Get Fast Update on BscScan and Etherscan

Learn how to speed up a token updating on explorers: BscScan or Etherscan.

Meet the great news! If your altcoin is running on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) or Ethereum (ERC20), you can make it updated within 24h on BscScan or Etherscan. How? It’s elementary. Thanks to the “Priority Support” function, immediate updating is now possible. So, don’t wait. Quickly update the BEP20 token on BscScan. In the case of the ERC-20 asset, make a fast update on Etherscan in the same way. Follow the three simple steps that we describe below. As a result, your coin’s page on an explorer gets a logo, social profile, and more.

Step 1. Submit token information. 

Get an ultimate guide on submitting token information requests on leading explorers. Save a ticket number. You’ll need it in step #2.

Step 2. Fill out a contact form. 

Then, fill out a form with the request’s information. Use this form if you have a BEP20 altcoin that runs on BSC. But if you have an ERC20 altcoin that runs on the Ethereum chain, use this one.

Moreover, both explorers have identical and straightforward forms. Check it out in the image below.

Enter the following information into the form:

  • Your name
  • Official email of your project. Enter the same email that you used for submitting the initial request in Step #1.
  • Token’s contract address (0x…)
  • Ticket number. It comes to your email inbox after the initial request submission.
  • Additional info. Write something like that: “Hello, please speed up my coin’s page updating with the logo and social profile.”
  • Finally, pass the captcha and press the “Send Message” button.
Priority token update on Bscscan
Priority Support on BscScan/Etherscan

Note that Fast Update on Etherscan goes through the same process.

Step 3. Wait for Priory Support 

After the contact form’s submission, wait for an email letter from a Priority Support team. Such a letter will come from the official or address. In that way, an explorer’s manager will instruct you about the next steps. 

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Token Price and Market Cap on BscScan or Etherscan

Learn how to add the dynamic coin price, fully diluted market cap, Logo, reputation, and a blue checkmark for your cryptocurrency on the BscScan or Etherscan. Make your BEP20 / ERC20 coin grate at no cost.

We believe that a token design is essential. Investors choose something because they think they’re getting something of perfect quality at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, many crypto projects create and offer the same coins at first glance. But, if your cryptocurrency design and branding are superior, buyers trust you more. That’s especially important when an investor checks a coin on the BscScan and Etherscan. So, today, you’ll learn how to Update Token on BSCscan and Etherscan (BEP20 and ERC20). Thanks to the BscScan’s and Etherscan’s tools, your currency will become much more attractive for potential buyers and holders for free.

Also, get other helpful guides to grow your Token’s awareness at no charge. For example, attract potential buyers by pushing the currency to the Metamask, TrustWalletMEWTrezor, and Ledger wallets for free. Also, make your altcoin visible on CMC, CoincodexLiveCoinWatchCoinCheckupCoindataflowDigitalCoinPriceCoincost, Blockspot, CoinLore, TokenInsight, Coindar, BitDegree, Coinranking, Coinranking, and Coinpaprika trackers, as well as on Binance and Coinbase. In addition, push the asset to the best token-voting sites. Furthermore, improve the coin’s cap and rank by updating the circulation supply on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap. Besides, integrate Bank Cards and Apple Pay with your project’s web. Finally, get an ultimate guide on how to make a successful token and learn how to grow a coin’s liquidity on DEX at no cost.

What’s the BSCscan?

The BscScan is a blockchain explorer where people can watch all movements of BSC (BEP20) tokens. Also, Explorer provides powerful tools and analytics for Binance Smart Chain. But, most important, it’s a source of information where investors keep an eye on your cryptocurrency if you issue the altcoin on BSC.

What’s the Etherscan?

The Etherscan is the most popular Explorer for Ethereum-based altcoins. It has the same interface and features as BscScan has because the same team owns both coin-explorers. As a result, the process of Etherscan’s updating for your ERC20 token page is identical to BscScan’s updating that we described below. However, one hidden solution will help you turn on Dynamic Price and Fully Diluted Market Cap traction for your ERC-20 coin.

How to update Token info?

