Where TKP can be traded?

Here is the list of exchanges where TKP can be traded right now.



Token Store



Please support some of our listing requests and vote here:

  1. Go to Coinfalcon exchange’s listing request page and give a thumbs-up as shown in Figure 1, below.

    vote for TKP
    Figure 1. Vote for TKP on CoinFalcon
  2.  Go to Github and give a thumbs-up for yes as shown in Figure 2, below.
vote for TKP
Figure 2. Upvote for TKP on Forkdelta

The process of listing on ‘reputable’ centralized exchanges is quite complex and expensive. We can tell you that we have conversations with a number of exchanges during these months and TOKPIE token will be listed on some of them in 2019.

Also, TKP price tracking will appear on Coinmarketcap and Etherscan in Q4 2018-Q1 2019.