Safety: TOKPIE EV SSL Certification Passed Successfully

TOKPIE has successfully updated its Extended Validation SSL Certificate (or EV SSL) for its website and exchange platform.

This verified identity information is included within the certificate along with business name and country presented directly in the browser window.

It is vital for Tokpie to secure the highest level of security possible because one of the major threats facing legitimate businesses online is the prevalence of phishing or imposter websites. In recent times, phishers have taken their scams one step further using free Domain Validated (DV) Certificates issued by less than thorough SSL services.

TOKPIE’s EV SSL Certificate is very clear to see — the certificate is displayed on the (Picture 1) and (Picture 2) address bars making it easy to confirm the site is safe and that it belongs to the Graceful Globe Limited. EV SSL Certificate
Picture 1. EV SSL Certificate EV SSL Certificate
Picture 2. (TOKPIE Exchange Platform) EV SSL Certificate

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IPT Turbo Bounty Results

Due to the Bounty campaign schedule, the Crypt-ON Turbo Bounty campaign has come to the end.

Therefore, trading in the [IPT_Stake_Turbo / ETH]  market has been stopped on 27th March 2019,  23:59 UTC.

What’s next

  1. During the next 7 days, bounty participants can make any questions/complaints. No any questions/complaints will be accepted after 2nd  April 2019 @ 23:59 UTC.
    ✅ Done!
  2. The final results and stake-to-token conversion rates will be published on 3rd April 2019.
    ✅ Done! Check out IPT stake-to-token conversion rates.
  3. Bounty manager will randomly select 6 participants (one from every bounty category) on 4th April 2019 by using this service. The selected participants will equally share 250 USD prize pool and get the reward in eth equivalent immediately afterward.
    ✅ Done!
    Check your number on the column [L] in the related spreadsheets here.

    Category Range of numbers
    Bitcoin .com 1-7
    Steemit 1-16
    Reddit 1-41
    LinkedIn 1-101
    Twitter 1-129
    Facebook 1-156

    The following winners had been defined:

    Category Winner number Random selection proof
    Bitcoin .com #2   ? Video
    Steemit #5   ? Video
    Reddit #33 ? Video
    LinkedIn #32 ? Video
    Twitter #54 ? Video
    Facebook #41 ? Video

    The result, the following six participants’ eth addresses had shared $250 prize pool:
    #2   ? 0xAA11a90b392f56a3b1aEC8ffbeF2C14D6331C127 ? $41.66
    #5   ? 0xE0a762Ed5EB38D64a8DB5514E94b5b80ef255A54 ? $41.66
    #33 ? 0xA146d155599533c2C8B86ee68472f3642648cd53 ? $41.66
    #32 ? 0x23801f6E95CA594746Af77204Ce090144aEB6fE2 ? $41.66
    #54 ? 0xbe4fdd895f74017204f5bf90c469056fb3bd97be ? $41.66
    #41 ? 0x844e552502C7dcDAC72150a89D275C238E637C77 ? $41.66

    The rewards will be transferred in ETH, in accordance with ETH/USD rates at the moment of payment.

  4. The date of IPT token distribution to eligible bounty hunters and bounty stakes buyers will be defined on April 15 – 20, 2019.
    IMPORTANT: Due to the recent post of Crypt-On’s CEO, the token distribution will happen within 21 days after August 01, 2019. 
All holders of the above IPT_Stake_Turbo titles will automatically get IPT tokens on their Tokpie account balances, in accordance with the conversion rates revealed above. Bounty participants who didn’t make stakes depositing or did it partly will also get IPT tokens at the same rates on the moment of token distribution.

Useful links

All bounty campaigns where you can get ETH every day and regularly

IPT Stake-to-token conversion rates
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Happy to share the latest features added to the TOKPIE exchange platform:

  1. Market price auto-filling feature
  2. Additional decimals in USD equivalent price value
  3. Tradable assets selector
  4. Assets descriptions and logos

Market price auto-filling feature

To ease the process of trading order submissions we have added the option to auto-fill the price field with the best ASK/BID currently available on the market. So now if you want to trade for the market price there is no need to enter the price by hands.
For example, (1) select buy/sell, (2) click on [Fill price from market], the result (3) the price of the best order to sell/buy with automatically appear in the price field (Picture 1).

