How to Get Token Listed on McAfeeDEX for Free

Who knows how to make the most powerful decentralized exchange? John McAfee does know it 100%.

The latest John McAfee’s blockchain venture, McAfeeDEX is a mega-hyped decentralized exchange. Moreover, it is offering a free listing for Eethereum-based tokens. These facts could make this exchange a Forkdelta killer in the near future.

Besides, McAfeeDEX has already passed the CoinMarketCap phase #1 exchange listing process. It means that all ERC20 altcoins listed on McAfeeDEX will automatically gain traction on CMC sooner or later.

Hence, the Tokpie team has decided to list the TOKPIE (TKP) token on McAfeeDEX without hesitation. The following pairs are available:

Read below to know how to list your token too.

mcafeedex crypto exchange
TOKPIE (TKP) token on McAfeeDEX

How to list cryptocurrency on McAfeeDEX

Anyone can list any ethereum based token on McAfee’s for free in few steps:

  1. Activate your Metamask
  2. Open McAfee DEX
  3. Click on ‘Add Token’
  4. Enter your token smart contract’s address, ticker (symbol), and decimals in the next window
  5. Click on Confirm
  6. Also, enter the promo code ‘machere to get listed your token for free on Tokpie exchange (optional). 🎁
how to list your token on McAfeeDEEX
Click on ‘Add Token’ in the upper menu bar.
Enter your token smart contract’s address, ticker (symbol), and decimals

Additional trading pairs on McAfeeDEX

It is possible to trade ERC20 tokens against Ethereum (ETH) and other additional stable coins. Currently, the following quote currencies (stable coins) are available:


DAI is a decentralized stable coin based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard. Every DAI is pegged to $1 USD.


WBTC is an ERC20 token wrapped by Bitcoin. This is the first Eethereum based backed 1:1 with Bitcoin.


BUSD is an invention of the Binance exchange and Paxos Trust Company. One BUSD represents one US dollar-backed stable coin.


TUSD is a symbol for TrueUSD token, a price-stable cryptocurrency pledged by US Dollars. The TrustToken, a platform issued TUSD, is aiming to tokenize real-world currencies (USD, Yen) and valuable assets (real estate, art, and IP).

Additional markets (quote currencies) are available

What is TKP

TKP is a token of Tokpie exchange. It’s a first-ever cryptocurrency exchange that provides Bounty Stakes Trading service. Tokpie users can trade, earn and invest as never before. Moreover, holders of TKP can benefit through 500% trade fees discount, regular airdrops, and many other perks and bonuses.

What is McAfeeDEX

McAfeeDEX is a decentralized exchange. It’s based on Ethereum blockchain and backed by John McAfee.  To make trade deals you can be a resident of any country. Traders don’t need to provide any documents and emails. The exchange works in a completely decentralized way. The Takers pay 0.25% transaction fees. At the same time, Makers don’t pay anything.

Please note that at the moment of writing this article, McAfee’s exchange is on beta testing. Therefore, some functions e.g. price chat displaying or balance updating may work weirdly. In addition, Coingecko currently doesn’t support McAfee exchange.


Also, Stay always in touch with Tokpie to Earn, Trade and Invest as never before.

How to Sell PGPAY Bounty Stakes and Get ETH, USDC or TKP

Selling bounty stakes before distribution is now possible in few seconds.

Open order book

After bounty stakes depositing, open the following order books to sell the stakes for TKP.

– By clicking on the links above you can sell/buy at any price you want, check the market depth, view current bids, asks, last matched prices and price charts;
– You may sell and buy PGPAY bounty stakes only until PGPAY token distribution event that is planned on February 21, 2020;
– You can check all bounty stakes prices at any time without registration;
– The following trade fees are applied.

Get Ethereum (ETH) and USDC.

You can get ETH or USDC at any moment by selling (if want) TKP in the following order books:

Check aggregated TKP price here.

Congratulation! You have monetized your bounty work long before PGPAY tokens distribution. All that you will need to do is to settle your obligation on time.

Useful Links

Get Money Immediately: Sell PGPAY Bounty Stakes for ETH, USDC, TKP Before Distribution

No need to wait for distribution, get paid for bounty work even before doing any tasks

Take the money now, no need to wait

Any participant of PGPay Bounty can get ETH, USDC, and TKP long before token distribution by selling PGPAY bounty stakes as explained below.

