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Harness the power of the blockchain revolution with Tokpie, a revolutionary platform that’s redefining how we think about token investments. In the ever-volatile cryptocurrency landscape, many investors are chasing the elusive dream of “mooning” — that is, hoping their token’s value will skyrocket. While many pin their hopes on ICOs, STOs, or IEOs, the painful truth is that the waiting game for substantial returns can be excruciatingly long. Enter Tokpie, which not only promises a solution to this predicament but also provides an avenue for obtaining promising tokens at staggering discounts, opening the door to potentially exponential profits. Dive in to discover how you can optimize your crypto investments and leverage the Bounty Stakes Trading system to your advantage. As a result, you’ll learn how to improve Return On Investment.

Stop waiting for “mooning”, try to obtain promising tokens with a 1000% discount.

Not a secret that investors are expecting to 10x returns on buying ICO, STO or IEO tokens, due to the high risk of failure and even total wipe-out. The problem is the time of waiting for a token price’s skyrocket (mooning) can take around forever. 

But what if there was a solution allowing to get different promising tokens for a 10x discounted prices. 

This is where Tokpie comes in

Tokpie exchange provides its users with the Bounty Stakes Trading solution. Anyone can buy bounty stakes of crypto startups for cheap prices with the potential of making a huge profit when the stakes are converted to tokens and sold on exchanges. Click on the [Bounty Analyzer] button below to choose the best bounty stakes for purchase and start your journey to Fortune.

Bounty Stakes Trading Explanation

Crypto startups preparing their token sales usually run bounty campaigns to promote awareness of their project. Bounty campaigns work by offering individuals rewards or incentives in the form of ‘bounty stakes’ in exchange for carrying out specific tasks or activities. These activities include actions on social media platforms, such as likes, retweets, shares, and comments on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Why crypto startups offer bounty stakes

The benefit to the crypto startup is that bounty campaigns help to promote the token sale on social media platforms, creating a buzz about the project, for stakes, which represent some part of tokens supplied in the future, but not for money.

How it works

A bounty hunter earns stakes for completing an action; for example, he likes a startup’s post on Facebook and makes one stake, which will be converted into some tokens later. A stake-token conversion ratio depends on the type of bounty campaign and the number of participants.
It can take about 3–4 months for the stakes earned to be converted into tokens. Then, an additional 1–2 months to wait until the coins can be sold on an exchange for cash (ETH and BTC), so bounty hunters often have to wait for 4–6 months or more to receive their earnings. But what if the bounty hunter wants cash now?

Return On Investment with Bounty Stakes Trading

TOKPIE offers a unique opportunity for a bounty hunter to sell their stakes immediately using the platform’s unique auction feature.
Bounty stakes that have been earned but not yet converted into tokens can be listed and traded on TOKPIE, and this provides a fantastic opportunity for early investors.

What problems Bounty Stakes Trading solves
How Bounty Stakes Trading works
Advantages for all parties

How early investors can make the best ROI
Every Tokpie user can buy any listed bounty stake on the Tokpie exchange to become a bounty stakeholder. Tokpie automatically deposits the related tokens on every stakes-holder account balance during a distribution event. The result is that a bounty stakes buyer got a promising asset for a discounted price and could keep, withdraw, or sell it to get the best ROI.

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