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Weave Listed on Tokpie IEO:
Get Your 25% Bonus [ENDED]


Weave (WVR) IEO on Tokpie has successfully finished. WVR tokens will be available for withdrawals starting from August 1, 2019.

We are proud to announce the Weave token sale. It has just been started on the Tokpie IEO Launchpad, accepting USDC, ETH, and TKP. You will get up to 25% purchase bonus if you buy WVR on Tokpie before May 31.


Time: from May 20, 2019 23:59 UTC until May 31, 2019 23:59 UTC

Market Price Bonus IEO Status
WVR / USDC 0.08 20% ✅ completed
WVR / ETH 0.00039 20% ✅ completed
WVR / TKP 80 20% ✅ completed


Time: until May 20, 2019 23:58 UTC

Market Price Bonus IEO Status
WVR / USDC 0.075 25% ended
WVR / ETH 0.00037 25% ended
WVR / TKP 75 25% ended


Project name: Weave
Token symbol: WVR
Blockchain: Stellar
Weave (WVR) Total supply: 960,000,000 WVR
Circulation: 480,000,000 WVR
Total Tokens Allocated to Tokpie IEO: 1,800,000
WVR Public Token Sale Price (basic): 1 WVR = 0.1 USDT

WEAVE is uniquely and advantageously positioned as the only completely independent app store within the virtual and augmented reality ecosystem and community. We have long-standing relationships and a strong reputation with the users (mostly gamers) and developers of VR/AR apps as well as a growing number of VR/AR headset (HMD) manufacturers.

The purchase price is guaranteed against future market fluctuations prior to unlocking. The bonus will be paid immediately. Cancellation or modification of IEO tokens purchased charged with 5% penalty. The time of token distribution is arranged by the issuer (Weave). Tokpie does not provide any support related to IEO projects; Tokpie has the right of final interpretation.

Users from the following countries will not be able to participate in token sales on the IEO: Iran, North Korea, United States

Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously.

Weave website
Weave White Paper
Weave MVP
Weave Twitter
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Weave Medium
Weave Telegram

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