Deposit bounty stakes

You can deposit any amount of PGPAY Bounty stakes on your Tokpie account balance as explained here.

Sell bounty stakes

After stakes depositing, sell them for any price you want to get TKP, Ethereum (ETH), or USDC as shown here. You may also purchase PGPAY bounty stakes to get more PGPAY tokens after distribution.

Settle your obligation

Settle your obligation at any time or soon after PGPAY tokens distribution as described here.


Q: How bounty stakes trading works?
A: Read a bounty stakes trading description.

Q: Shall I pay for trading bounty stakes?
A: Yes, small trade fees and withdrawal commissions are applied.

Q: May I see some feedbacks for how it works?
A: Sure, Tokpie exchange provides its services since September 2018. Read all feedbacks in the ANN thread dedicated to the Bounty Stakes Trading 

Q: What is the Tokpie?
A: Tokpie is the first cryptocurrency exchange that provides a unique Bounty Stake Trading service to hunters, cryptocurrency traders & investors.

Useful Links

TOKPIE (TKP) Listed on Saturn.Network Exchange

Additional listing was made to get new users and TKP token holders

We are excited to announce that TOKPIE (TKP) token has been listed on Saturn.Network exchange.

Tokpie is the first cryptocurrency exchange platform in the World with Bounty Stakes Trading service.

Saturn Network (Saturn) is a rapidly growing decentralized exchange DAO which is compatible with all EVM blockchains. It’s almost listed on CoinMartketCap.

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Get Airdrop Cryptocurrencies From Top ICOs Every Week

The simplest way to earn passive income in crypto world forever

Track all active, coming, and finished giveaways

To reward Tokpie users subscribed to the Light, Standard, Premium or Enterprise plans, Tokpie cryptocurrency exchange starts the endless airdrop campaign. Get promising altcoins every week!

Use the information below to track earnings received, participate in ongoing and check all future airdrops. Also, know how to automatically participate in that endless airdrop campaign.

Total amounts paid 💼

The table below shows the USD equivalent of all payments made to Tokpie users depending on their subscription plans.
Note: the amount of earnings depends on your subscription plan and airdrop joining conditions.

PlanPaid all the time Average monthly payment
Light$13.1 – $122.3$4.3 – $40.7
Standard$13.7 – $128.1$4.5 – $42.7
Premium$14.3 – $133.9$4.7 – $44.6
Enterprise$15.6 – $145.7$5.2 – $48.6

Active airdrops 💸

To get 3.15-3.75 PGPAY tokens for free you must be subscribed to the Light, Standard, Premium or Enterprise plan on Tokpie exchange. But, if you buy at least 30 PGPAY on Tokpie Launchpad before January 31, 2020, 23:00 UTC, then you get 31.5 – 37.5 PGPAY tokens. The distribution of bonus tokens will be made on January 31, 2020.

DatesAssetAmountUSD equivalent
until Jan 31, 2020PGPAY3.15 – 37.5$1.42 – $16.88

Upcoming airdrops 👍 🎁

Tokpie’s users with the Light status will get 10.5 CoinLoan (CLT) tokens, Standard: 11, Premium: 11.5, Enterprise: 12.5 on January 23, 2020.

DateAssetAmountUSD equivalent
Jan 23, 2020CLT10.5 – 12.5$1.58 – $1.88

Finished airdrops 👌

DateAssetAmountUSD equivalent
Jan 06, 2020CRAD05 – 125$0.13 – $0.15
Dec 15, 2019TLS5.25 – 62.5$6.83 – $81.25
Dec 10, 2019FRED10500 – 12500$0.63 – $0.74
Nov 24, 2019XRM20-240$1 – $12
Dec 02, 2019EFT105-12502.9-34.4

How to join Top ICOs airdrops ❇️

To start getting valuable cryptocurrencies for FREE and FOREVER you need to be subscribed to the Light, Standard, Premium or Enterprise plan. If you still have not subscribed then do the following:

  1. Open Tokpie subscription plans page
  2. Click on the [Apply] button related to one of the Plans that you want to subscribe
  3. Make sure that you have enough TKP token on your Tokpie account balance.
Choose you plan
Upgrade Tokpie’s subscription plan

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Limited Easy Feedback (EFT) Airdrop on Tokpie exchange

Know how to get EFT tokens for free!