Token info is a pack of icons and data that BscScan’s visitors see when they open your coin’s page like that. Such info includes a token’s Logo, Social Profile badges, Price, Total Delluted Market Cap, Reputation icon, and Blue Checkmark. Just compare two coins: one with complete token information and another that doesn’t have any info (look at the two images below). So, what currency looks more attractive to potential buyers? Right. The first asset has all token’s information, so it attracts more buyers. Let’s do the same for your startup’s BEP-20 (or ERC-20) currency. Read below how to do it step-by-step:

Note that you can do the same for your ERC20 cryptocurrency on Etherscan: the process is identical for both explorers. 

Everything updated on explorer
Full pack of updates on Explorer.
Nothing updated on explorer
No any updates on Explorer.

Basic update

The Basic update on BscScan is the first thing you must do after creating a token. Also, you need to have a working project’s website, email address (better to have the same email domain as your project’s web), and at least one social account. So, to make such an initial update do the following: 

  1. Go to your token’s page:[token contract address]
  2. Click on the three dots in Profile Summary and Press on Update Token Info (image below)
  3. Then fill out and submit a simple form there. As a result, the explorer will start showing a token’s logo and social profile.
Basic update of token profile on explorer
Submit a request on BscScan or Etherscan.

Important to know that you can skip the Basic update and proceed with the Advanced one if your cryptocurrency has already appeared on Coingecko or Coinmarketcap.

Advanced update

The advanced update allows you to add a token Price and Fully Diluted Market Cap data. Moreover, these data will work dynamically by reflecting your token’s trades on DEX and CEX automatically and forever. As a result, all token-holders will start watching your token’s balances on their wallets in USD equivalent (picture below). Important to note that your coin must get verification (get a working page with active price) from Coingecko or CoinMarketCap coin-trackers. Then, you can request an advanced update on BscScan (or Etherscan). The good news is that you can list your token on Tokpie to appear on CMC, Coingecko and +11 other trackers. So, complete the steps below to archive superiority over competitors.  

  1. Make sure your coin has an active page on Coingecko (or CMC).
  2. Go to your token’s page:[token contract address]
  3. Click on the three dots in Profile Summary and Press on Update Token Info (as in the image above)
  4. Then fill out the form, entering a link to your coin’s page on Coingecko (or CMC).
US dollar equivalent for your coin
Get US dollar equivalent for your coin on all holders’ wallets.

Additional update

The Additional update allows you to get a better Reputation (Neutral and Ok) icon and Blue Checkmark on the cryptocurrency’s page on BscScan (or Etherscan). To obtain this kind of final improvement, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your token’s page:[token contract address]
  2. Click on the three dots in Profile Summary and Press on Update Token Info.
  3. Then fill and submit the form, thereby selecting “Existing token Info Update” and entering what and why you want to change in the “Comment/Message” field (as shown below).
submit additional information on explorer
Ask explorer to make additional upgrade.

Special request: Etherscan

An alternative way to obtain price and market cap tracking for your altcoin page on Etherscan is to write a special request. Note that this option will work if you have already updated the logo and social profile section on your Etherscan page. If so, write a letter to the explorer-like shown in the picture below. Don’t forget to use the official email address you previously used to contact Etherscan’s team. Also, enter your token’s name, contract address link, and link to your Coingecko page.

hidden solution to update coin-explorer
Send a special request to Etherscan.

Dynamic Price

Dynamic price tracking on Explorers
Coin Price traction on explorers.

The dynamic price of your cryptocurrency on BscScan or Etherscan is a core metric. Why? Because an explorer uses it to calculate the coin’s Fully Diluted Market Cap. The formula is simple: price x total token supply. Follow this guide to get dynamic price traction on your BscScan’s or Etherscan’s page. 

Fully Diluted Market Cap

Market Cap tracking on Explorers
Coin Total Market Cap traction on explorers.

Another crucial metric of any coin is a Fully Diluted Market Cap. We believe that this is the only parameter that allows investors to compare cryptocurrencies. Due to the formula price multiplied by the total token supply, the BscScan or Etherscan shows the total market cap for your cryptocurrency in real-time. How? It constantly takes an aggregated token’s price from Coingecko or CMC. Also, it takes a total token supply from the coin’s smart contract. Therefore, when a price grows, the Fully Diluted Market Cap rises. To get the dynamic Fully Diluted Market Cap traction on your altcoin BscScan’s page, complete an Advanced update for free.

