How to Add Token to the Ledger List

Find the ultimate guide on how to add your token to the list of coins supported by Ledger.

Ledger List of crypto assets

Owners of crypto projects were asking for it for many months. So, here is the guide on how to add a token on Ledger. Moreover, adding your coin to the list of crypto assets supported by Ledger is free.

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How to add my token to the Ledger?

To add your token or coin to the list of cryptocurrencies supported by the Ledger, do four simple steps.

Step 1. Open Request Form

Open the request form.

Step 2. Fill the form

Select “Buying / Selling / Swapping crypto in Ledger Live” in the “How can we help you?” field. All the rest fields, fill in as follow:

Name of the fieldYour reply
Your email addressYour official email address
SubjectAdding token to the list of crypto assets supported by Ledger
Where are you stuck?Buy crypto in Ledger Live
Ledger hardware walletLedger Nano X
Firmware version1.2.4-5
Phone or desktop?Desktop computer
Ledger Live version2.20.0
What operating system runs on your computer?Windows 10
64-bits or 32-bits?64-bits
DescriptionFind the same text here.
Filling the Ledger form
Filling the Ledger form

When you finish, hit on the Submit button.

submit the Ledger form
Submit the Ledger form

Step 3. Formulate the description

Then, enter the text into the Description field due to the following template.

Kindly add [token name][token symbol] token (ERC20).

  • Token name: enter your token name
  • Token symbol: enter the symbol of your token 
  • Blockchain: ERC-20 Ethereum
  • Token smart contract address: enter your token’s smart contract address 
  • Etherscan link: enter the link to your token’s smart contract address on Etherscan.
  • Link to the token logo: [link].

Here is an example of such a request:

Hello, kindly add BambooDeFi (BAMBOO) token (ERC20) to the Ledger list:
 Token name: BambooDeFi
 Token symbol: BAMBOO
 Blockchain: ERC-20 Eethereum
 Token smart contract address:  0xf56842Af3B56Fd72d17cB103f92d027bBa912e89
 Etherscan link:
 Link to the logo:

Step 4. Check the status of your request

To check the status of your request, go to that page. Then press CONTRL+F (search) and enter your token name or symbol. If you find your token, then relax. You did everything correctly. And All that you can do now is wait for the next Ledger update.

What should I do if I cannot find my token?

If you made step #4 but could not find your token, then do the following:

  1. Open your issue
  2. Write a comment like “Hi, please advise, have you reviewed our application (above)?”

If there is no reaction to your comment on GitHub for a long time, make a post on the Ledger’s Reddit board. Ask the Ledger team to check your request.

What is Ledger?

Like a Trezor, the Ledger is a hardware cryptocurrency wallet. Both wallets are the most popular devices to hold cryptocurrencies in the world. With cryptocurrency booming, it’s a smart idea to have your project’s token listed on both these devices.

What is the list of cryptocurrencies supported by Ledger?

Similar to Trezor’s List, the Ledger has its list of supported crypto assets. Also, the Ledger supports +22 native blockchains and more than +1200 tokens on the ERC20 Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, you should agree that 1200 is not so significant compared to the number of projects in the market and more blockchain startups coming every day. Therefore, Ledger might tighten the rules for adding new tokens soon.

Why is it important to get my token added to the Ledger list? 

After Ledger adds your token to the list, its users can perform the following actions with your cryptocurrency:

  • add accounts with your coin
  • send your coin 
  • receive your coin 

So, spend 5 minutes to complete the steps above. You don’t need to pay for it. As a result, your altcoin will get a beneficial achievement. Don’t forget to share your token progress with your community. Good luck!

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