Take Ethereum (ETH), USDC, and TKP in Advance for Bounty Work

Get paid for different crypto bounties immediately and upfront!

ethereum upfront

Stop waiting for bounty rewards for many months. Get the money upfront!

Thanks to the Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0 provided by Tokpie exchange, hunters can now take the money even before completing bounty tasks! Watch the video guide showing how to get ETH by selling bounty stakes.
Alternatively, click on the [Bounty Analyzer] button below to:

  • select the most profitable bounty campaigns to join and sell bounty stakes;
  • collateralize and deposit any amount of bounty stakes that you could earn in the future;
  • sell deposited bounty stakes to get TKP, ETH, and USDC;
  • settle deposited bounty stakes to unlock the collateral.

Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0 Description


  • Every hunter usually faces a long reward waiting time. It could take 7 months to get any money from a bounty campaign.
  • It’s impossible to get money for bounty stakes which are just the numbers in excel spreadsheets.
Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0: what problems it solves


  1. Tokpie exchange lists a project’s bounty stakes.
  2. Hunters get the ability to deposit any amoung of listed bounty stakes by providing TKP tokens collateral.
  3. Bounty participants get the ability to sell deposited bounty stakes to get TKP, Ethereum (ETH), and USDC.
  4. Hunters are able to get back the collateral at any time by returning the bounty stakes or providing bounty tokens after distribution.
Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0: how it works


  • Can get money (TKP, ETH, USDC) upfront
  • Can deposit and sell all bounty stakes
  • No risk. If bounty fails, collateral less TKP obtained from selling is provided back to a hunter
  • No need even to wait for stakes appear in a bounty spreadsheet
  • No need to wait 7 months or longer to be rewarded
Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0: advantages for all parties

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