Cryptocurrency Logo

Assure to get token logo on BScscan
Cryptocurrency Logo on the explorer.

Another important thing for the coin’s brand awareness is its Logo. It must be the same on your crypto project’s website, Bscscan / Etherscan, and coin-trackers. So, prepare a transparent background logotype for your currency with 200 x 200 pixels dimensions and PNG format. Then, make an elemental improvement on the coin-explorer as soon as possible.

Social Profile Badges

Social profile on BSCscan and Etherscan
Social profile icons on BscScan and Etherscan.

Not a big secret that the cryptocurrency market is full of scammers who can easily create social accounts imitating any crypto startup’s asset. Therefore, your coin page on BSCscan or Etherscan must have proper links to your project’s social accounts. These can be the links on your startup’s Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and a valid email address. Then, an explorer marks all of them by related budges and puts them into the Social Profile section (image above). So, complete the initial update for your currency to have that section done.

Reputation icon

Improve reputation on BscScan
Improve coin’s reputation on explorers.

All altcoins get an “unknown” reputation icon on Bscscan’s or Etherscan’s pages. However, two more upgrades are possible: “Neutral” and “Ok.” To get a “Neutral” reputation, a startup’s team members must have a good LinkedIn profile associated with the project. Also, a coin page must have a logo and price on an explorer. Crypto projects must also have clear goals and a working product to get an “Ok” reputation. Hence, if you think that meets the above requirements, try to update the reputation status.

Blue Check Mark

Get a blue CheckMark on BscScan
Reach the Blue CheckMark on explorer.

The Blue Checkmark on a token’s Bscscan or Etherscan page means that the associated crypto project has a substantial public interest. So, don’t even try to obtain it within the first 2-3 months after commencing the startup. First, a coin needs to gain many on-chain transactions, many holders, and references on media. Also, a working product or prototype (MVP) must be. Then, when you feel it’s ready, ask an explorer for the Blue Check Mark. As a result, people could easily find the right cryptocurrency on Explorer and avoid fake coins.

Speed up the update on Explorers

At the end of 2022, explorers added an option called: “Priority Support”. So now, any token’s issue can speed up the token’s updating on BscScan and Etherscan. Get more details on how to do that.

Bottom line

Summarizing all the above, every crypto project’s owner must take care about updating his coin’s page on BscScan (for BEP20) or Etherscan (for ERC20 coins). The cryptocurrency looks weird and doesn’t inspire anyone to purchase it without such an update. So, start with basic improvements on Explorer. Then, pass Coingecko (or CMC) to be eligible for getting Dynamic Price and Fully Diluted Market Cap. Finally, grow the number of holders and social channels activity to obtain a blue checkmark and improve your reputation on your currency BscScan’s or Etherscan’s page. 

Additional ways to improve crypto asset

TKP Got Etherscan Blue Checkmark

Know why the Blue Checkmark on Etherscan is helpful for TKP token holders.

Today, TOKPIE (TKP) token has received the Blue Checkmark on Etherscan!
The Etherscan Blue Checkmark is displayed on:

  • The Profile Summary tag on the TOKPIE (TKP) Token Info page
  • Search results (most right)
Blue Checkmark on Etherscan
TKP token with Blue Checkmark award on Etherscan

What does the Blue Checkmark mean?

The Blue Checkmark on Etherscan indicates that the TKP is a token of public interest, reputable and unique. Only the Etherscan team can identify a public interest at its own discretion and reward a token with such Blue Checkmark.

Why is the Blue Checkmark helpful?

Having the Blue Checkmark is helpful for TKP token holders and Tokpie exchange users because of:

  • Ease of finding.
    There are many tokens with the same symbol, which you may see during a token search on Etherscan. It makes difficult for users to identify which is the actual token contract address. So, the blue checkmark indicates the ‘true’ TOKPIE (TKP) token contract address and maximize visibility during a token search by displaying it on top of other tokens.
  • Trust and reputation.
    The Blue Checkmark is like an award from Etherscan. It lets people know that the TKP token is unique, reliable, has real public interest and complete verified information.

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