How to claim a refund of IEO tokens purchase

To get back 95% of the money (ETH, USDC, TKP) paid for any altcoins listed on Tokpie IEO Launchpad do the following:

  1. Log in Tokpie
  2. Write “I claim a refund for the [symbol of a purchased token] in the amount of [the number of IEO tokens you want to return]” here and submit your request.

    Get money back for IEO tokens
    How to claim a refund for IEO tokens purchase
  3. After processing (24 hours), the refund will be deposited on your Tokpie account balance, less 5% from the initial purchase amount nominated in ETH, USDC or TKP.

IMPORTANT: you can claim a refund only before the end of the IEO. So, no nay claims will be accepted after a project IEO running on Tokpie Launchpad comes to the end.


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