How to Add Token to Coinpaprika: Ultimate Guide

Explore Coinpaprika’s standout features like TradingView charts, unique market insights, and its massive 1.1M+ audience. Plus, get a quick guide on listing your token. Dive in now to amplify your crypto journey!

New tokens often struggle to navigate the vast crypto landscape. Coinpaprika is a robust platform helping crypto projects gain visibility and engage broad audiences. This guide is crucial if you aim to expand your token’s reach. Gain insights and steps to list and succeed in the competitive market. Don’t wait. Add token to Coinpaprika for free. It’s the 3rd largest coin-aggregator after CMC and CG, attracting over a million monthly visitors.

What is Coinpaprika?

Coinpaprika provides a user-focused cryptocurrency platform with a comprehensive view of various coins. So, users gain insights into market dynamics and explore new projects quickly. Also, the platform shares key details such as technical aspects, historical prices, charts, and developer team information for each cryptocurrency. As a result, Coinpaprika stands out for its accurate and objective information, earning trust in the crypto community.

Important: The Coinpaprika’s rate of applications redusals is miserable compare to CMC’s and Coingecko’s rates. Simultaneously, Coinpaprika’s traffic is almost similar to CMC/CG. So, submiting a coin to Coinpaprika’s list of assets is a must-to-do for every blockchain project.


Listing a token on Coinpaprika can bring about multifaceted advantages. Coinpaprika offers an integrated TradingView charting platform, allowing users to engage in detailed technical analysis and leverage a range of charting options and indicators. In addition to this, the platform uniquely showcases market depth and consolidated order metrics, giving users an in-depth understanding of market quality. Furthermore, its impressive monthly traffic of over 1.1M visitors emphasizes its wide-reaching influence and trust in the cryptocurrency community.

Trading View price chart for a token

The most exciting tool inside Coinpaprika is a TradingView price chart. But what does that mean for your token? Any human can apply all of TradingView’s features to your cryptocurrency. So, let’s learn what these features are:

  • Enhanced Charting Capabilities: TradingView presents many chart options, such as candlesticks, Heikin Ashi, Renko, Kagi, and others, along with multiple time frames and aesthetic themes, facilitating a more straightforward analysis of price trends and pattern identification. The platform further supports comparing varied assets or time frames with its customizable multi-chart layouts.
  • Comprehensive Technical Indicators: With an impressive array of over 100 integrated technical indicators, including but not limited to Moving Averages (MA), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD), and Bollinger Bands, TradingView empowers traders to scrutinize market states and directional trends meticulously.
  • Extensive Drawing Instrumentality: The platform provides a broad set of drawing tools, enabling users to mark up their charts for in-depth technical analysis. This suite of tools encompasses trend lines, Fibonacci retracements, and support/resistance levels, among others.
  • Customizable Trading Alerts: Users can establish personalized alerts based on price thresholds, technical indicators, or distinct events, ensuring they remain abreast of pivotal market shifts. These notifications can be conveyed to mobile devices via visual popups, auditory signals, email alerts, email-to-SMS alerts, and PUSH notifications.
TradingView price chart for token
The coin gets a TradingView price chart for free.

Also, look at the example of a token’s TradingView price chart on Coinpaprika.

Market depth and Combined orders

Did you know that Coinpaprika is the only tracker that shows the deep quality of a market? So, a user can see the Market depth and Combined order metrics for a specific asset.

Depth of the market on Coinpaprika
Also, a coin gets detailed metrics about its liquidity. It includes Market Depth and Combined orders.

Therefore, after currency listing on Coinpaprika, go to the Exchanges/Market tab (example). Then, press the “By Liquidity” element as shown in the image above. As a result, a user sees a coin’s Market Depth. It provides information about the liquidity of markets and depth for a given currency pair. It’s a measure of open buy and sell orders within a 1% or 10% (default) span of the spot price.

Additionally, a user discovers a currency’s Combines Orders stats. This column combines the depth of market orders into one convenient metric with summed-up liquidity for a given market.

Traffic: over 1.1M

Another Coinpaprika’s competitive advantage is huge traffic. According to SimilarWeb, Coinpaprika’s coin-tracking website attracts over 1.1M monthly visitors (see the image below). Since its inception in April 2018, the platform has catered to over two million users, evidencing its widespread appeal. Coinpaprika’s emphasis on eliminating fake market data ensures users receive transparent and honest market information. This attracts diverse crypto enthusiasts, traders, and developers to the platform, assuring token creators of vast exposure. Furthermore, with a remarkable record of over 8,671 active coins, 41,096 markets, and collaboration with 311 active exchanges, Coinpaprika has established itself as a dominant figure in the crypto research arena. Consequently, adding a token to Coinpaprika guarantees it will be showcased to a large, engaged audience.

Coinpaprika's traffic
Coinpaprika’s monthly number of visitors.

How to List a Token?

To have your token listed on Coinpaprika, several steps must be followed.

  1. Firstly, ensure that your coin is tradable on at least one exchange that Coinpaprika supports. Check the list of eligible exchangers here. The great news is that the Tokpie exchange has already integrated with Coinpaprika (see an image below). Therefore, you can list a token on Tokpie to make it visible on Coinpaprika’s. Besides, listing on Tokpie will make your currency visible on all famous coin-trackers such as CMC, CG, etc. – find a full list.
  2. Then, ensure your asset adheres to the platform’s stringent quality checks. Coinpaprika assesses factors such as data transparency, community size, and developer activity before adding a cryptocurrency. If your token meets these criteria, you can submit a request for its addition for free.
Listing a token on Coinpaprika's supporting exchanges
To add cryptocurrency to Coinpaprika, you can list it on Tokpie exchange.

Filling out Coinpaprika’s form?

After ensuring that your cryptocurrency is tradable on a supported exchange, fill out our Coinpaprika’s form by performing the steps below:

Step 1

Start the Coinpaprika’s form, select “Add a new project” and press the “Proceed” button.

Go to the Coinpaprika's form
Choose ‘Add a new project’ option to list a token on Coinpaprika at first time.
  • Then select “Normal Track” and click on the “Proceed”.
select Normal Track for listing a coin on Coinpaprika
Pick up “Normal Track” if your want to add token to Coinpaprika at no cost.
  • As a result, you will see a full form. So, you can start filling it as the example below shows:
  • Enter a project’s official email address. We highly recommend you to use an official domain email.
  • Select “Add Cryptocurrency (coin or token).
  • Choose “Yes, it’s listed” if your token is already available for trading and has a volume on an exchange that Coinpaprika supports.
  • Then, enter your token name. For example, Bitcoin.
  • Also, enter your token symbol. For example, BTC.
  • After that, select “Token” if your currency is a token. Otherwise, choose “Coin”.
Coinpaprika's form filling.
Coinpaprika’s form 1.

Step 2

Scroll down the form and continue filling it.

  • Provide a website for token/coin. Use https: format.
  • Enter the date of the first transaction with your token in the field: “When it was started?”.
  • The next field: “Which exchanges have listed the coin or token? Please provide links to the markets. So, for instance, if your token symbol is WBTC, then enter the link to your market a format like this:
    (Tokpie WBTC-USDT):

    Important – if an exchange that listed your coin doesn’t provide a ticker of the asset in their public API endpoint, Coinpaprika can’t list it. Besides, there should be any volume (24H) at the market to map it properly.
  • Is it based on another public blockchain (Ethereum, NEO, Stellar, etc.), or is it a standalone blockchain? Select an appropriate blockchain in this question field. However, if you are trying to list BEP20 tokens running on BSC, then select “Other” and enter “BNB Smart Chain”.
  • What is the current development status? For the just-started crypto startup, select “Alpha version.”
Coinpaprika's form filling-2.
Coinpaprika’s form 2.

Step 3

Then, scroll down the form again and continue filling it.

  • What is the organization structure? You can reply like “Semi-centralized”.
  • Please provide an image of token/coin in size 200×200 px (*webp, *jpg, *png format). So, use this tool to upload your token’s logo and get a public link to it.
  • Do you have an announcement for token/coin? Please provide a link to it. Usually, a project passes the link to their Twitter post with the contract address.
  • Do you have a chat for the token/coin? Enter the link to your project’s Telegram group chat.
  • How would you describe it? Enter a description of your crypto startup containing 4-5 sentences.
  • Is it mineable? Answer: “No” if your smart contract doesn’t allow you to mint new coins that increase the total token supply.
  • Is it open-source? The standard answer is “No”.
Coinpaprika's form filling-3.
Coinpaprika’s form 3.

Step 4

After that, scroll down again and continue.

  • Does it have hardware wallet? Reply “no” if you’re listing an altcoin/token.
  • What is the GitHub link to your main repository? Add the link to the project’s account on Github if you have it.
  • What is the link to official twitter account? Enter the link to the project’s account on Twitter.
  • Another optional question. What is the official video? Add a link if you have it.
  • What is the official reddit? Add the link to the project’s group on Reddit (not to account) if you have it. So, your link should be like
  • What is consensus of coin? No need to reply to that question if you’re adding an altcoin/token (not a coin)
  • What is the algorithm (of the coin)? Again, you don’t have to reply to this question if you list a token.
  • Who is in the team, and what’s his/her function? Reply by using a format like this:
    – 1st Person: Name Surname (LinkedIn Profile URL) Developer
    – 2nd Person: Name Surname (LinkedIn Profile URL) Web designer
Coinpaprika's form filling-4.
Coinpaprika’s form-filling 4.

Step 5

Then, fill out the final fields and press the “submit” button.

  • “Please provide a link to a whitepaper of the token/coin”. So, enter https:// URL of your crypto project here.
  • Provide link/links to at least one block explorer (for coins), or provide link to your blockchain explorer (for tokens). For example, add a link to your token contract 0x… on BscScan (for BEP20 asset) or on Ethereum (for ERC20 asset).
  • Please provide circulating supply information. That is not a strict requirement, so you can skip this field.
  • Please provide a link that shows the total supply of coins in real-time. Also, no need to provide a link if you’re adding a token.
  • What is the max supply of the coin/token? Enter a numerical value without commas and dots.
  • Provide download link for the native wallet. There’s no need to insert anything here if you’re listing an altcoin.
  • Did the coin have a premine? Skip this field when listing a token/altcoin.
  • Then, click on the submit button.
Coinpaprika's form filling-5.
Coinpaprika’s form-filling 5.