Price from the Market
Picture 1. Auto-filling cryptocurrency price

Additional decimals in USD equivalent price value

To ease the evaluation process we have increased decimals from 2  to 6 in the ‘USD equivalent per one base cryptocurrency’ field (Picture 2). So now if an asset eth price has many decimals like 0.00000001 ETH you anyway see its USD equivalent value.

USD approximate price for asset
Picture 2. Decimals for USD equivalent value

Tradable assets selector

To speed up uploading time and ease an asset search & selection we have added the [Show only tradable] checkbox element on the Balance Details page (Picture 3). So now you see by default only the assets on which you can apply some actions (trade, withdraw or deposit) on the Balance Details section.

tradable cryptocurrency
Picture 3. How only tradable assets

Assets descriptions and logos

To ease an asset search and selection we have marked every cryptocurrency and bounty stake title with the related logo, name, and description on the Balance Details page  (Figure 4). So now you can see that:

  • Bounty Stakes have logos of the related cryptocurrency with small {s} letter inside.
  • The Currency code column shows an asset name used in trading on TOKPIE
  • Currency name column shows an asset related info that can be of two types:
    a) if an asset is a token or coin then by clicking on the related link you see the description of this asset (i.g. blockchain explorer for that token or coin).
    b) if an asset is a bounty stake then by clicking on the related link you see:
    – Conversion rates and distribution status if a bounty campaign for that stakes was finished or
    – the Date when trading on that stake is going to be stopped if a bounty campaign is still active.
Cryptocurrency description
Figure 4. Asset logo and info

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POVCoin (POVR) tokens have been distributed to the bounty stakes-holders and hunters

The distribution of POVCoing tokens to POVR Bounty Stakes holders and hunters has been successfully done on 25th March 2019!

POVR Bounty Stakes holders and bounty hunters have received POVCoin tokens on their Tokpie account balances, in accordance with the POVR stake-to-token conversion rates.

Now, users who have POVCoin tokens on their TOKPIE accounts can withdraw them at any time for FREE.

How to withdraw POVCoin Tokens

To withdraw POVCoin tokens from your  TOKPIE account balance to your personal eth address, click [Withdraw] button in the line called ‘POVR’ here.

What to do if I didn’t get POVCoin Tokens

If you didn’t see POVCoin tokens on your Tokpie account balance then write ‘code request’ to that member on BitcoinTalk.

When Exchange

NOTE: POVCoin token listing on TOKPIE exchange is now in Pending status. It will be listed when we see substantial progress in the development of POVCoin platform or store marketplace. To be instantly informed when the listing happens subscribe to any of the following channels.

Useful links

All campaigns where you can get ETH every day and regularly

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Betform (BFC) tokens have been distributed to the stakes-holders

Allocation of BFC tokens among Betform Bounty Stakes holders has been successfully done!

Congratulations! The ‘delivery’ of BFC tokens to eligible TOKPIE users has been successfully made. It means that those users who held BFC bounty stakes on their TOKPIE accounts balance on December 10, 2018 (10:00 UTC) have received BFC tokens due to the Conversion rates.

For example, if you had 1 [BFC_Stake_Bitcointalk_signature_15pc] and 2 [BFC_Stake_YouTube_11pc ] titles on your TOKPIE account balance on Dec 10, 2018 (10:00 UTC) then 1696.27 BFC tokens (1 x 1325.14 + 2 x 185.57) have been allocated to your TOKPIE account balance at March 21, 2019. At the same time, your BFC Stakes balance has become zero.

Now, users who have BFC tokens on their TOKPIE accounts can withdraw them at any time for FREE.

NOTE: BFC token listing on TOKPIE exchange is now in Pending status. It might be listed in the Q3-Q4 2019.

TOKPIE Knowledge Base is live

Following our Roadmap, we have started TOKPIE Support Center with Knowledge Base inside.

The TOKPIE Support Center now contains some FAQ articles with basic information, but we will be adding new content regularly. The result TOKPIE users will get a powerful help tool that will be full of useful advises and published in many different languages.

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Betform (BFC) Conversion Rates

Due to the Betform Bounty Campaign results the following stake-to-token conversion rates were determined.

Stake-to-token conversion rates

Stake Title BFC / Stake
BFC_Stake_Bitcointalk_signature_15pc 1,325.14
BFC_Stake_Facebook_15pc 8.78
BFC_Stake_LinkedIn_5pc 11.43
BFC_Stake_Reddit_10pc 73.05
BFC_Stake_Twitter_13pc 8.81
BFC_Stake_YouTube_11pc 185.57

Six Simple Ways To Get Ethereum Every Day

Know how to receive Ethereum regularly without any investments. It’s easier than ETH mining and more profitable than ETH faucets.

