TOKPIE (TKP) is Available on Blockfolio

TKP token is now officially available on Blockfolio, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app.

TKP available on blockfolio
TKP available on Blockfolio app

How to watch TKP on Blockfolio

Download Blockfolio app then adds TKP token to the watchlist. The result you will be available to track TOKPIE token price, get signals, add your purchases and sale transactions.

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What is CoinLoan (CLT) token?

CLT (CoinLoan) token

CoinLoan (CLT) is an Ethereum based utility token applied on CoinLoan platform. 

Total distribution is 22,000,000 CLT only!

What is CoinLoan platform?

CoinLoan is one of the first cryptocurrency lending platforms where Borrowers can get loans (in fiat or crypto) backed by cryptocurrencies. The result borrowers don’t need to sell their crypto assets. At the same time, Lenders can earn interest incomes being ensured by over-collateralization.

CoinLoan advantages

  • Worldwide coverage;
  • Operate due to European Financial Licenses: FVR000111, FRK000091, FFA000241;
  • Wide variety of stable coins, fiat, and other cryptocurrencies can be lent and borrowed. You can even make crypto-to-crypto loans like borrow ETH against ETH;
  • Quick fiat depositing via Visa/MasterCard, SEPA, SWIFT, and other payment methods;
  • Highest Loan-to-Value (LTV) limits on the market: 70-80%. Auto Liquidation happens only when your LTV crosses the line of 90%.

Example of CLT token usage

The only borrowers are charged with fees on CoinLoan platform. There two options for paying borrowing fees:

  • Loan Currency
  • CoinLoan Tokens (CLT) – 50% discount

So, for example, when you take a loan of 1000 USDT for 1 month you will be charged with 5 USDT equivalent in CLT tokens (the calculation is based on the market value of CLT) instead of 10 USDT.

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Learn How To Settle EFT Bounty Stakes Depositing

Use any of two ways to settle your obligation and release TKP tokens collateral.

To release TKP collateral that was tied during EFT bounty stakes depositing you can use one of the following options:

1st Option: Settlement BEFORE the distribution of EFT tokens to bounty participants.

You can settle your obligation at any moment, before EFT tokens distribution to bounty hunters, by providing the EFT Round 3 bounty stakes which you had previously collateralized and deposited.

How to do that?
1. Open Collaterelize Asset page
2. Find the line with the bounty stakes which you want to settle
3. Click on [settle] button as shown in the example: Figure 1 below.

The result, the same amount of previously collateralized and deposited bounty stakes will be deducted from your Tokpie account balance. At the same time, the tied TKP tokens will be deposited on your Tokpie account balance.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you have the same stakes in the same amount available on your balance. If you don’t have, then close all opened orders or buy these stakes in the related market.

2nd Option: Settlement AFTER the distribution of EFT tokens to bounty participants.

If you have not yet fulfilled your obligation to settle collateralized & deposited EFT bounty stake as described in 1st Option above, then Tokpie sends you an email message containing the following information:

  • amount of EFT tokens that you must send to Tokpie. It’s calculated as stakes-to-token conversion rate x the number of unsettled bounty stakes;
  • a wallet address to which you must transfer this amount of EFT tokens.

– Tokpie sends such email message only after EFT tokens are distributed to all bounty hunters. After getting email notice, you will have 48 hours to send EFT tokens;
– After a successful transfer, you will get back TKP tokens previously tied as collateral and your obligation will be settled automatically;
– get EFT tokens for settlement by participating in Easy Feedback Round 3 bounty.

What if bounty campaign fails

If Easy Feedback doesn’t distribute EFT tokens to bounty hunters for any reasons (a failed project) then Tokpie returns TKP collateral to a user who has collateralized and deposited EFT Round 3 bounty stakes, due to the formula: 

TKP pledged as collateral - TKP tokens already obtained by a user from selling the related bounty stakes

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Get Ethreum (ETH), USDC and TKP for EFT Round 3 Bounty Stakes

After successful collateralizing and depositing of EFT Round 3 Bounty stakes, you can exchange them on TKP, ETH, USDC as shown below.

1. Check prices and Sell bounty stakes in the following markets to get TKP tokens immediately:

– By clicking on the links above you can submit your trade orders at any price you want, check the market depth, view current bids, asks, last matched prices and price charts;
– You may sell and buy EFT bounty stakes (rounds 3) only until 
EFT token distribution event;
– All holders of EFT bounty stakes will automatically get EFT tokens on their Tokpie account balances when the campaign has come to the end and in accordance with the conversion’s proportion revealed as the results of the campaign;
– You can 
check bounty stakes prices without registration;
– The following 
trade fees are applied.

2. Get Ethereum (ETH) and USDC.

Exchange TKP tokens on ETH or USDC at any moment in the following markets:

Check TKP price here.

Congratulation, you have gotten money long before receiving a bounty reward! Just don’t forget to settle your obligation on time.