How long does it take to add token to Coinpaprika?

Usually, adding a coin to Coinpaprika for free takes around 14-31 days. Although Coinpaprika doesn’t charge for this service, they offer a “Fast Track” feature. This feature prioritizes your request over others, ensuring quicker processing, although it still undergoes the same rigorous checks as regular requests. Once your submission is accepted, monitoring its status and proactively communicating with the Coinpaprika team for a seamless listing process is crucial. So, the standard waiting time for a free listing is up to 31 days. But if you want to add a coin within 48 hours under “Fast Track,” you must pay $1000 with crypto directly or via Coinbase.

priority listing on Coinpaprika
Two options: Fast or Normal listing time.

Adding additional market

Also, you should update your Coinpaprika’s page every time your token starts trading on a new exchange (or on a new pair). Therefore, Coinpaprika updates your token’s price, making it a weighted average among all exchanges where the asset is tradable. Also, it leads to a smoother price chart on TradingView for your currency. How to do that? Follow the following steps:

  1. Go to that page.
  2. Select “Modify your project” and press the “Proceed” button to update information about your asset quickly and easily.
  3. Then, enter an official project’s email address, select ‘Update cryptocurrency’, and find/select your token’s name in the list. Note that you can find/select your currency only if your coin has already received a page on Coinpaprika.
  4. Finally, write your request using an example template below and click ‘Proceed.’

Dear Coinpaprika team,
Kindly add a new market for my token: (Tokpie BAMBOO-USDT):
into this page:!exchanges.
Thanks in advance!

Update info about your asset.
Update info about a crypto-asset.
updating coin on Coinpaprika
Enter the email, select the category, and find the asset.
write down text of the request
Describe what you want to update.

Other Options to Boost a Currency

Besides merely listing your token on Coinpaprika, there are multiple strategies you can employ to enhance its visibility and appeal.

Add Coin to Other Crypto Aggregators

While Coinpaprika is a significant player in the crypto space, diversifying your token’s presence across various platforms is beneficial. Consider listing your asset on other crypto aggregators. Such platforms help broaden your token’s reach, attracting different demographics and reinforcing its legitimacy. Every aggregator comes with its unique user base, and tapping into multiple audiences ensures better market penetration.

Additional Guides to Improve a Coin

Beyond listing, there’s a slew of promotional channels at your disposal. Engage in community building on social platforms, host webinars or AMAs to address queries, and collaborate with influencers in the crypto space for shoutouts. Furthermore, consider leveraging Coinpaprika’s COINS platform, a holistic crypto app that offers services from storage to direct coin purchases. It’s a one-stop solution for crypto enthusiasts, and being active on it can significantly boost your token’s visibility.


In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, ensuring your token stands out is paramount. Coinpaprika offers a formidable platform for tokens to gain visibility and credibility. However, the journey doesn’t end with a mere listing. Engaging with the community, maintaining transparency, and continuously innovating are crucial elements in ensuring the long-term success of your token. With the right strategies and platforms like Coinpaprika, your altcoin can achieve remarkable milestones in the crypto ecosystem.

How to Add Token to Coinopy: Ultimate Guide

Explore Coinopy, a leading cryptocurrency data source. Follow this guide to seamlessly integrate your token into Coinopy at no cost.

Are you looking for a real-time cryptocurrency data provider offering more than price updates? Look no further than Coinopy. Established in 2017, Coinopy provides a wealth of insights into popular digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Beyond that, Coinopy offers robust analytics, genuine customer reviews, and a passionate team committed to creating an inclusive community of crypto enthusiasts. If you want to list your token with Coinopy, the process is refreshingly straightforward and can be completed within 30 minutes. And if you’re looking for additional ways to grow your cryptocurrency, there are plenty of cost-effective strategies to explore. So, continue reading this article to learn how to add token to Coinopy tracker.

Update: the Coinopy’s website stopped working.

What is Coinopy?

So, Coinopy was one of the top cryptocurrency data providers. It offers real-time insights into popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Coinopy goes beyond price updates to provide market share, revenue, and traffic analytics. Also, user reviews enrich the platform, and the team is diverse and passionate. Moreover, this aggregator’s team aims to create an inclusive community of crypto enthusiasts.

Real-Time Cryptocurrency Data Hub

Coinopy is a leading cryptocurrency data provider. Of course, it provides real-time insights into popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, the platform goes beyond price updates and offers analytics on market share, revenue, and traffic. Established in 2017, the team provides an unparalleled perspective into the ever-evolving crypto space. Its real-time data is suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced traders. Moreover, the tracker aims to equip people with a wealth of knowledge. In other words, users can apply strategic and well-informed decisions in the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency.

Beyond Price Tracking: Dive Deep with Coinopy’s Robust Analytics

Additionally, Coinopy is a cryptocurrency data provider offering more than price tracking. They provide detailed analytics on market share, revenue, and traffic metrics for many coins. This ensures that users gain a comprehensive understanding of the crypto ecosystem. Coinopy also offers transparency through customer reviews, which helps to enhance synergy within the trading community. Besides, their market intelligence is accurate, timely, and profound, making it valuable for rookies and seasoned traders.

Professionals Behind Coinopy’s Success

In addition, the Coinopy has a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who come from various backgrounds and bring different perspectives to the platform. Their insights make Coinopy a valuable data provider and a beacon of knowledge in the crypto world. Such a team believes in community and celebrates a passion for digital assets. So, anyone can join the ever-evolving crypto community and discover what drives Coinopy.

Advantages for my token

So, are you looking to boost your token’s performance? Consider listing on Coinopy. This platform simplifies the application process for crypto projects. How? Thanks to connecting to API, it draws metrics directly from CMC. So, it saves your time and effort. Plus, the tracker gives a deep history price chart (see an image below). So, it provides potential investors with valuable insight into your currency’s performance over the past four years. Check the live example. So, in a crypto industry where transparency and trust are essential, Coinopy is a valuable partner.

Four-years chart history
Example: A token gets 4-years price chart.


When considering Coinopy as a platform for showcasing your token, it’s essential to understand its web traffic metrics. Drawing in approximately 35,000 visitors monthly, as SimilarWeb indicates (image below), Coinopy has a steady inflow of crypto enthusiasts and traders.

Number of monthly visits.

Moreover, according to Ahrefs, Coinopy’s domain holds a respectable rating of 30.0. For those unfamiliar with Domain Rating (DR), it’s a metric developed by Ahrefs to quantify the strength of a website’s backlink profile. Rated on a scale from 0 to 100, a score of 30 indicates a reasonably strong online presence, making Coinopy a worthwhile platform for token visibility. In essence, integrating your token with Coinopy not only ensures it is presented to a substantial audience but also benefits from the platform’s robust online reputation.

Domain Ranking
Domain Ranking by Ahrefs.

How Can I List Token?

For those pondering over the listing process on Coinopy, it’s refreshingly straightforward. The journey can be distilled into two pivotal steps:

  1. Begin by listing your coin on an exchange recognized by CoinMarketCap—Tokpie exchange serves as an apt example. So, you can list asset on Tokpie fast. Furthermore, Coinopy supports Tokpie and tracks tokens, which are tradable there.
  2. Subsequently, ensure your token gains traction on CMC. If you’re uncertain about this, fret not, as guidance is available on achieving this feat.

Post the successful completion of these stages, your token will grace Coinopy’s asset list, typically within a short 30-minute window. Why is it so fast? It’s because the tracker retrieves trade stats of your coin from CMC. So, by bypassing the hassle of lengthy forms and prolonged wait times, Coinopy offers a hassle-free and expedient listing experience.

Additional ways to grow cryptocurrency

Elevating your cryptocurrency’s stature goes beyond just listing. To truly bolster its performance and ignite demand, consider tapping into the multitude of resources and strategies detailed below. Moreover, a significant chunk of these methodologies won’t dent your wallet, ensuring cost-effective growth. The opportunities are abundant, whether it’s leveraging alternative coin trackers like CMC and Coingecko or exploring an array of avenues to nurture your crypto asset organically. Dive into these resources, refine your strategy, and watch your cryptocurrency soar.

Alternative coin trackers

Beyond Coinopy, there are a plethora of other coin-tracking platforms that crypto startups should consider. Platforms like CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko stand out as paramount in the industry. These platforms provide extensive data and analytics on countless tokens; best of all, listing on them is absolutely free. Ensuring your cryptocurrency is listed on multiple trackers amplifies its visibility across different user bases, fostering greater interest and trust. To facilitate this, detailed guides for listing on these platforms have been provided below, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

Other options to boost crypto asset

The journey of enhancing your cryptocurrency’s appeal isn’t confined to just trackers. Numerous other strategies can be employed to nurture and grow your coin’s presence, many of which are available at zero cost. From engaging in community-building activities and forging meaningful partnerships to optimizing your token’s utility in real-world scenarios, there are myriad ways to fortify its market position. Explore the compilation of strategies below, each aimed at providing your cryptocurrency with the momentum it needs to thrive in the competitive crypto landscape.


Coinopy, with its robust analytics, comprehensive data, and dedicated team, offers an invaluable platform for tokens looking to enhance their visibility and credibility in the crypto world. By understanding its offerings, web traffic, and the seamless token listing process, crypto startups can leverage Coinopy to its fullest. Moreover, diversifying token presence across multiple trackers and employing various growth strategies can propel a cryptocurrency to new heights. In this ever-evolving crypto landscape, staying informed, proactive, and adaptable is the key to enduring success.

For any questions or cooperation, you can contact Tokpie at

P2B Exchange Collaborates with Tokpie: Get $5000 for Your Project

Exciting times ahead for crypto enthusiasts as P2B exchange partners with Tokpie! This collaboration not only opens new doors for your token but also brings a chance to grab a $5000 voucher. Curious about how to list your token on an exchange or want more insights about the P2B and Tokpie partnership? This article is your guide to all essential details and steps to claim your voucher. Hurry, as this time-bound offer won’t last forever!

Great news for your crypto project! In an exhilarating move, the P2B exchange has teamed up with Tokpie. So, new doors are open for your token. For those wondering how to “list token on exchange” or seeking insights about the P2B and Tokpie partnership, this article will guide you through the essential details. And, as a cherry on top, Tokpie is generously gifting vouchers worth from $3900 to $5000 to celebrate this collaboration. Let’s dive deeper.

