aims to be the place where users can find the next big crypto coin.

The Freshcoins dashboard.

Advantages: Freshcoins’s fast and straightforward upvoting mechanics attracts many users. Users can use the Portfolio feature to track their assets
Disadvantages: However, projects must sign up for adding their tokens. Also, Freshcoins maintains only two networks. 


Like all others, the Coinscope allows users to discover the best new cryptocurrency projects, find what is launching soon and vote for favorite coins.

Coinscope dashboard
Coinscope dashboard.

Advantages: Fortunately, the Coinscope doesn’t require startups to register to add new assets. Also, the platform supports the eight most popular blockchains.  

Disadvantages: However, people must sign up to upvote for projects. 


In addition, find the Top100token. Its competitive advantage is the ability to add None-fungible tokens (NFT). So, users can list their NFTs and vote for them. Also, the site shows price charts for listed assets.

Top100token coin-voting
Top100token’s dashboard.

Advantages: It supports the seven main blockchains and NFTs’ listings. Moreover, projects and people don’t have to register for adding an asset and voting.

Disadvantages: However, Top100token’s relatively low domain power makes its web unpopular among similar portals. Also, this power can grow with an increasing number of backlinks.


Apart from other similar platforms, the RugFreeCoins has just started to work. 

Rugfreecoins dashboard
Rugfreecoins dashboard.

Advantages: Low number of assets in the list. Therefore, it’s easy to make your coin more visible on that website.  
Disadvantages: However, a project must register to add its coin. Also, the RugFreeCoins allows adding only ERC20 and BEP20 tokens. 


The Coindiscovery is a site where users can find coins before they launch and the next big trending crypto. Apart from that, The app supports five main networks. 

Coindiscovery dashboard
Coindiscovery’s dashboard.

Advantages: Visitors can vote without registration on the Coindiscovery.
Disadvantages: However, submitting a coin requires registration with the email address. 


Additionally, find CoinXHigh. It’s the world’s first and most prominent community-based platform for listing and voting cryptocurrencies. Moreover, this app supports 36 networks – even some exotic chains like Celo and Moon River. 

Coinxhigh dashboard
Coinxhigh’s dashboard.

Advantages: Anyone can thump up for any coin on CoinXHigh without registration and a captcha. But, if someone wants to write a review, he must sign up. Simultaneously, CoinXHigh maintains 36 different networks: Avalanche, Solana, Polkadot, Huobi, Fantom, OKEx, Tomo, Algorand, Icon, Xumchain, Bitcichain, Terra, Vexanium, Kucoin, Wanchain, Subscan, Waves, Ovato, xDai, ViewBlock, Stellar, Harmony, Apollo, NEO, Cricket, Near, EOS, Thought, Celo, Arbiscan, Moon River, Tezos, and Solana Smart Chain (SOL).

Disadvantages: However, the main disadvantage of CoinXHigh is the requirement to register to add new coins. Besides, a project representative must fill in many fields before making its token visible on the app. 


Besides, learn about the Cointoplist. It’s a platform that ranks newly released coins by voting. 

Cointoplist dashboard
Cointoplist’s dashboard.

Advantages: Anyone can upvote any coin on Cointoplist without registration and passing a captcha. Also, users can participate in the spin lottery there. 
Disadvantages: However, adding coins requires signing up and email verification. Besides, the Cointoplist supports only three chains: ETH, BSC, and Solana. 


Also, another platform – Coinscout, is a typical upvoting platform for tokens but with price charts. 

Coinscout dashboard
Coinscout’s dashboard.

Advantages: Visitors don’t need to register for upvoting. Also, any crypto startup can add its token without signing up. Moreover, every coin’s page contains a price chart. 
Disadvantages: However, Coinscout maintains only two major networks. 


Once applied, new cryptocurrency projects instantly become visible on MyCoinVote’s listings Page. 

Mycoinvote dashboard
Mycoinvote dashboard.

Advantages: Crypto startup representatives must sign up to add their tokens. Also, MyCoinVote supports four primary chains. 
Disadvantages: However, visitors must register and log in to upvote for projects. 


Also, meet the Launchbar. It’s a dynamic coin voting platform ideal for discovering and promoting cryptocurrency projects. So, it features verified coins with crucial market data like price, market cap, and liquidity. Also, users can explore trending coins from AirDprop’s giveaways, presales, and transparent launches, potentially finding that elusive 100x crypto gem.

launchbar pro voting site
Launchbar’s coin-voting site

Advantages: Free listing and rating of projects without moderation. Also, it gives easy management of listings and projects directly from your dashboard. Moreover, it supports a variety of chains, including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and many more.
Disadvantages: However, this platform has a low ranking on Ahrefsm. However, it has a growing community with a strong reputation for customer satisfaction.

How to choose the best coin voting platforms?

So, if a crypto project has a short time, it should choose the top three coin voting platforms from our list and add its token. However, because all token voting platforms don’t charge fees for coin submission, a startup should add its cryptocurrency to every site. So, yes, it’ll take more time. But the outcome will be positive anyway because you get free promotion for your crypto business. Moreover, use all other guides in the next paragraph to make your token more attractive.

Promote a token for free

So, navigating the crypto world requires strategic visibility and expansion. Therefore, streamline your journey with ChatGPT and enhance your token’s presence by listing it on multiple platforms. So, submit your token to Coinpaprika for increased visibility, then expand to Coinranking, BitDegree, and the Coindar-tracker. Also, boost your reach with our ultimate guides to CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Therefore, don’t forget to upload your token logo on MetaMask and update the circulation supply on CMC. Also, use priority support for quick Etherscan/Bscscan updates, and add your altcoin logo to Trust Wallet. Besides, list your currency on Coinbase and Binance at no cost and explore liquidity growth on DEX for free. Finally, round off your strategy by listing on TokenInsight, ensuring comprehensive exposure in the crypto market.

Additional way to boost token

Also, boost your crypto asset’s visibility by enabling price and total market cap tracking on BscScan and Etherscan. So, expand your reach by including your asset on Blockspot, then submit it to the Coincost tracking website. Also, enhance its profile by pushing it onto the DigitalCoin tracking platform and adding it to Coindataflow’s portal. Further, list your cryptocurrency on CoinCheckup and integrate it into the coin lists of hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger. Additionally, don’t miss out on adding your token to MEW’s Permanent List of Coins and listing it on Tokpie. So, to cater to a broader audience, incorporate bank card and Apple Pay payment options on your site. Also, ensure your token is listed on Coincodex and the Live Coin Watch tracker. Finally, optimize its market cap and circulation supply on Coingecko for maximum impact.


So, to boost your crypto project, use token voting platforms for free exposure. These platforms help make your token more visible and attract real visitors. Also, they support various blockchains, like Ethereum and Solana, which means your coin can reach more people. However, some platforms require users to register, which helps to stop bots but keeps it easy for real people to use. For example, platforms like Coinsniper, Fundraising DApp, and Coinhunt offer unique benefits, like Telegram bots and support for many blockchains. However, some limits exist, such as signing up or supporting specific blockchains only. So, choose platforms based on their popularity and your project needs. Besides, adding your token to these platforms can help your project get noticed in the crypto world. So, start now to help your crypto project grow!

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