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How To Deposit Easy Feedback Round 3 Bounty Stakes

Know how to Deposit any amount of EFT Round 3 bounty stakes, which you are planning to earn in the future or already earned.

Follow the instruction below to deposit Easy Feedback (EFT) Round 3 Bounty stakes on your Tokpie account balance.

1. Sign up or login Tokpie to open Collateralize Asset page and select bounty stakes title that you wish to deposit.

The following Easy Feedback (EFT) Round 3 Bounty stakes are available for collateralization and depositing:
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Telegram
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Twitter
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_YouTube
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Facebook
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Blog
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Signature
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Translation
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_LinkedIn
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Reddit
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_YoutubeEngnt

2. Enter how many stakes you want to deposit.

You can enter any amount of bounty stakes you want to deposit for trading.

stakes depositing
EFT round 3 bounty stakes depositing

3. Click on the [Collateralize & Deposit] green button.

After pressing on the green button (3), a new line appears in the Collateralized Assets table as shown in the figure below.
It means that you have just deposited some bounty stakes on your Tokpie account balance and can trade them by clicking on ‘hummer’ icon (4). Know more how to get TKP, ETH, USDC by selling your bounty stakes.

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Easy Feedback Round 3 Bounty

Learn about the main Round 3 conditions of Easy Feedback bounty.


  • 5,000,000 EFT tokens will be allocated among bounty participants in accordance with the number of bounty stakes earned.
  • Ethereum (ETH)USDC, TKP can be taken by bounty participants at any time before bounty tokens distribution. Know how to get money for your bounty stakes. IMPORTANT: you can get ETH, USDC, TKP upfront, even before you have done any bounty tasks!


Easy Feedback (EFT) tokens for Rounds 1-3 will be distributed after all IEO sessions, running on different exchanges, have come to the end.

? LINK To Bitcointalk Bounty Thread


  • Telegram Campaign 5%
  • Twitter Campaign 10%
  • Youtube Campaign 10%
  • Facebook Campaign 5%
  • Blog Campaign 10%
  • Signature Campaign 25%
  • Translation Campaign 20%
  • LinkedIn Campaign 5%
  • Reddit Campaign 5%
  • Youtube Engagement Campaign 5%



  • Week 1 (Sep 23 – Sep 29)
  • Week 2 (Sep 30 – Oct 06)
  • Week 3 (Oct 07 – Oct 13)
  • Week 4 (Oct 14 – Oct 20)

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Bounty That’s Paying Ethereum (ETH)

Get Ethreum (ETH), USDC and TKP right now by selling EFT Round 3 bounty stakes, which you may earn later.

Update: The trading of EFT bounty stakes (Round 3) has been finished on January 04, 2020.

Everyone who holds EFT bounty stakes (Round 3) on his Tokpie account balance after JAN-04-2020 will receive EFT tokens at the end of 2020 due to the Conversion Rates stated below:

Here are the Round 3 EFT bounty stakes Conversion Rates:

  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Blog = 2058 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Facebook = 16 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R3_LinkedIn = 119 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Reddit = 746 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Signature = 5102 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Telegram = 191 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Translation = 29412 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Twitter = 125 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R3_YouTube = 3546 EFT
  • One EFT_CA_Stake_R3_YoutubeEngnt = 2778

Thanks to all participants of Easy Feedback Round 3 Bounty. You could get money (ETH, USDC, TKP) for the bounty stakes in three simple steps described below.

Deposit bounty stakes even before you have earned them.

Deposit any amount of Easy Feedback Round 3 Bounty stakes even if you have not earned them yet, as explained here.

Get money immediately by selling the deposited bounty stakes.

Sell the deposited bounty stakes for any price you want to get Ethereum (ETH), USDC and TKP as shown here. You may also buy EFT bounty stakes to get the EFT tokens after distribution.

Settle your obligation.

Settle your obligation at any time or soon after EFT tokens distribution as described here.


Q: Shall I pay for trading bounty stakes?
A: Yes, small trade fees and withdrawal commissions are applied.

Q: May I see some feedbacks for how it works?
A: Sure, Tokpie exchange provides its services since September 2018. Read all feedbacks in the ANN thread dedicated to the Bounty Stakes Trading 

Q: What is the Tokpie?
A: Tokpie is the first cryptocurrency exchange that provides a unique Bounty Stake Trading service to hunters, cryptocurrency traders & investors.

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Bounty Stakes Trading Collateral Rates

The collateral rates applied for Bounty Stakes Trading had been decreased!

To intensify bounty stakes trading 2.0, Tokpie has decreased collateral requirements. Now the following rates are applied:

StatusCollateral Rate

Collateral rate is applied when a hunter wants to deposit any amount of bounty stakes upfront (before he earned them).

For example, if a trial user (a hunter) wants to deposit 1 facebook stake that has a current best bid price equal to 50 TKP, then the required collateral will be 1 x 50 x 3 = 150 TKP.

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