20% OFF Voucher P2B
Get 20% OFF Voucher for listing on P2B.

P2B Exchange Partners with Tokpie

Taking the cryptocurrency trading world by storm, Tokpie has joined forces with P2B exchange. This partnership signifies a step forward for both platforms in enhancing their offerings and expanding their user base. But what’s even more enticing is the opportunity for users to grab a voucher worth a whopping $3900. This isn’t just a partnership; it’s an opportunity for the community to experience the best of both worlds.

What’s a P2B Exchange?

For those unfamiliar with P2B, this isn’t just any ordinary exchange. So, P2B stands tall among the top 20 exchanges per CoinMarketCap rankings: Besides its vast trading volume and diverse coin listings, what sets it apart is its prominent status as Europe’s number one crypto exchange. Regarding reliability, liquidity, and security, P2B is a name many traders trust.

TIP for fast listing on CoinMarketCap:
List token on exchange like P2B and Tokpie. As a result, token listing on CMC will be quick and easy.

How Can I Get a Voucher Code?

As part of the celebration, we made obtaining a voucher simple and accessible. To claim yours, head over to the P2B page: In the telegram ID field, input “@TokpieExchange” and hit Enter. The next step is just a click away – press the “Go to chat” button and write: “20% voucher”. But remember, good things don’t always last long. This offer is time-bound, so it’s imperative to act quickly and be among the lucky ones to avail of the $5000 benefit.

Tokpie is P2B's partner
Go to the P2B site to write down @TokpieExchange.
Get a gift for crypto startup
Go to the chat to get $3900.

Am I Eligible to Get a Voucher?

Before the excitement gets the best of you, it’s crucial to know if you’re eligible for the voucher. The eligibility is based on a couple of simple yet essential criteria. Firstly, your coin should not have made its debut on the P2B exchange yet. Secondly, you should be ready to list your coin on P2B for $15,000. If you meet these conditions, then the voucher is within your grasp. Moreover, you can use this voucher as a monetary benefit – to reduce the listing fee for 20%! Alternatively, you can use it for a free one-month Market-Making service on P2B that costs $3900. For any clarifications or queries, you can contact the helpful team via Telegram at @TokpieExchange.

Other Options to Boost a Token

Of course, you should list token on exchange to grow. But there are many additional ways. So, use the following guides to enhance your cryptocurrency’s visibility at no cost.

Add Token to BitDegree: Ultimate Guide

Discover how to successfully list your token on BitDegree. Our guide provides step-by-step instructions, boosting your token’s visibility and engagement within the crypto world. Enhance your token’s profile with BitDegree today!

Adding a token to BitDegree is a complex yet rewarding process. The first part of the process involves understanding the platform’s features and the role of crypto aggregators. This is followed by adhering to key considerations, such as increasing followers and trading volume. The step-by-step process includes meeting specific requirements, emailing the Bitdegree team with essential details, and regular monitoring. Dealing with hurdles can be tough. These hurdles can be keeping enough volume and liquidity or getting no answer from Bitdegree. But with steady efforts and good partnerships, these can be overcome.

Once listed, maximizing the impact through marketing strategies, performance monitoring, and community engagement ensures long-term success. This guide offers a comprehensive roadmap for adding your cryptocurrency to Bitdegree smoothly and successfully. It integrates all the essential elements, starting from the prerequisites. Additionally, it covers post-listing strategies to ensure long-term success. So, read this article to add token to Bitdegree easily and free of any charge. 

Understanding Bitdegree Coin-Tracker

Bitdegree is a pioneering educational platform in the crypto realm. It offers an innovative Coin-Tracker system. This system bridges the divide between learning and earning. It does this through tech-based courses like programming, AI, and blockchain. The platform rewards learners with Bitdegree tokens and employs a gamified learning experience to cater to all skill levels. Integrating education with token incentives enhances Bitdegree’s appeal, opening avenues for learners and token creators. Furthermore, it is a crucial platform for crypto startups, promoting and educating their tokens. The transparency and efficiency in managing these aspects underscore Bitdegree’s value in the crypto Community. Bitdegree has a large and varied user base. This includes many crypto fans and expert developers. That’s why Bitdegree is a great place to add your token, as it can be seen and possibly used by many people.

What is Bitdegree?

Bitdegree is a revolutionary educational platform in the crypto industry, offering an innovative Coin-Tracker system. More than just an academic service, Bitdegree aims to bridge the gap between learning and earning. Users who progress through various tech-based courses get rewards with Bitdegree tokens. This marriage of education and token incentives makes it an attractive proposition for anyone looking to Add Token to Bitdegree.

Key Features of Bitdegree

Bitdegree’s key features encompass a broad spectrum of user-focused services. Its tech-related courses range from beginner to expert levels in programming, AI, and blockchain technology. Moreover, the gamified learning environment provides an enjoyable learning experience, fostering continuous growth. Adding a Coin to Bitdegree makes it even more attractive. It helps both learners and those who create tokens. They all get benefits from using the platform.

Why It’s Crucial for Crypto Startups

Bitdegree’s system holds significant importance for crypto startups. Bitdegree allows companies to add their tokens. It is a place where businesses can show off their tokens. At the same time, they can teach potential users about them. The transparent and efficient way Bitdegree manages these processes is a testament to its value within the crypto Community. Additionally, a project’s currency gets a dedicated page on the Bitdegree (image below). Such a page shows the asset name, symbol, and pricing, including a price chart. Moreover, the “social signals” section displays the metrics of a project’s social accounts and web traffic.

Cryptocurrency's page on BitDegree
Example of a coin’s page on BitDegree.

Traffic: Bitdegree’s User Base

Bitdegree’s user base is a remarkable testament to its widespread appeal, boasting a monthly range of 550 to 650 thousand active users (image below). This extensive and diversified Community comprises individuals from various backgrounds. Such backgrounds include crypto enthusiasts, budding developers, and seasoned tech professionals. Therefore, a broad audience makes Bitdegree an exemplary platform for those looking to Add Token to Bitdegree. Why? Because it ensures maximum visibility and opens up opportunities for potential adoption.

Traffic of BitDegree
Number of visitors on BitDegree.

Furthermore, a report from Ahrefs enhances Bitdegree’s credibility by bestowing a good domain rating of 76 (image below). This rating shows how strong Bitdegree’s domain is. It’s compared with other websites in Ahrefs’s database. The rating also shows Bitdegree’s leading role in the industry. Additionally, data from Similarweb, indicating around 650K monthly visits to Bitdegree’s site, corroborates the substantial traffic. This consistent user engagement, coupled with the platform’s attractive features, underscores why Bitdegree is not just adequate but an ideal hub for crypto activities.

Power of BitDegree's domain
Ahrefs rank

Preparation Steps to Add Token to Bitdegree

To successfully Add Token to Bitdegree, meticulous preparation is paramount. The process starts with meeting certain rules and needs. These include having a professional website. The site should clearly explain what it does, its future plans, and its team. This helps to build trust. A domain-based email address is not an optional add-on but a vital mark of professionalism, assisting Bitdegree in corroborating your token’s legitimacy. Listing on authorized exchanges, such as Tokpie, is a non-negotiable facet, underlining Bitdegree’s assurance of the token’s validity and escalating its presence across notable platforms like CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.

Furthermore, you must select reasonably from available exchanges, double-checking that Bitdegree has initiated coin tracking for the chosen crypto exchange. Understanding timelines also plays a vital role. Bitdegree’s staff manually ensures that tokens are updated every 2-4 weeks, adding new ones in batches. Thus, from selecting an authorized exchange to comprehending the timelines, these preparation steps form the bedrock of a smooth process to Add Token to Bitdegree.

Compliance and Requirements

The process to Add Token to Bitdegree entails meeting specific compliance requirements and prerequisites:

  1. Your coin must belong to a working, professional website that articulates its utility, roadmap, and the team steering it. This professional presentation is instrumental in bolstering credibility.
  2. Maintaining a domain-based email address is more than a mere necessity; it symbolizes professionalism and aids Bitdegree in authenticating your token’s genuineness.
  3. Listing on Bitdegree’s authorized exchanges like Tokpie is paramount.

It ascertains Bitdegree of the token’s legitimacy and amplifies its visibility across significant platforms, such as CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. You need to choose from the approved exchanges or any available ones. But be careful with your choice. You need to check that Bitdegree has started tracking coins for the chosen exchange. For example, Tokpie’s authorized exchange demonstrates active coin tracking, while other exchanges might lack it, as indicated by remarks such as “…markets are not provided because of exchange inactivity.” Therefore, a scrupulous inspection of these factors is vital for seamless integration into Bitdegree’s ecosystem.

Working website

Your coin should have a working and professional website. This site should detail its use, plan, and the team behind it. This helps in establishing credibility when you Add Token to Bitdegree.

Domain-based email address

A domain-based email address is more than just a need. It’s a sign of being professional. So, it helps Bitdegree check if your token is genuine.

Listing on authorized exchanges

Listing on authorized exchanges is a crucial aspect of the Add Token to Bitdegree process and involves some necessary considerations. Having your coin listed on recognized exchanges like Tokpie assures Bitdegree of the token’s validity and reflects compliance with general industry standards. If you list a cryptocurrency on Tokpie, your altcoin gets noticed more. It reaches beyond Bitdegree’s aggregator. It also appears on popular platforms like CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, and more than 11 other trackers.

Enabled tracking of tokens
Example of a Crypto-exchange with working traction.

You may also choose to select an exchange from an available list, but it’s imperative to verify that Bitdegree has enabled coin tracking for the selected crypto exchange. There are two pictures that show some important details. The first picture (above) shows the authorized Tokpie exchange, which actively tracks coins. The second one (below) shows an exchange on Bitdegree’s list. However, this exchange does not have active crypto tracking. It has a note saying, “…markets are not provided because of exchange inactivity” in the “All Markets” tab. Thus, vigilance is vital, and you must thoroughly check for any inconsistencies or inactivity by navigating to the “All Markets” tab on a chosen exchange’s page, ensuring alignment with Bitdegree’s standards.

Blocked tracking of tokens
Example of a Crypto-exchange with disabled traction.