NOTE: TerraGreen Bounty Round 3 is successfully ended.
Therefore, you can deposit and trade ’round 3′ stakes as instructed below, but you can not earn these stakes anymore. However, you can join TerraGreen Round 4 bounty, earn stakes and also trade them for ETH as usual. 

To get free ethereum you can do simple tasks by using any one or all of the six media channels: Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Bitcointalk, Medium, Telegram. In addition to the ETH that you can obtain immediately when a task is done, you will receive promising TerraGreen (TGN) coins.


  1. Join Bounty campaign (Round 3) running by the TOKPIE’s partner – TerraGreen  to earn some stakes:


    NOTE: TerraGreen Bounty Campaign ROUND 3 supports the unlimited number of participants, but is limited in time until April 03, 2019. Here you can check the current number of participants and stakes earned by them.


  2. Register or login TOKPIE platform. Then click on [Deposit] button in the related line to top up your TOKPIE account balance with 50% bounty stakes, which you have already earned.

    NOTE: Don’t click on “Deposit” until you see your stakes in the related spreadsheet and strictly follow the instructions when depositing to speed up the processing. Stakes depositing will be available until May 01, 2019.


  3. To get Ethereum instantly, sell your stakes on the following ETH markets:


– By clicking on the links above you can submit your trade orders at any price you want, check market depth, view current bids, asks, last matched prices and price charts;
– You may sell and buy TGN stakes (round 3) only until the end of the TerraGreen Bounty campaign planned on May 02, 2019;
– All holders of TGN bounty stakes (round 3) will automatically get TGN coins on their Tokpie account balances within 60 days after May 02, 2019, in accordance with the conversion’s proportion revealed as the results of the Bounty Campaign ROUND 3;
– You can check bounty stakes prices without registration (6 sec loading time)
– The following trade fees are applied.



Q: May I see some feedbacks for how it works?
A: Sure, this is our 7th “Get Ethereum instantly” campaign. Check  ANN thread dedicated to the Bounty Stakes Trading and find even more feedbacks here. Also, join the discussion on Bitcointalk.

Q: How can you prove that it’s not a scam?
A: Check official bounty campaign and TOKPIE contracting with TerraGreen.

Q: What is the TOKPIE?
A: TOKPIE is the first cryptocurrency exchange that provides a unique Bounty Stake Trading service to hunters and early investors.

Q: I have questions. Where can I ask them?
A: You can post your questions here or ask them on TOKPIE telegram group.

Useful Links

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POVcoin Bounty Results and Conversion Rates

In accordance with the Povcoin Bounty results the following stake-to-token conversion rates were defined.

Stake-to-token conversion rates

Stake Title POVcoin / Stake
POVR_Stake_APP_Download_25pc 72 321.4
POVR_Stake_Signature_25pc 3 516.8
POVR_Stake_Video_35pc 1 285.1
POVR_Stake_Video_35pc    171.6

Bounty results

VIDEO campaign spreadsheet
ARTICLE campaign spreadsheet
APP DOWNLOAD campaign spreadsheet
SIGNATURE campaign spreadsheet

What’s next

All holders of the above POVR Stakes titles will automatically get POVcoin tokens on their Tokpie account balances, in accordance with the conversion rates revealed before March 28, 2019.

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How to earn TerraGreen Medium Stakes in the Round 3 Bounty

Just Clap on Medium to get TerraGreen bounty stakes tradable for Ethereum on TOKPIE platform.


  • The TerraGreen bounty Round 3 will end on April 03, 2019!
  • Follow TerraGreen Medium page;
  • Maximum of 3 clapped articles per day;
  • No Limit on number of clapped articles per week;
  • You must make 5 claps per each article;
  • Your Medium account must have a minimum of 10 followers;
  • Publish 1 short review (minimum 30 words) about TerraGreen on your medium account. This review must contain the link to TerraGreen website and YOUR TGN ADDRESS used in that bounty. The review must be published only once. Claps will not be counted if you don’t have such review on your Medium page.


  • Minimum 5 Claps per one article: 1 Stakes

How to join:

Bounty program distribution:

Facebook 15%
Twitter 15%
Reddit 15%
Medium clapping 15%
Signature 20%
Telegram channels 20%

Useful Links:

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