How to List Token on CoinGecko: Ultimate Guide

Learn how to list your cryptocurrency on CoinGecko, one of the most popular web for tracking cryptocurrencies, capitalizations and rankings. This step-by-step guide covers everything from listing on exchanges to filling out the CG form, and includes tips for increasing exposure and ranking. Listing on CoinGecko can enhance visibility, perceived legitimacy, and trading volume for your startup.

CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency ranking and tracking website providing valuable information about cryptocurrencies. Getting your altcoin listed on CoinGecko is essential to establishing its legitimacy and visibility in the crypto industry. So, this article provides a step-by-step guide on how to list token on the CoinGecko. Also, you’ll learn about the advantages of CoinGecko listing, requirements to meet, and solutions to potential reasons for refusal. Following the steps outlined here will increase the chances of successfully listing your token on this major cryptocurrency data aggregator.

What’s the CoinGecko (CG)?

So, Coingecko is a popular cryptocurrency ranking and information website that tracks thousands of cryptocurrencies and provides essential data on each coin, such as market capitalization, volume, price, listings, team, and community. It aims to provide cryptocurrency users with a comprehensive overview of the crypto market. Many crypto enthusiasts and investors trust the site to research different coins and find new investment opportunities.


CoinGecko is undoubtedly a powerful coin-tracking platform: its daily traffic is second only to CoinMarketCap. For example, CG’s monthly visits were around 40M at the beginning of 2023, according to SimilarWeb (image below). Additional vital advantages of being listed on Coingecko include the following:

  • High visibility and exposure to crypto investors and the wider crypto community.
  • Credibility and legitimacy as Coingecko only lists established coins traded on reputable exchanges.
  • Ranking due to critical metrics, which can attract investors looking to invest in top-ranked coins.
  • Regular updates on crucial stats, news, and events to keep the community informed.
  • Easy to compare your currency with competitors using Coingecko’s comprehensive data and rankings.
Monthly visitors on CG
Coingecko’s monthly traffic, 2023.

Steps for adding a coin to Coingecko

The process of adding a coin to Coingecko includes four primary steps:

  1. You should list a token on at least one exchange.
  2. A blockchain startup’s representative should take the cake of the coin’s liquidity and trading volume.
  3. A token issuer shall create an account on
  4. You must fill in the CG’s form correctly and submit it.

So, to succeed with listing your currency on Coingecko, use the detailed descriptions of all steps below: 

Step 1. Get listed on Exchanges

First, you must list your altcoin on at least one exchange from the CG’s list of supported exchanges. However, having a coin available for trading on 2-3 decent exchanges is also a positive factor for Coingecko’s team. Why? Because during a review, the CG’s managers prioritize coins by the number of markets/exchanges. In the process of choosing an exchange, give preference to those exchanges that are supported by Coingecko and CMC simultaneously. For example, Tokpie cryptocurrency exchange supported by both trackers. So, you can always list your token on Tokpie by filling short form. As a result, your currency will appear on Coingecko, CMC and +10 other popular coin-trackers.

Step 2. Improve Trade Volume, Liquidity, Spread, and Market Depth

Trade volume, liquidity, spread, and market depth are other vital factors for pushing an asset to the Coingecko. For example, listing a coin on the most reputable exchange is useless if your market lacks BIDs, ASKs (liquidity), and trade vol. So, to pass verification smoothly, keep the following metrics for your coin’s market:

  • Trade Volume: $50,000 daily.
  • Spread – the difference between the highest BID and lowest ASK: should be below 1%.
  • Liquidity – the worth of BIDs and ASKs inside the 2% spread: should be $500-$1500 each.
  • Market depth – the number of BIDs and ASKs in your order book: should be around 25 BIDs and 25 ASKs.

So, remember, Coingecko wants to list coins that attract traffic. It means that CG tries to list assets that are popular among traders. That’s why CG’s managers review trade volume, liquidity, spread, and market depth. Also, find more information about liquidity. Besides, some MM software solutions help to automate the process.

Step 3. Register on CG

The next step is registration. Sign up at the CG registration page using your official email address. It’s good to use your website domain email address. For example, instead of, use official email address like info@yourwebsitedomain address.

register on CG
Create Coingecko’s account.

Step 4. Fill out and submit the form

Now, it’s time to carefully fill out Coingecko’s listing application form and submit it for review. The CG team will review the application manually and verify the coin details before approving the listing. So, do the following:

  • Log in CG (after registration, explained in step #3 above).
  • Open the request-dedicated page and press the “Token” tab.
  • Fill out the form with details on the altcoin, including the contract address, website, social media links, and all the information. If you need to learn how to fill in the form correctly, ask for professional help here:
  • After the form’s filling, press the “Submit” button. 

Also, you can use CG’s instructions.

Click on the "Token" tab
Press the “Token” tab.
Fill in the form on CG
Coingecko’s request form.

Step 5. Make a public verification post

Once you’ve submitted your initial application, proceed to make a public announcement using an account associated with your project’s official website, such as a social media account. In this announcement, please mention your request ID number and the GeckoTerminal URL. As a result, the CG’s team will assess this post as part of the verification process, which adds legitimacy to your application and helps prevent the use of fraudulent contract addresses. Additionally, for further validation, you may include your Telegram @username. (For detailed guidance, refer to this article.)