Understanding Timelines

Understanding timelines is crucial for planning. From initial application to final Listing, knowing each stage’s duration helps set realistic expectations. Bitdegree’s staff have a process they follow. They check to make sure all listed tokens are current. They do this task every 2 to 4 weeks. At that time, they add new coins in groups.

How to Add Your Token to Bitdegree

Adding your token to Bitdegree can occur automatically if it’s listed on a supported exchange like Tokpie. However, if your altcoin isn’t visible within 30 days of listing, a more detailed approach is needed. This process begins by meeting all prerequisites. This step ensures that the token aligns with Bitdegree’s standards. You need to send an email next. The email should contain specific information. This includes the project’s website URL, token address, and active market links. It should also include a unique description. So, send email to the tracker. Regular follow-ups and monitoring of the result via the tracker’s main page search bar are crucial.

Key considerations for a successful addition include building a supportive community and increasing the token’s trading volume. Challenges may arise, such as a lack of response from Bitdegree or difficulty maintaining suitable volume and liquidity. Persistent communication and strategic partnerships can facilitate overcoming these issues. Adding your token to Bitdegree involves many steps. These steps help to make sure your token gets listed successfully. They also support long-term growth and stability in the crypto world. This is done by working with the community and following the best methods.

Step-by-Step Process to Add Token to Bitdegree

Adding your coin to Bitdegree may happen automatically if it’s listed on a supported exchange like Tokpie. A more hands-on approach is necessary if your altcoin isn’t visible on Bitdegree within 30 days since the listing on an exchange. The process starts by ensuring that all prerequisites are met. Meeting these requirements confirms that the token aligns with Bitdegree’s standards. Once these are in place, you must compose an email to Bitdegree. After dispatching the email, monitoring the result is essential. It’s very important to keep checking on your token’s status. You can do this by regularly following up and answering questions quickly. You can also use the search bar on the main page of the tracker. If these steps are followed methodically, adding your currency to Bitdegree should be a straightforward and rewarding experience.

Meet requirements

The first thing to do is meet all the given requirements. This makes sure your token fits with Bitdegree’s rules. Meeting these standards is significant.

Write to Bitdegree’s team.

After satisfying the requirements, write an email letter to Such a letter should contain the following information:

  • Your project’s website URL.
  • Token address (i.e.,
  • The link(s) to active markets. For example,
  • Short and unique description of your cryptocurrency.

Monitor the result

It’s important to keep an eye on the results. You should also follow up often. Answering any questions quickly is key to a successful listing. So, you can watch by entering your token name into the search bar on the tracker’s main page.

Key Considerations and Best Practices

When strategizing to add a token to Bitdegree, it’s crucial to recognize some key considerations. Adhering to best practices can foster success. Focus on increasing followers on various social platforms is essential. Building a robust community around your token enhances public trust and adds credibility. Secondly, working on increasing the trading volume and establishing a solid market presence cannot be overlooked.

Active trading showcases your token’s vitality and signals its potential success, a core criterion when aiming to Add Token to Bitdegree. Together, these considerations form the foundation of a well-rounded approach. It’s not just about adding a token; it’s about creating a resonating presence in the market, engaging with the Community, and demonstrating the value and potential of your token. Follow these key points and best practices for success. This helps you add your token to Bitdegree. Doing so can lead to growth and lasting success in the crypto world.

Increase followers

Increasing followers on social platforms create a supportive community around your token. This can be pivotal when planning to Add Token to Bitdegree and other aggregators.

Increase volume

Active trading and a solid market presence signal potential success, which is vital when looking to Add Token to Bitdegree.

Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

There may be hurdles and challenges when adding a token to Bitdegree. But the process can be smooth with knowledge of how to navigate these challenges. One common issue is that Bitdegree doesn’t respond to your request. In this case, persistence is critical. Double-checking that all requirements have been met and following up diligently can facilitate better communication and response. Another potential challenge is maintaining suitable volume and liquidity, which is vital when adding Token to Bitdegree.

This may seem daunting, but it’s manageable. Strategic partnerships and engaging with the Community can boost both volume and liquidity. Utilizing market-making platforms like TokenListed solution offers an efficient way to handle this aspect. Together, these strategies can help overcome common challenges and move forward successfully. It’s about understanding the potential roadblocks, having a proactive plan, and utilizing available resources and strategies to ensure that your attempt to Add Token to Bitdegree is met with success and smooth integration within the platform.

Bitdegree doesn’t reply to my request.

Should Bitdegree fail to respond, persistence and ensuring that all requirements have been met can facilitate communication.

I cannot keep the suitable volume and liquidity.

Maintaining volume and liquidity may be challenging but can be overcome with strategic partnerships and community engagement. For example, you can use market-making platforms like TokenListed solution. 

Maximizing the Impact of Adding Token to Bitdegree

Once your token has been added to Bitdegree, careful strategies are needed to maximize its impact. Tapping into influencers, leveraging social media, and running targeted campaigns are all under promotion and marketing strategies. These efforts can significantly enhance your token’s visibility and adoption. Tailoring marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience will help turn interest into action.

Next, under monitoring performance on Bitdegree, it’s essential to keep an eye on how your token is performing. Regularly tracking trends and identifying areas that might require improvement will ensure that adding your token to Bitdegree remains profitable.

Lastly, engaging with the Community emphasizes the importance of fostering loyalty and trust within the Community. Regular interactions, transparent communication, and responsive feedback loops with the Community can create a thriving ecosystem around your token. These combined efforts serve as a comprehensive roadmap to fully capitalize on the benefits of adding your cryptocurrency to Bitdegree, ensuring successful integration and continued growth.

Promotion and Marketing Strategies

After successfully adding your token to Bitdegree, marketing strategies can be implemented to increase its visibility. Leveraging influencers, social media, and targeted campaigns can boost adoption.

Monitoring Performance on Bitdegree

Regular performance monitoring on Bitdegree helps identify trends and areas for improvement, ensuring that the decision to Add Token to Bitdegree pays off in the long run.

Engaging with the Community

Community engagement fosters loyalty and trust. Regular interactions and transparent communication are paramount to sustaining interest.


Bitdegree serves as an advantageous platform for crypto enthusiasts looking to list their tokens. Doing so requires a detailed understanding of the platform, its features, and meeting its prerequisites. The process involves initiating communication with Bitdegree’s team and monitoring the results meticulously. While hurdles may arise, including a lack of response or maintaining necessary volume and liquidity, they can be navigated through persistent follow-ups and strategic alliances.

Once the token is listed, the journey doesn’t end. It’s crucial to leverage promotion and marketing strategies, monitor the token’s performance on Bitdegree regularly, and foster an engaging community. This comprehensive guide provides a roadmap to navigate these steps successfully, underscoring the potential for sustainable growth and successful integration of your token into the Bitdegree platform. Essentially, the journey of adding a token to Bitdegree is not just about listing; it’s about creating and sustaining a valuable presence in the crypto ecosystem.

Free Strategies to Enhance Cryptocurrency Visibility

You can boost your cryptocurrency’s profile for free. First, add your currency to different aggregators. Next, list your coin on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap yourself. Update your token details on Etherscan and Bscscan. Boost liquidity and join voting contests. Use free tools and join platforms that improve visibility. Lastly, add user-friendly payment methods like Bank Cards and Apple Pay on your website. So, the following steps help your cryptocurrency succeed.

Trackers, explorers, and other platforms

  1. Grasp how crypto reshapes global trade.
  2. Also, learn about ChatGPT’s Crypto AI Boost.
  3. Register your token on Coinpaprika. 🌶️
  4. Enlist a coin on Coinranking.
  5. Also, list asset on Coindar Calendar.
  6. Include your cryptocurrency in the CoinLore aggregator.
  7. Also, take the initiative to list your coin on CoinGecko.🦎
  8. Use a proven method to get your coin listed quickly on CoinMarketCap.
  9. Refer to this tutorial to integrate your coin’s logo into MetaMask wallet for your users. 🦊
  10. Display the authenticated circulating supply and market cap of your coin on CoinMarketCap.
  11. In addition, revise your token’s details on both Etherscan and Bscscan.
  12. Incorporate your token into the TrustWallet.
  13. Enlist your asset on Coinbase at no extra charge.
  14. Register your token on Binance free of charge.
  15. Earn a free exchange listing by taking part in voting contests.
  16. Rent liquidity on Uniswap/PancakeSwap to get your token listed on CMC and Coingecko.
  17. Refer to the Comprehensive Guide for your coin’s prosperity.
  18. Also, use this tutorial to increase your token’s liquidity on DEX at no cost.
  19. Enlist your currency with TokenInsight.
  20. After that, include your coin in the Blockspot database.
  21. Get your token highlighted on the Coincost tracker.
  22. Increase your altcoin’s visibility on DigitalCoinPrice.
  23. Integrate your digital asset into Coindataflow.
  24. Showcase your cryptocurrency on CoinCheckup.
  25. Promote your token more on LiveCoinWatch.
  26. Incorporate your asset into CoinCodex.
  27. Additionally, get your asset acknowledged on top Coin-Voting platforms.
  28. Feature your asset’s logo in your users’ MyEtherWallet (MEW).
  29. Register your currency in the Trezor wallet.
  30. Update your token’s circulating supply details on CoinGecko.
  31. Speed up the process of updating your token’s information on Bscscan and Etherscan.
  32. Escalate token sales by enabling Bank Cards and Apple Pay on your website.

How to Add Token to Coindar: Tracker and Calendar

Get a comprehensive overview of Coindar, a digital platform for tracking cryptocurrency events and prices. So, learn how to add your token to Coindar’s application, update events, and leverage its features to boost your cryptocurrency’s visibility and awareness.

Cryptocurrency is a dynamic and evolving realm that demands precise navigation. For those seeking to delve deeper into this vibrant landscape, Coindar emerges as a comprehensive and innovative platform. It seamlessly integrates the role of a cryptocurrency tracker and Calendar, thereby serving as an essential guide for both budding and seasoned crypto enthusiasts. This platform keeps track of an array of events related to various digital coins and tokens, presenting nearly 800 upcoming events. These events could bring about considerable changes in cryptocurrency prices by inducing halvings, hard forks, or airdrops. Coindar, therefore, is not just an information provider but a tool for effective investment decision-making. Stop waiting. Add token to Coindar for free and unlock your currency to over 100K userbase monthly.

