How to Sell PGPAY Bounty Stakes and Get ETH, USDC or TKP

Selling bounty stakes before distribution is now possible in few seconds.

Open order book

After bounty stakes depositing, open the following order books to sell the stakes for TKP.

– By clicking on the links above you can sell/buy at any price you want, check the market depth, view current bids, asks, last matched prices and price charts;
– You may sell and buy PGPAY bounty stakes only until PGPAY token distribution event that is planned on February 21, 2020;
– You can check all bounty stakes prices at any time without registration;
– The following trade fees are applied.

Get Ethereum (ETH) and USDC.

You can get ETH or USDC at any moment by selling (if want) TKP in the following order books:

Check aggregated TKP price here.

Congratulation! You have monetized your bounty work long before PGPAY tokens distribution. All that you will need to do is to settle your obligation on time.

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How To Deposit PGPAY Bounty Stakes

Get bounty stakes on your Tokpie account balance in three steps.

Open collateralization page

After signing up or logging Tokpie, Open Collateralize Asset page, and select bounty stake type that you want to deposit.

how to deposit pgpay bounty stakes
PGPAY bounty stakes depositing

The following PGPAY Bounty stakes are available for collateralization and depositing:

  • PGPAY_CA_Stake_Signature
  • PGPAY_CA_Stake_Facebook
  • PGPAY_CA_Stake_Twitter
  • PGPAY_CA_Stake_Medium
  • PGPAY_CA_Stake_Telegram

Enter how many bounty stakes you want to deposit.

You can deposit any quantity of bounty stakes starting from 0.01 stakes. It doesn’t matter whether you have earned bounty stakes or not! In the grey fields, you can see how much TKP tokens are required for collateral and how much TKP you have on your Tokpie account balance.
Important: if bounty fails Tokpie returns collateral to you!

Click on the [Collateralize & Deposit] button

Congratulations! You have just deposited PGPAY bounty stakes on your Tokpie account balance and can sell them at any price you want.

Also, learn how to get your collateral back.

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Get Money Immediately: Sell PGPAY Bounty Stakes for ETH, USDC, TKP Before Distribution

No need to wait for distribution, get paid for bounty work even before doing any tasks

Update: The trading of PGPAY bounty stakes has been finished on February 21, 2020, 23:59 UTC.

Everyone who holds PGPAY bounty stakes on his Tokpie account balance after Feb. 21, 2020, 23:59 UTC will receive PGPAY tokens until Feb. 23, 2020, 23:59 UTC in accordance with the Conversion Rates stated below:

  • 111.7 PGPAY per one PGPAY_CA_Stake_Signature
  • 2.8 PGPAY per one PGPAY_CA_Stake_Facebook
  • 5.0 PGPAY per one PGPAY_CA_Stake_Twitter
  • 12.0 PGPAY per one PGPAY_CA_Stake_Medium
  • 80.9 PGPAY per one PGPAY_CA_Stake_Telegram

It was a great option for all participants of PGPay Bounty to get ETH, USDC, and TKP long before token distribution by selling PGPAY bounty stakes on Tokpie exchange as explained below.

Deposit bounty stakes

You can deposit any amount of PGPAY Bounty stakes on your Tokpie account balance as explained here.

Sell bounty stakes

After stakes depositing, sell them for any price you want to get TKP, Ethereum (ETH), or USDC as shown here. You may also purchase PGPAY bounty stakes to get more PGPAY tokens after distribution.

Settle your obligation

Settle your obligation at any time or soon after PGPAY tokens distribution as described here.


Q: How bounty stakes trading works?
A: Read a bounty stakes trading description.

Q: Shall I pay for trading bounty stakes?
A: Yes, small trade fees and withdrawal commissions are applied.

Q: May I see some feedbacks for how it works?
A: Sure, Tokpie exchange provides its services since September 2018. Read all feedbacks in the ANN thread dedicated to the Bounty Stakes Trading 

Q: What is the Tokpie?
A: Tokpie is the first cryptocurrency exchange that provides a unique Bounty Stake Trading service to hunters, cryptocurrency traders & investors.

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PGPay IEO on Tokpie

30 PGRAY bonus!

Get Gold-Backed Tokens [completed]


PGPay (PGPAY) token sale has finished!
Token trading on Tokpie exchange will be announced on February 14, 2020.

Get 30 PGPAY tokens for free
PGPAY bonus

How to obtain 30 PGRAY for free? ?

To get 30 PGPAY for free you need to purchase at least 30 PGPAY tokens until January 31, 2020, 23:59 UTC. Moreover, a special bonus available for Tokpie users who are subscribed to the Light, Standard, Premium or Enterprise plan.

Subscription PlanBonus if buy 30 PGPAYBonus if don’t buy
Light+31.5 PGPAY+3.15 PGPAY
Standard+33 PGPAY+3.3 PGPAY
Premium+34.5 PGPAY+3.45 PGPAY
Enterprise+37.5 PGPAY+3.75 PGPAY


IEO starts on Dec 02, 2019, 11:00 UTC, ends Jan 31, 2020, 23:59 UTC


  • PGPAY/ETH: 0.003 ETH


Project name: PGPay (Puregold)
Token symbol: PGPAY 
Blockchain: Ethereum
Total supply: up to 50,000,000 PGPAY
PGPAY Token Sale Price (IEO): 0.45 USD
Total Tokens Allocated to Tokpie IEO: 3,000,000 PGPAY
Price in ICO: 0.94 USD

PGPay is going to provide a gold-backed token and payment gateway.
Having a 10-years experience in the gold business, the Puregold team will be using real gold for payment via its mobile app.


The purchase price is guaranteed against future market fluctuations prior to unlocking (February 14, 2020). The bonus is included in the IEO price. Cancellation or modification of IEO tokens purchased charged with a 5% penalty. Tokpie is going to list PGPAY in the ETH market on February 14, 2020. Team of Tokpie does not provide any support related to IEO projects; Tokpie has the right of final interpretation.


Users from the following countries will not be able to participate in token sales on the IEO: Iran, North Korea, United States


Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously.


All users participating in Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) on Tokpie have great options to get IEO tokens for FREE and get a refund for initially purchased IEO tokens. Know how it works.

For any questions, you can contact us at

Puregold (PGPay) Bounty

Join the PGPay bounty campaign to get PGPAY, Ethereum, USDC, or TKP.

Bitcointalk thread


? Master Spreadsheet

Signature spreadsheet
Facebook spreadsheet
Twitter spreadsheet
Blog sharing (instead of Medium) spreadsheet
Telegram spreadsheet


Bounty pool is 250,000 PGPAY tokens which represent 0.5% of the token total supply.


Bounty participants will be paid out with PGPAY tokens during Feb. 19-21, 2020. The erc20 wallet is needed to accept PGPAY tokens.


Every participant has a great possibility to get USDCETH, and TKP by selling (if wish) any amount of PGPAY bounty stakes even before earning them (before stakes appearing on the bounty spreadsheet).
?Use a step-by-step guide to sell PGPAY bounty stakes.


8 weeks
Start: December 01, 2019
End: January 25, 2020


KYC is not required for getting PGPAY, ETH, USDC or TKP rewards.


Signature (Bitcointalk, Bitcoingarden, Altcoinstalk)30%
Facebook 15%
Blog sharing (Instead of Medium)15%
Telegram channels and groups25%


Stay always in touch with Tokpie to Earn, Trade and Invest as never before.