Every Tokpie user who is subscribed to the Light, Standard, Premium, or Enterprise plans will get 105-1250 Easy Feedback (EFT) tokens for free!

Airdrop amounts

The amount of airdrop you could get depends on the Subscription plan and joining conditions.

Subscription PlanAirdrop Amount ( ~ USD equivalent)
Light1050 EFT ( ~ $28.9)
Standard1100 EFT (~ $30.3)
Premium1150 EFT (~ $31.6)
Enterprise1250 EFT (~ $34.4)

How to join airdrop

There are two conditions which you must satisfy to get Airdrop Amount in full:

  • Be a Tokpie user subscribed to any of the paid plans (Light, Standard, Premium or Enterprise) on November 29, 2019, 23:00 UTC
  • Have at least 5000 EFT tokens on your Tokpie account balance on November 29, 2019, at 23:00 UTC. EFT tokens must be purchased on the Tokpie Launchpad during Easy Feedback IEO.
    IMPORTANT: if you don’t have at least 5000 EFT tokens on your Tokpie account balance on November 29, 2019, 23:00 UTC then you get only 10% of Airdrop Amount.

When distribution

Airdrop amount of EFT tokens will be deposited to your Tokpie account balance on December 02, 2019.

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Black Friday Sale on Tokpie

Join the biggest sale of the year and pick a plan with a 60% discount.


Getting a Light, Standard, Premium or Enterprise plan allows you to:

  • receive tokens of all listed projects for free regularly and forever; 
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  • receive up to 70% referral bonus;
  • decrease collateral rates.

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Inzura (IZA) to be delisted

Notifying all Tokpie’s users that we will delist Inzura (IZA) tokens from Tokpie exchange. So, please plan your trading activities accordingly.

On November 26, 2019, we will disable IZA deposits. You will still have 1 month to trade or exchange your remaining tokens.

On December 25, 2019, the IZA/ETH, IZA/USDC, and IZA/TKP pairs will be delisted.

Starting from December 26, 2019, a storage fee of 10 IZA per day will be deducted until your IZA balance reaches zero or you withdraw your remaining funds.

Although we are delisting IZA from our platform, we continue working to add new trading options.

Stay always in touch with Tokpie to Earn, Trade and Invest as never before.

What is Refine Medium Token (XRM) token?

What is XRM token?

Refine Medium Token (XRM) is an Ethereum based utility token applied on the Refine Medium platform.

Total distribution is 300,000,000 XRM only!

What is Refine Medium platform?

The Refine Medium platform is a marketplace providing high-quality video content. The platform is aiming to allow viewers, creators, and innovators connecting through Ethereum blockchain-based smart contracts in a decentralized way.

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Stay always in touch with TOKPIE to Earn, Trade and Invest as never before.

Get Free Ethereum in Five Minutes by Testing TON Blockchain Network

Help Tokpie to test Telegram blockchain and get ETH reward immediately.

Tokpie starts testing the TON Blockchain Test Network (Testnet 2). So you can get ETH in minutes as described below:

Step 1

Download the official Test Gram Wallet here for Windows or Mac OS and copy your wallet address.

Step 2

Open @test_ton_bot and start it to get test Grams on your Wallet
You can request test grams from the bot more than one time.

Step 3

After you got test grams, click on the [Send] button as on the example below.

Click on the [Send] button, after you got 20 test grams

Step 4

In the next window:
– Enter Tokpie address: EQAvFZv-KtdZEXqmWf5iNZkDIp52IeCvXn5mgH8sM2DlLKoQ
– Enter how many grams you want to send (minimum 100 grams)
– Enter Your eth address for getting ETH reward
– Click on the [Send Grams] button

Enter details into the sending form

Step 5

Congratulations: you will get 0.0001 ETH for every 100 test grams on your eth address! Note that eth payments can take 1-4 hours. If you don’t get eth then tell us about it.

IMPORTANT: You can get Ethereum (ETH) rewards many times!

Create many Test Gram Wallets by using different telegram accounts (ask your friends and relatives) to receive test grams many times.

Note: Tokpie has a right to cancel this campaign or change conditions at any time.

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