The platform’s usability extends beyond tracking and forecasting events. It offers cryptocurrency representatives a unique opportunity to manage their digital asset’s events, thereby boosting the visibility and awareness of their altcoins. Beyond event tracking, Calendar provides insightful price traction and other features, reinforcing its stand as a valuable asset in the cryptocurrency industry. With a robust user base and promising traffic, Coindar invites you to list your cryptocurrency on their platform. This article further delves into how to add token to Coindar and its associated requirements and how to publish events to its Calendar.

What’s the Coindar?

Coindar is an innovative, cost-free online platform designed to act as a comprehensive guide for crypto enthusiasts, helping them navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. This digital calendar tool focuses on tracking and forecasting various events related to digital coins and tokens, providing crucial information that can significantly impact investment decisions. The platform presents nearly 800 forthcoming events, some of which can drastically influence cryptocurrency prices by causing periods of halvings, hard forks, and airdrops. Coindar allows users to filter and sort these events according to date, period, or popularity or based on tags like announcements, updates, meetups, and brands. Users can also select events from reliable sources or those that Coindar considers essential.

Moreover, the platform allows users to search for events related to a specific cryptocurrency. Alongside event tracking, Coindar hosts a Forecasts page and a Coins page, offering real-time market cap data for hundreds of digital currencies. By providing such multifaceted services, Coindar is a valuable tool for anyone invested in the cryptocurrency industry.

Dedicated Calendar for cryptocurrency

As a representative of a cryptocurrency project, leveraging the capabilities of Coindar offers a distinct advantage in managing your digital asset’s events. This feature significantly augments your project’s visibility and enriches your altcoin awareness. Your coin’s profile can be substantially boosted by making the most of this calendar tool. As a result, this will allow it to stand out in the intensely crowded cryptocurrency market.

Add your crypto-event
Make your news & events visible to people through Calendar tools.

In addition to employing traditional marketing and communication platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram, a crypto startup now has access to an exciting, popular instrument in the form of Coindar. This platform expands your project’s outreach, connecting you directly with a dedicated audience of crypto enthusiasts who eagerly seek the latest developments in the cryptocurrency sphere.

We strongly recommend sharing each milestone, goal, and achievement your project attains with Coindar’s user base. This active engagement will keep your current followers informed and attract potential investors by highlighting your project’s progress and successes.

Furthermore, the process of sharing this information on Coindar is relatively straightforward. The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures that adding a new event to your coin is a hassle-free experience. This ease of use amplifies the practicality of Coindar as a tool for boosting your cryptocurrency’s profile.

So why wait? Discover today how to add a new event about your cryptocurrency on Coindar, free of charge, and take a definitive step in enhancing your project’s visibility in the crypto world.

Insightful Price Traction

Beyond its compelling calendar feature, Coindar demonstrates an expansive scope. Additionally, it offers valuable price data and charting capabilities for any cryptocurrency listed on its platform. This data presentation forms a comprehensive overview of a token’s performance. Furthermore, these insights are crucial for users when making investment decisions.

Moreover, Coindar sheds light on all exchanges where an altcoin is available for trade. This function enables users to identify platforms where they can buy or sell a particular crypto asset, ultimately expanding their trading opportunities. By highlighting this information, Coindar offers users an inclusive view of the altcoin’s trading landscape.

However, Coindar’s offerings are not confined to price fluctuations alone. The platform offers rich, descriptive content about each listed digital asset. Users can access information, including the asset’s website URL, related social media accounts, and other pertinent details. This enriched information empowers users better to understand the crypto asset’s underpinnings and organizational structure.

Therefore, Coindar rises above being merely an events-tracking platform. It exhibits the traits of an influential coins aggregator, resembling platforms like CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. This multifaceted approach solidifies Coindar’s position as a comprehensive tool in cryptocurrency, providing valuable, in-depth data for novice and experienced crypto investors. Combining event monitoring, price tracking, exchange listing, and detailed asset information makes Coindar an invaluable resource in the dynamic world of digital currencies.

Price tracking on Coindar's app
Example: a coin price tracking on Coindar’s application.

Other main features

  1. Comprehensive Event Tracking: It monitors cryptocurrency events, from blockchain enhancements to platform launches. This feature offers users invaluable insights into the ever-evolving crypto industry.
  2. Event Sorting and Filtering: It provides multiple filtering and sorting options. So, you can organize events based on date, time span, or popularity. Users can filter events based on various tags, including announcements, updates, meetups, and brands.
  3. Reliable Source Tagging: The platform allows users to choose events that originate from what it determines as reliable sources. It helps users to trust the authenticity of the event information.
  4. Event Personalization: It allows tracking events related to a user’s preferred cryptocurrency. Users can find all relevant upcoming events by simply typing a coin’s abbreviation into the search bar.
  5. Forecasting Tools: Apart from event tracking, application maintains a Forecasts page. This feature helps users anticipate potential market changes and make informed investment decisions.
  6. Market Cap Aggregator: It hosts a Coins page, which provides real-time market cap data for hundreds of digital currencies. This feature lets users stay updated on the latest trends in the cryptocurrency market.
  7. Popularity and Importance Tagging: Users can choose to display only the most popular events or those that app deems essential, helping them focus on potentially impactful events in the crypto industry.

Traffic: Attracting a Robust User Base

According to data from Similarweb, Coindar boasts a noteworthy monthly visitor count between 70,000 and 106,000. While this may not match the towering numbers of platforms like CoinMarketCap (CMC) or CoinGecko (CG), the figure undeniably reflects a substantial and growing audience base. These numbers reveal that Coindar, as a platform, successfully draws the attention of a significant portion of the cryptocurrency community each month.

Coindar's traffic
How many visitors on Coindar-org?

Another vital metric worth considering is the average visit duration, a measure of the platform’s ability to engage visitors. On Coindar, each user spends roughly one minute and eleven seconds on average per visit. This might seem brief in absolute terms, but it indicates that users find enough value in the platform to stay engaged, likely browsing events, examining coin data, or utilizing other features on the site.

In light of these statistics, listing your cryptocurrency on Coindar’s platform becomes an attractive proposition. After all, the platform allows you to present your currency in front of a solid and dedicated user base for free. By taking advantage of this offer, you can expand your digital asset’s visibility, contributing to greater awareness and potentially attracting more investors. Therefore, leveraging Coindar’s traffic could serve as a strategic move in elevating your cryptocurrency’s presence in the vibrant digital currency market.

How to add a token?

Before adding a token to Coindar, check its requirements. If you have met all requirements, send the following data to Coindar’s manager:

  1. Email Address registered on Coindar.
  2. Full name of the coin (for example, Ethereum).
  3. Token’s Symbol (for example, ETH).
  4. Links to exchanges where the currency is listed (for example,
  5. Logo in .png in 128×128, 64×64, 32×32 resolutions.

Important: you’ll need to connect your official project’s Twitter (or Facebook) account to your Coindar’s profile after registration.

connect to Twitter
Verification process.


Before adding a token to the Coindar, ensure that your coin satisfies the following requirements:

 1. A token must be available for trading on a crypto exchange supported by Coindar. For example, the Tokpie exchange is one of the supported and eligible exchanges. Thanks to the Tokpie, over +120 tokens have already appeared on Coindar. Look at the complete list of such altcoins. Therefore, list cryptocurrency on Tokpie first. If your coin is already available for trading on Tokpie, check the following requirements below.

2. A coin must have a daily trading volume of over $10,000. 

3. The coin’s representative needs to sign up for an account on Coindar. So, sign up by using an official domain email address.

4. If all the above conditions have been met, start the process of adding a token.

How to publish events in the Calendar?

To be able to add events about cryptocurrency on the Coindar’s Calendar, you must do the following:

 1. Sign up for Coindar

2. Add cryptocurrency to Coindar. Learn how to do it.

3. Open this page to fill out all fields and press “Add Event” button as shown below.

After that, Coindar’s team will review your event and publish it.

Adding event to Coindar's form
Event’s creation.

Alternative options to boost cryptocurrency at no cost

For any questions or cooperation, you can contact Tokpie at

How to Add Token to CoinLore

Make your coin visible to over 250K people. Get an ultimate guide on adding a token to the CoinLore tracker.

How can you boost the visibility of your token without spending a dime? Well, let us introduce you to CoinLore – another cryptocurrency aggregator. It attracts around 150,000 to 250,000 visitors each month. Moreover, CoinLore offers various tools for analyzing altcoins and has mobile versions available on AppStore and Google Play. So, keep reading to learn how to add token to CoinLore for free. As a result, you’ll ultimately enhance your cryptocurrency’s visibility.

What’s the CoinLore?

CoinLore is an independent cryptocurrency tracker that calculates coin prices by algorithm and other metrics. Such metrics include markets, volumes, historical prices, charts, coin market caps, blockchain info, API, widgets, and more. Also, the platform gathers information from different sources to cover all necessary data or events. 


Also, CoinLore is a reliable tool for investors who want to keep track of the latest cryptocurrency trends. It offers a comprehensive market overview, including real-time data and historical trends. Investors can view coin prices, market caps, and cryptocurrency trading volumes. They can also track the performance of specific coins and compare them with other currencies in the market. 

Unique Features

One of the unique features of CoinLore is that it provides blockchain information for each coin. This information is crucial for investors who want to know more. For example, how a particular currency operates and what makes it unique. With blockchain data on the platform, investors can make informed decisions about which coins to invest in and which to avoid. 


CoinLore also offers an API that allows developers to access real-time data about the cryptocurrency market. This API enables developers to create custom solutions to help investors make better investment decisions. Also, it provides widgets. So, you can embed such a widget on the website to display real-time cryptocurrency prices and other data. 

Overall, CoinLore is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date with the latest cryptocurrency trends. With its comprehensive data and user-friendly interface, CoinLore is an excellent choice for investors of all experience levels. So whether you are a seasoned cryptocurrency trader or a beginner, CoinLore has something to offer.


Due to the Similarweb, CoinLore had around 157K-247.1K monthly visitors in February-April 2023. Admittedly, that’s not as high as CoinMarketCap (CMC) or Coingecko (CG), but it’s still high enough. So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to list your currency on CoinLore for free?

Number of visitors on CoinLore
Coinlore’s traffic.