For example, open the status page after submitting the CG’s form to copy your request number (screenshot below). Then publish a Tweet on your official Twitter account with the following text:

🚀 Just submitted my request to [Your Project Name] through CoinGecko!
🎫 Request ID: [Your Unique Request ID].
🔗 GeckoTerminal URL: [URL to Your Project on GeckoTerminal] (if applicable).

where can I get Coingecko ID
Coingecko’s ID request number.

How to check the status?

After the form’s submission, watch the status of your application at any time by doing the following:

How long does it take to get listed?

The listing process can take from a few days to a few weeks depending on Coingecko’s workload and the quality/completeness of your application. Providing all necessary details and documentation upfront will speed up the review and approval process. Coingecko aims to review applications within 2 to 14 business days under normal circumstances.

Reasons for being Rejected and solutions

Some common reasons for Coingecko to refuse a coin listing application include lack of vol., liquidity, or community support. So, don’t be surprised to see a red “Rejected” remark on the status page in few days after the form’s submission. Read the following paragraphs with the explanations on overcoming different rejections from Coingecko. 

Send another listing request to Coingecko only after two weeks. Don’t send another request before the 2-week cooldown period. Otherwise, CG tags your application as spam. So, it will cause further delays to your listing request.

Project’s volume is too low

If you see the reason for rejection, like “Project’s volume is too low, ” increase trading vol. Do it by getting listed on more exchanges and enabling auto-trading software. Also, read again step #2 above. Besides, remember to re-submit the Coingecko’s form 14 days after getting a rejection.

bad vol and liquidity
Low volume and liquidity.

Project’s liquidity is too low

If you see the reason for rejection, like “Project’s liquidity is too low” then increase the size of your pool on DEX (for tokens traded only on PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and other DEXs). If your coin is tradable on CEX, increase the size of the BIDs and ASKs to $1500 (or higher) inside the 2% spread. Also, you can do it by hand or by activating market-making software. In addition, read again step #2 above. Besides, don’t forget that CG’s managers hate over-submissions. Therefore, after improving your token’s liquidity, re-submit the form only fourteen days after the last submission.

Unable to detect sufficient organic attention around the project

Sometimes, projects try to list coins on CoinGecko but have just 10-50 followers on their social accounts. That’s not enough. So, such a project gets a rejection: “Project has bad sentiment on their social media (Low social media engagement/ presence/ adoption/ audience growth rate.)” or “Unable to detect sufficient organic attention around the project.”
How to solve.
Build the community by increasing social media followers, engagement, and visibility. A robust and active community signals that a coin is established and reputable. Also, delete social channels with a miserable number of followers from the project’s website. However, a startup can have a lot of followers on social accounts but still get such a rejection. In that case, make an airdrop and let CG know about it next time (re-submit the form in 14 days).

rejections on Coingecko
Other reasons for rejection.

Not original project

Another common reason for rejections is that the “Project infringes another’s trademark or consists of inappropriate content”. That’s one of the most severe reasons for refusal.
How to solve.
Avoid any plagiarism on your website and white paper. Also, don’t imitate other reputable projects already on the market. In other words, build your own “original” blockchain project.

Project contains unverified/proxy contract

When a coin-tracker refuses to list a token due to “unverified/proxy contract” issues, it indicates concerns about the project’s smart contract security or transparency. Here’s a brief explanation:

  • Unverified Contract: The smart contract code hasn’t been verified on blockchain explorers like Etherscan, making it difficult to confirm its authenticity and security.
  • Proxy Contract: This serves as an intermediary in transactions, potentially complicating security assessments.

To resolve these issues, ensure your contract is verified and audited by reputable firms. Provide thorough project documentation and, if feasible, simplify or secure proxy contract implementations. Engage with coin-trackers to address their concerns and foster a strong community to support your project’s credibility.

CG rejects
Unverified or/and proxy contract.

I still can not get a verification

If you still can not get verification on Coingecko (after fixing all rejections and after several re-submissions), do the following:

  • Improve your website. Build a project’s web without using Wix, WordPress, and similar themes.
  • Decrease taxation to around 3-5% if your token has enormous taxes. 
  • Re-create a token and try to submit a form again. 
  • Use a turn-key outsource solution.

How to add additional market

Listing an asset on Coingecko is not the “end of the game.” Sooner or later, your coin will start trading on new exchanges, or a new pair will appear. So, follow the steps below to add additional exchange(s) or market(s):

Add new market to Coingecko
Adding additional markets.
  • Then, select “New Listings on Exchange/New Market Addition”.
Update token with new markets
Choose the right section.
  • After that, fill in just several fields in the form as shown in the images below. Don’t forget to enter the right link to your new market(s). If you don’t know that link, ask an exchange’s manager who sold you the listing.
  • Press the Submit button.
  • Now, wait for around 24-72 hours. If you did everything correctly your new marker appears on your coin’s Coingecko page.
fill our the form for update
Fill in the form correctly.
Link to the new market
Enter URL of your new market.
Submitting the form for update
Submit your request.

Important to note, you must keep your coin’s price the same on all your markets/exchange. Otherwise, Coingecko will reject your application.

Update Circulating Supply: Market Cap and Rank

After two or three different exchanges appears on your coin coingecko’s page (example in the image below), you could update a Circulation Supply. As a result, your asset will get a dynamic Market Cap and Ranking on CG. So, use an ultimate guide on how to enable Circulation Supply on Coingecko.

many markets
Example of token’s Markets section on Coingecko’s page.

Additional options to grow a coin

For any questions or cooperation, you can contact Tokpie at