How to add a Token

To add a token to CoinLore, you must get your asset listed on CoinMarketCap. After that, your currency automatically appears on CoinLore’s list of coins within 24 hours. So, list your cryptocurrency on CMC to automatically appear on CoinLore’s aggregator. For example, you can list your cryptocurrency on the Tokpie exchange to add your token to CMC, CoinLore, and +10 other trackers without a hassle. Furthermore, CoinLore officially supports the Tokpie exchange.

Other ways to grow a coin for free

For any questions or cooperation, you can contact Tokpie at

How to List Token on CoinGecko: Ultimate Guide

Learn how to list your cryptocurrency on CoinGecko, one of the most popular web for tracking cryptocurrencies, capitalizations and rankings. This step-by-step guide covers everything from listing on exchanges to filling out the CG form, and includes tips for increasing exposure and ranking. Listing on CoinGecko can enhance visibility, perceived legitimacy, and trading volume for your startup.

CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency ranking and tracking website providing valuable information about cryptocurrencies. Getting your altcoin listed on CoinGecko is essential to establishing its legitimacy and visibility in the crypto industry. So, this article provides a step-by-step guide on how to list token on the CoinGecko. Also, you’ll learn about the advantages of CoinGecko listing, requirements to meet, and solutions to potential reasons for refusal. Following the steps outlined here will increase the chances of successfully listing your token on this major cryptocurrency data aggregator.

What’s the CoinGecko (CG)?

So, Coingecko is a popular cryptocurrency ranking and information website that tracks thousands of cryptocurrencies and provides essential data on each coin, such as market capitalization, volume, price, listings, team, and community. It aims to provide cryptocurrency users with a comprehensive overview of the crypto market. Many crypto enthusiasts and investors trust the site to research different coins and find new investment opportunities.


CoinGecko is undoubtedly a powerful coin-tracking platform: its daily traffic is second only to CoinMarketCap. For example, CG’s monthly visits were around 40M at the beginning of 2023, according to SimilarWeb (image below). Additional vital advantages of being listed on Coingecko include the following:

  • High visibility and exposure to crypto investors and the wider crypto community.
  • Credibility and legitimacy as Coingecko only lists established coins traded on reputable exchanges.
  • Ranking due to critical metrics, which can attract investors looking to invest in top-ranked coins.
  • Regular updates on crucial stats, news, and events to keep the community informed.
  • Easy to compare your currency with competitors using Coingecko’s comprehensive data and rankings.
Monthly visitors on CG
Coingecko’s monthly traffic, 2023.

Steps for adding a coin to Coingecko

The process of adding a coin to Coingecko includes four primary steps:

  1. You should list a token on at least one exchange.
  2. A blockchain startup’s representative should take the cake of the coin’s liquidity and trading volume.
  3. A token issuer shall create an account on
  4. You must fill out and submit the CG’s form correctly.

So, to succeed with listing your currency on Coingecko, use the detailed descriptions of all the steps below: 

Step 1. Get listed on Exchanges

First, you must list your altcoin on at least one exchange from the CG’s list of supported exchanges. However, having a coin available for trading on 2-3 decent exchanges is also a positive factor for Coingecko’s team. Why? Because during a review, the CG’s managers prioritize coins by the number of markets/exchanges. In the process of choosing an exchange, give preference to those exchanges that are supported by Coingecko and CMC simultaneously. For example, Tokpie cryptocurrency exchange supported by both trackers. So, you can always list your token on Tokpie by filling short form. As a result, your currency will appear on Coingecko, CMC and +10 other popular coin-trackers.

Step 2. Improve Trade Volume, Liquidity, Spread, and Market Depth

Trade volume, liquidity, spread, and market depth are other vital factors for pushing an asset to the Coingecko. For example, listing a coin on the most reputable exchange is useless if your market lacks BIDs, ASKs (liquidity), and trade vol. So, to pass verification smoothly, keep the following metrics for your coin’s market:

  • Trade Volume: $50,000 daily.
  • Spread – the difference between the highest BID and lowest ASK: should be below 1%.
  • Liquidity – the worth of BIDs and ASKs inside the 2% spread: should be $500-$1500 each.
  • Market depth – the number of BIDs and ASKs in your order book: should be at least 25 BIDs and 25 ASKs.

So, remember, Coingecko wants to list coins that attract traffic. It means that CG tries to list assets that are popular among traders. That’s why CG’s managers review trade volume, liquidity, spread, and market depth. Also, find more information about liquidity. Besides, some MM software solutions help to automate the process.

Step 3. Register on CG

The next step is registration. Sign up at the CG registration page using your official email address. It’s good to use your website domain email address. For example, instead of, use an official email address like info@yourwebsitedomain address.

register on CG
Create Coingecko’s account.

Step 4. Fill out and submit the form

Now, it’s time to carefully fill out Coingecko’s listing application form and submit it for review. The CG team will review the application manually and verify the coin details before approving the listing. So, do the following:

  • Log in to CG (after registration, as explained in step #3 above).
  • Open the request-dedicated page and press the “Token” tab.
  • Fill out the form with details on the altcoin, including the contract address, website, social media links, and all the information. If you need to learn how to fill in the form correctly, ask for professional help here:
  • After filling out the form, press the “Submit” button. 

Also, you can use CG’s instructions.

Click on the "Token" tab
Press the “Token” tab.
Fill in the form on CG
Coingecko’s request form.

Step 5. Make a public verification post

Once you’ve submitted your initial application, proceed to make a public announcement using an account associated with your project’s official website, such as a social media account. In this announcement, please mention your request ID number and the GeckoTerminal URL. As a result, the CG’s team will assess this post as part of the verification process, which adds legitimacy to your application and helps prevent the use of fraudulent contract addresses. Additionally, for further validation, you may include your Telegram @username. (For detailed guidance, refer to this article.)

For example, open the status page after submitting the CG’s form to copy your request number (screenshot below). Then publish a Tweet on your official Twitter account with the following text:

🚀 Just submitted my request to [Your Project Name] through CoinGecko!
🎫 Request ID: [Your Unique Request ID].
🔗 GeckoTerminal URL: [URL to Your Project on GeckoTerminal] (if applicable).

where can I get Coingecko ID
Coingecko’s ID request number.

How to check the status?

After the form’s submission, watch the status of your application at any time by doing the following:

How long does it take to get listed?

The listing process can take from a few days to a few weeks, depending on Coingecko’s workload and the quality/completeness of your application. Providing all necessary details and documentation upfront will speed up the review and approval process. Coingecko aims to review applications within 2 to 14 business days under normal circumstances.

Reasons for being Rejected and solutions

Some common reasons for Coingecko to refuse a coin listing application include lack of vol., liquidity, or community support. So, don’t be surprised to see a red “Rejected” remark on the status page in few days after the form’s submission. Read the following paragraphs with the explanations on overcoming different rejections from Coingecko. 

Send another listing request to Coingecko only after two weeks. Don’t send another request before the 2-week cooldown period. Otherwise, CG tags your application as spam. So, it will cause further delays to your listing request.

Project’s volume is too low

If you see the reason for rejection, like “Project’s volume is too low, ” increase trading vol. Do it by getting listed on more exchanges and enabling auto-trading software. Also, read again step #2 above. Besides, remember to re-submit the Coingecko’s form 14 days after getting a rejection.

bad vol and liquidity
Low volume and liquidity.

Project’s liquidity is too low

If you see the reason for rejection, like “Project’s liquidity is too low” then increase the size of your pool on DEX (for tokens traded only on PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and other DEXs). If your coin is tradable on CEX, increase the size of the BIDs and ASKs to $1500 (or higher) inside the 2% spread. Also, you can do it by hand or by activating market-making software. In addition, read again step #2 above. Besides, don’t forget that CG’s managers hate over-submissions. Therefore, after improving your token’s liquidity, re-submit the form only fourteen days after the last submission.

Unable to detect sufficient organic attention around the project

Sometimes, projects try to list coins on CoinGecko but have just 10-50 followers on their social accounts. That’s not enough. So, such a project gets a rejection: “Project has bad sentiment on their social media (Low social media engagement/ presence/ adoption/ audience growth rate.)” or “Unable to detect sufficient organic attention around the project.”
How to solve.
Build the community by increasing social media followers, engagement, and visibility. A robust and active community signals that a coin is established and reputable. Also, delete social channels with a miserable number of followers from the project’s website. However, a startup can have a lot of followers on social accounts but still get such a rejection. In that case, make an airdrop and let CG know about it next time (re-submit the form in 14 days).

rejections on Coingecko
Other reasons for rejection.

Not original project

Another common reason for rejections is that the “Project infringes another’s trademark or consists of inappropriate content”. That’s one of the most severe reasons for refusal.
How to solve.
Avoid any plagiarism on your website and white paper. Also, don’t imitate other reputable projects already on the market. In other words, build your own “original” blockchain project.

Project contains unverified/proxy contract

When a coin-tracker refuses to list a token due to “unverified/proxy contract” issues, it indicates concerns about the project’s smart contract security or transparency. Here’s a brief explanation:

  • Unverified Contract: The smart contract code hasn’t been verified on blockchain explorers like Etherscan, making it difficult to confirm its authenticity and security.
  • Proxy Contract: This serves as an intermediary in transactions, potentially complicating security assessments.

To resolve these issues, ensure your contract is verified and audited by reputable firms. Provide thorough project documentation and, if feasible, simplify or secure proxy contract implementations. Engage with coin-trackers to address their concerns and foster a strong community to support your project’s credibility.

CG rejects
Unverified or/and proxy contract.

I still can not get a verification

If you still can not get verification on Coingecko (after fixing all rejections and after several re-submissions), do the following:

  • Improve your website. Build a project’s web without using Wix, WordPress, and similar themes.
  • Decrease taxation to around 3-5% if your token has enormous taxes. 
  • Re-create a token and try to submit a form again. 
  • Use a turn-key outsource solution.

How to add additional market

Listing an asset on Coingecko is not the “end of the game.” Sooner or later, your coin will start trading on new exchanges, or a new pair will appear. So, follow the steps below to add additional exchange(s) or market(s):

Add new market to Coingecko
Adding additional markets.
  • Then, select “New Listings on Exchange/New Market Addition”.
Update token with new markets
Choose the right section.
  • After that, fill in just several fields in the form, as shown in the images below. Remember to enter the correct public link to your new market(s). If you don’t know that link, ask the exchange manager who sold you the listing.
  • Press the Submit button.
  • Now, wait for 24-72 hours. If you do everything correctly, your new marker will appear on your coin’s Coingecko page.
fill our the form for update
Fill in the form correctly.
Submitting the form for update
Submit your request.

It is important to note that you must keep your coin’s price the same on all your markets/exchanges. Otherwise, Coingecko will reject your application.

Update Circulating Supply: Market Cap and Rank

After two or three different exchanges appear on your coin coingecko’s page (example in the image below), you could update a Circulation Supply. As a result, your asset will get a dynamic Market Cap and Ranking on CG. So, use an ultimate guide on how to enable Circulation Supply on Coingecko.

many markets
An example of the token’s Markets section is on Coingecko’s page.

Additional options to grow a coin

For any questions or cooperation, you can contact Tokpie at or

How to List Token on CoinMarketCap: Fast CMC Listing

Learn how to list your cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap, the most popular website for tracking cryptocurrency market capitalization and rankings. This step-by-step guide covers everything from listing on exchanges to filling out the CMC request form, and includes tips for increasing exposure and ranking. Listing on CMC can increase visibility, perceived legitimacy, and trading volume for your project.

Are you looking to list cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap (CMC), the most popular website tracking cryptocurrency market capitalization and rankings? Listing on CMC can increase visibility and perceived legitimacy for your project, drive trading volume and make price discovery easier for investors. This article provides a step-by-step guide for adding Token to CMC, including the qualifications and steps necessary for a successful listing. From listing on exchanges, maintaining adequate liquidity and trading volume, filling out the CMC request form, and checking your status, we cover everything you need to know to list token on CoinMarketCap. We also provide tips for adding additional markets to your coin’s page on CMC to increase your project’s exposure and ranking further.

Whether you’re a new project just starting or an established cryptocurrency looking to expand your reach, this guide will help you navigate listing on CoinMarketCap.

What’s the CoinMarketCap (CMC)?

CoinMarketCap (CMC) is the most popular website that provides cryptocurrency market capitalization rankings, charts, and more. It tracks the top cryptocurrencies by market cap and volume across all major crypto exchanges. CMC is the go-to tool for crypto investors to track the value of digital assets in the rapidly changing cryptocurrency market.


CoinMarketCap has the highest daily traffic among all other aggregators in the cryptocurrency industry. Its monthly visits are three times higher than traffic on CoinGecko – the second-largest aggregator. For example, CMC’s traffic was around 100M at the beginning of 2023, according to SimilarWeb (image below). Additional vital advantages of having an asset visible on CoinMarketCap include:

  • High visibility and legitimacy: Having a token’ page on a reputable platform like CMC gives a cryptocurrency more exposure and perceived legitimacy in the eyes of investors.
  • Higher trading volume: CMC is a popular site for crypto investors to research new projects. CMC’s listing can drive more interest and trading volume for a cryptocurrency.
  • Easier price discovery: CMC aggregates price data from multiple exchanges to determine a cryptocurrency’s market cap and price. So, make it easy for investors to see a crypto asset’s overall value and pricing.
Huge traffic of CMC. Listing token on CoinMarketCap.
The number of monthly visitors on CMC.

Steps for adding a token to CMC

The process of adding a token to CoinMarketCap includes three key steps:

  1. List your cryptocurrency on Exchanges. You must list your altcoin on at least one cryptocurrency exchange (better on two), reporting trading data and volume via API. CMC aggregates data from hundreds of crypto exchanges — see an example of such an exchange.
  2. Keep good liquidity and volume. The Token should have significant trading volume and liquidity across the exchanges where it’s tradable. As a rough rule of thumb, a minimum of USD 50,000 in daily trading volume is a must.
  3. Fill in and submit the request form. The token team must submit an application on the CMC website with information like the token name, symbol, official website URL, total supply, and blockchain platform. CMC reviews applications and may request additional details or clarifications.

So, to list token on CoinMarketCap, use the detailed explanation of all steps below. 

Step 1. List coin on an exchange

First, you must list your altcoin on at least one exchange. Important to know that CMC must support this exchange. So, find the list of such exchanges. For example, you can list your Token on the Tokpie exchange (supported by CMC) to get your Token listed on CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, and +10 other coin trackers. Important to note that having an asset tradable on 2-3 different exchanges increases the chances for fast CMC’s listing. It’s because CMC’s managers prefer to add currencies that bring considerable traffic.

List token on CMC with Tokpie exchange
Add token to CMC with Tokpie exchange.

Step 2. Take care of Volume and Liquidity

Also, wisely manage your coin’s trade volume and liquidity. Although a minimal daily vol should be around $50k/daily, we recommend having 100k-200k vol./daily during at least 5-10 consecutive days. So, the cumulative volume reaches $1M. As a result, it helps to speed up the listing process. 

Also, remember about liquidity. Liquidity consists of three factors in centralized exchanges (CEX):

  • Spread: keep it below 0.5%.
  • Size of the BIDs/ASKs: keep a minimum of $1500 worth of BIDs (orders to buy) and min $1500 worth of ASKs (orders to sell) inside the 0.5% spread.
  • Market depth: Ensure your Market (order book) contains 25 different BIDs and 25 different ASKS. 

For decentralized exchanges (DEX) like PancakeSwap or Uniswap, ensure your Token’s pool has liquidity equal to $400K-500K.

Step 3. Fill in and submit the request form

The final step to list token on CoinMarketCap is completing and submitting CoinMarketCap’s request form. Note that CMC’s managers review your form manually and verify all data before proceeding with the listing. Therefore, do the following correctly:

  • Open CoinMarketCap request form:
  • Select “1 – [New Listing] Add cryptoasset]” 
  • Enter your official project’s email. 
  • In the “Subject Field (Please adhere to the format)” write your info in that format: [Token Name] – [Token Symbol] – [Add cryptoasset]. 
  • Fill in all the rest fields and click the “Submit” button. If you lack experience or time for the proper form’s filling, contact the professional team: at
Filling out the form to list token on CoinMarketCap
Fill in the CMC’s Request Form.

After the request submission, you will get an auto-reply letter from CMC with the ticket number. Also, a CMC’s manager can contact you to get some clarifications (if any). Otherwise, you will find your currency listed here if everything is ok.

How to check the status?

To check the status of your listing request quickly, do the following:

  • Open the list of currencies.
  • Then, enter the contract address of your altcoin into the search bar, as shown below.
Go to the CMC's list of coins.
Go to the list of Cryptocurrencies.
Search by token's address
Write in token’s address into the search field.

How fast can a Token be listed?

The listing process on CMC usually takes 2 to 14 days (if you completed all steps correctly). The main factors that determine the timeline are:

  • How quickly the token team provides a complete and accurate application. Only full and clear information leads to success.
  • The current number of applications. CMC aims to review applications within 30 days, but this can extend to 2 months or more if there is a large backlog. So, when the overall crypto Market is hot, be ready for the long waiting. 
  • The complexity of the application. The process will take longer if CMC has follow-up questions or requires significant clarification.
  • Priority level. CMC aims to list tokens neutrally but may expedite the review process for some coins at their discretion.

Reasons for rejection and how to solve

Some common reasons why CMC may refuse to list a cryptocurrency include the following:

  • Lack of trading volume or liquidity. To be listed, a token must have at least $50,000 in daily trading volume across exchanges. How to solve: contact an exchange manager where your asset is listed or use specialized software.
  • Insufficient information. CMC will only accept the listing request if a token team provides complete and accurate information in their application. How to solve: hire a professional to fill out the CMC form – contact
  • Scam or fraudulent Token. CMC does not list cryptocurrencies determined to be scams, frauds, or lacking in legitimacy. How to solve: re-create a token or use an outsource solution.
  • Duplicate or confusing ticker symbol. CMC avoids listing tokens that have the same or a confusingly similar ticker symbol as another cryptocurrency. How to solve: reissue a coin with another token’s name and token’s symbol.
  • Non-standard Token. CMC primarily lists cryptocurrencies tradable on exchanges as distinct assets. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other token types are less likely to be listed. How to solve: re-launch your currency on the most popular chains like BSC or Ethereum.

Get a guaranteed listing on CMC

Is it possible to get a guaranteed token listing on CMC (CoinMarketCap)? The answer is YES. How? Simply write an email to Include the following information into your message:

  • Token Contract Address
  • Project’s website URL

How to add additional Market

Having a currency listed on CMC is good. But sooner or later, you list a token on the new exchange. So, you must add this new Market to your coin’s page on CoinMarketCap. Besides, it’ll increase your CMC’s ranking. Moreover, it will speed up the circulation supply updating because of the requirement to have a minimum of three exchanges.

 So, to add a new Market, do the following:

  1. Ensure the Market (you’re adding) has good liquidity and daily volume.
  2. Go to the CMC form:
  3. Select “3 – [Existing Cryptoasset & Exchange] Add market/pair]”. 
Fill out request for adding new pairs.
Add new markets/pairs to your coin’s page on CMC.

 Then, fill out the rest fields as shown in the example below:

  • Enter your official Email address: (like
  • In the Subject field, enter [Token name] – [Token Symbol] – [Add Market] (example: [BambooDeFi] – [BAMBOO] – [Add Market]).
  • Check the boxes: Methodology Review, Support Terms, and Accuracy Declaration.
  • Select “Spot” in the Market type field.
  • Check the box “USD$1000 Volume (24-hr).”
  • Scroll down the form and enter the URL link to your Token’s CMC page (like that in the “Project(s)’ CMC URL(s)” field.
  • Then, enter “Direct Link to Market(s)/Pair(s).” Contact the exchange’s manager if you don’t know the direct link to your Market. Examples of the direct links to pairs: 
  • After that, log in to your project’s official Twitter account and make a Proof tweet (post) with the text like that: (EXAMPLE: Great news! Four BAMBOO markets (on Tokpie) are coming to our @Coinmarketcap page). Copy a link to your post and paste it into the “Proof/Supporting evidence/documents” field (example:
  • Finally, press the “Submit” button.
Submission of request for new pair on CoinMarketCap
Submit a request for adding new market(s) to CoinMarketCap.

Great job. Now, wait for 2-24 hours. To check the result, refresh your coin’s page on CoinMarketCap.

Enable Circulation Supply, Market Cap and Ranking

The next big step for your cryptocurrency is enabling Circulation Supply and Market Cap on CMC. So, first, list token on CoinMarketCap. Then, ensure that your cryptocurrency’s market cap and circulation supply are up to date on CMC by following our guide on updating circulation supply and market cap on CMC.

Bottom line

In conclusion, listing cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap can benefit your crypto startup, including increased visibility, trading volume, and perceived legitimacy. However, it requires careful planning and execution to list token on CoinMarketCap. Ensuring your currency is tradable on CMC’s supported exchanges with adequate liquidity, and trading volume is essential. Additionally, submitting a complete and accurate application to CoinMarketCap is crucial for a successful listing. Once listed, it is vital to maintain adequate liquidity and trading volume to retain your listing on CMC. Adding additional markets to your coin’s page on CMC can further increase exposure and ranking.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, being listed on CoinMarketCap can be a valuable tool for attracting investors and growing your blockchain project. Following the steps outlined in this guide and staying up to date on the latest developments in the industry can increase your chances of a successful listing and drive long-term success for your project.

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Add token to CoinLore.

Discover the ultimate guide to getting your token listed on CoinGecko. 🦎

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Additional ways to grow a cryptocurrency

Here are some additional options for promoting your cryptocurrency:

Explore how digital currencies change economies.

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Winning a Free Exchange Listing: Participate in our Token Listing Fundraising to win a free exchange listing.

Listing on CMC and Coingecko with Liquidity Rent: Get your cryptocurrency listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko with our Liquidity Rent service.

Using our Ultimate Guide to Make Top Coins: Learn how to make your cryptocurrency a top coin with our Ultimate Guide.

Increasing Liquidity on DEX for Free: Increase your Token’s liquidity on DEX for free by following our guide on growing token liquidity on Pancakeswap and Uniswap.

Including an Asset’s Logo in MyEtherWallet (MEW): Make your Token stand out in MyEtherWallet (MEW) by following our guide on how to add a token to MEW permanent default token list.

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Enabling Bank Cards and Apple Pay on Your Website: Increase the ease of purchasing your cryptocurrency by allowing bank cards and Apple Pay on your website with our guide on selling more tokens by adding bank cards and Apple Pay.

For any questions or cooperation, you can contact Tokpie at

Add Token to Trust Wallet

Get a step-by-step guide to add a token to the TrustWallet.

It’s hard to overestimate the positive impact of mobile wallets on cryptocurrency adoption. One of the most famous mob crypto wallets is the “Trust Wallet.” Adding a token to the Trust Wallet unlocks a +25M audience for your crypto project. Also, having a coin logo on the app increases your asset’s reliability and attractiveness. So, find below an ultimate guide on how to add a token to the TrustWallet.

Besides, don’t forget to add the coin’s logo to the Metamask wallet.

What’s Trust Wallet?

The Trust Wallet is one of the most popular decentralized wallets like Metamask. It allows users to purchase, store, and collect crypto and NFTs. Also, users can exchange and earn cryptocurrencies inside the app. Its core advantage is to give users complete control of their assets. So, no centralized authority can hold any user funds because everything is on the blockchain. 


Getting a token logo visible on Trust Wallet gives your crypto project many advantages. The main ones are:

  • Getting access to the +25 million people who are using Trust_Wallet.
  • Decreasing the risk of fake coins that try to copy your altcoin.
  • Growth of reliability and trust.
  • Making an asset more attractive for buyers and holders who use Trust Wallet’s tools.


Before applying, ensure that your coin satisfies Trust Wallet’s requirements.

  • First, your token must have 10,000 holders and 15,000 transactions. IMPORTANT: TrustWallet excludes airdrop tokens. So, for example, your application will fail if you have 9000 holding wallets with one coin on each.
  • Second, a startup must have a website with a white paper, a clear roadmap, and tokenomics. 
  • Besides, you must have a working telegram group and at least two social accounts (FB, Twitter, Reddit, etc.) without fake followers and bots.
  • Ensure all texts, images, and logos on your website are original. Don’t copy content from other websites. 
  • A token should have price traction on CoinMarketCap or Coingecko
  • In addition, it’s better to prepare a full token audit provided by a reputable entity.

However, the team has a right to reject your application for any reason. Developers will not list fraudulent and low-value projects.

Prepare information

Also, prepare specific information about your coin before the application’s submission. Find below an example of data set for filling a Github request to list an asset on Trust Wallet:

  • Token Name: Galactic Quadrant
  • Type: BEP20
  • Token Symbol: GQ
  • Decimals: 18
  • Description: Galactic Quadrant (GQ) is a utility token for the Outer Ring videogame that allows in-game and off-game purchases.
  • Website:
  • Explorer:
  • The id/contract/address of the token, same as the subfolder name: 0xF700D4c708C2be1463E355F337603183D20E0808.
  • Links: all social accounts ULRs and coin-trackers links (CMC and CG).
  • Tags: you will see all available titles in step #4 below.
  • Contract Address: 0xf700d4c708c2be1463e355F337603183D20e0808.
  • Checksum address (for ERC20 and BEP20 tokens): 0xF700D4c708C2be1463E355F337603183D20E0808.
    To get a checksum address, use a free tool.
  • Logo: A token logo must be transparent and have a size of 256×256 pixels in png format. Also, name a logo file as logo.png.

Processing fee

In addition, you must prepare a non-refundable processing fee. For example, in step #5, the TrustWallet will ask you to pay 700 TWT (BEP2) or 5 BNB. The maintainer (from TrustWallet’s team) will tell you the payment address and memo inside the Github thread. Example


Currently, you can add altcoins to TrustWallet that runs on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), Ethereum (ERC20), Binance (BEP2), and Tron (TRC10, TRC20).


Follow the steps below to add a token to the Trust Wallet.

Step 1. Sign in GitHub

Register or log in to GitHub. Then open the assets page

Step 2. Create a fork

Click on the Fork button as on the screenshot below.

GitHub: Fork
Make a Fork on GitHub.

Then, press the “Create fork” button. 

Fork TrustWallet
Create a fork.

Step 3. Open the desktop app

Go to that page, log in through your GitHub account and click on the “Add Token.”

Pull Request creation
Fast way to make a Pull Request.

Step 4. Fill the form

Enter all info about your token into the form. Then, click on the “Create Pull Request” button.

Quick way to make pull request
Fill the form to make a Pull Request.

After that, copy a link to the pull request and open it. For example,

Get a link to PR
Copy the link to the Pull Request.

Step 5. Payment and discussion 

On the next screen, you will see the conversation thread and instructions for payment.  So, pay it as instructed and wait for a reply from a maintainer in the GitHub thread. Also, this example of real pull request might be helpful for you.

Get address and memo for the fee payment.
Copy address and memo for the fee payment.

Also, note that the best way to complete a payment is to convert BUSD (BEP20) to the 720 TWT (BEP2) on the Binance and withdraw TWT (BEP2) to the maintainer’s address with a required memo. After the payment, the TrustWallet’s bot automatically catches and processes it. So, you’ll see “payment made” (notification example) in the PR almost immediately.

pay TWT BEP2 to TrustWallet
Paying TWT (BEP2) to Trust Wallet.

Step 6. Merge

After the payment, a maintainer evaluates your asset and (if everything ok) merges it. As a result, a token logo becomes visible in Trust Wallet. 

"Merged" means success.
If everything is ok, the pull request is merged.

Check the results

Apart from searching inside the wallet app on your smartphone, you can check your token in the browser and click Search in the upper menu. Then, enter the token’s contract address (or symbol) and press the “Search” button.

Find your coin on the TrustWallet.
Find the asset on the TrustWallet.

Waiting time

Usually, the app caches logos for 14 – 48 hours after a successful merge. But, if you want to see changes immediately, use a new installation.

Other ways to improve altcoin

How to List Token on Coinbase for Free

Increase your crypto startup recognition. Make it visible to +40M people. Learn how to add token to Coinbase at no cost. No need to fill in complicated forms.

Thanks to the previous article, you have learned how to add altcoin to Binance for free. Today, get an ultimate guide on how to list a token on Coinbase at no cost. So, read a few paragraphs below if you wish to boost your crypto startup awareness without paying a penny. Moreover, you don’t have to fill out any forms for that. Let’s rock.

What’s Coinbase?

Coinbase is the second most extensive cryptocurrency exchange after Binance. Brian Armstrong founded it with just a $150k investment in 2012. And in 10 years, Coinbase’s market capitalization rose to $85B due to May 2022. So, now, the exchange’s purpose is to create an open financial system for the world. Also, the team aims to help people convert digital currency into and out of their local money. Another exciting fact is that Brian wants to make a one-stop platform for merchants with a simple interface and powerful tools.


Although the number of Coinbase’s visitors is twice as low as Binance‘s, it’s still huge. For example, Coinbase’s traffic was around 39.1 million visits in August 2022. Just image that all these humans could add your cryptocussency to their watchlists in few clicks.

Coinbase's traffic
Number of Coinbase’s users.


Coinbase has a powerful engine that allows anyone to explore the crypto economy. This tool lets users filter +10,000 coins (including your altcoin) by trade volume and price change (gainers and losers). Moreover, users can define the period: as 1 hour, day, week, month, and year. Another advantage includes comparing your token with other currencies with a similar market cap. Look at the example of such a comparison.

Explore coins on Coinbase
Coinbase’s Cryptocurrency Explorer.
Currency comparing
Compare your currency with other coins by market cap,

TIP: After appearing on the Coinbase, make announcements on all your channels to increase demand on your token. Check out the example of such post.

How to add my coin?

Adding a token to Coinbase’s Explorer is automatic. It means you don’t have to fill in complicated forms. All you need to do is to verify your asset on the CoinMarketCap tracker. The easiest way to get a guaranteed listing on CMC is to list coins on the Tokpie exchange. Do it now by filling out a short “Apply to List” form. After that, Coinbase starts showing the coin by retrieving data from CMC’s API. Moreover, the higher your currency’s rank on CMC, the higher its position on Coinbase’s list of assets. 

TOKPIE (TKP) on Coinbase
TOKPIE (TKP) on Coinbase’s list of assets.

Additional ways to boost a coin for free