How to Add Token to Coindataflow: Ultimate Guide

Get CEX and DEX markets in the all-in-one tracker, including your token’s small pairs on Uniswap and PancakeSwap. No need to pay for that. Send an email to get listed and enjoy the free promotion.

As you undoubtedly know, cultivating demand for your tokens it’s still a day-by-day process. Apart from developing the core project’s product, you have to promote your cryptocurrency. Do it everywhere, every day, preferably in the most cost-efficient way. Today, you’ll know how to add your token to Coindataflow coin-tracking portal for free. Also, you’ll know how Coindataflow’s list of markets outperforms CMC and CoinGecko in some way. So, let’s rock your startup’s altcoin! 

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What’s the Coindataflow?

The Coindataflow is a coin-tracking portal that aggregates all possible metrics in a straightforward interface and graphs. Its team aims to provide users with valuable instruments to help them understand the blockchain world. Even though this tracker started working in January 2020, its traffic stats are good. Besides, after successfully adding a token to Coindataflow, you can use a logo or icon on your crypto startup’s website (the image below shows different options). 

icons and logos of coindataflow
Coindataflow’s icons and logos for your web.

Unique Feature

You will be surprised to know that CMC and CoinGecko don’t show each pool (pair) that your token has on PancakeSwap and Uniswap DEXs. Fortunately, the Coindataflow tracker does it. For example, if you have many small pools (pairs) with your token, Coindataflow shows them all. The leading trackers, in contrast, show only the three biggest pools for a single crypto-asset. Also, note that decentralized trackers like Poocoin and Dextools reflect a coin’s price from only Pancake Swap and Uniswap markets because they cannot retrieve data from centralized exchanges. But, the Coindataflow shows all types of your coin-markets: CEX and DEX. For instance, we have never seen the complete list of markets for our token on any tracker before. Look at the image below. Apart from such an ultimate list of pairs, the portal displays the price chart and all other essential things about your cryptocurrency. 

Token's market pairs on coindataflow
Token’s pairs on Coindataflow: show even miserable markets.


Coindataflow’s traffic is growing by 20-50% every month. So, it hits 2M visitors in November 2021 and continues growing. Check the screenshot from SimilarWeb. 

Coindataflow's traffic due to SimilarWeb.
Coindataflow’s stats due to SimilarWeb.

Besides, the Alexa Traffic rank is strong enough.

Coindataflow's traffic due to Alexa.
Coindataflow’s traffic rank due to Alexa.

How to add the token to Coindataflow?

Follow the two steps below to add the token to Coindataflow easily. Due to the developers’ reply, Coindataflow’s team review each coin before adding it to the portal. So, you need to send them an email (use this template) to initiate such reviewing. But, before sending an email, make sure that your cryptocurrency is tradable on any of these exchanges.

1. Check cryptocurrency exchanges

Check that your currency has a trading volume on any crypto exchanging platform from this list. If it’s not, then list token on Tokpie exchange. Having an asset tradable on Tokpie unlocks not only the Coindataflow portal but also many other cryptocurrency-trackers for you: Coingecko, CMC, Coinpaprika, Coincodex, Nomics, Livecoinwatch, CoinCheckup, etc.

Important: your coin’s trading volume must be above $20,000/daily to satisfy Coindataflow’s requirements.

2. Send an email

Using your project’s official email address, send a letter to Coindataflow’s inbox: Find a detailed template for such a message below.

[YourTokenName] – Add Token Request

Body text:
Hello team, kindly add our token to the Coindataflow.
Please find the details below:
Token name: [Your Token Name]
Token’s symbol: [Your Token Symbol]
Token’s contract address: [link to your token’s address]
Project’s website URL: [link to your web]
Name(s) of Exchanges where a token listed: [exchnages’ names and link(s) to your market(s)]
Link to WP: [link to your whitepaper]
Brief description: [explain your project in 50-150 words]

submit token to Coindataflow
Send the request to Coindataflow’s team.

How fast will the coin get listed on Coindataflow?

Give tracker managers some time to work out your request. Usually, it takes three days to get listed on Coindataflow. Note that the team has the power to deny your application because of poor startup quality or provisioning of incorrect data. 

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How to Add Token to CoinCheckup: Ultimate Guide

Make your coin visible on the new fast-growing tracking recourse. It’s free of charge and super easy to do.

It’s always a pleasure to find additional valuable tools for crypto startups. Today, we’ll teach you how to add a token to the CoinCheckup coin-tracker. Also, you’ll learn about helpful features that the tracker can apply to your currency. Shortly, it puts an altcoin to the related catalog’s section and enables fundamental analysis. Continue reading this guide to get more details. 

Moreover, enhance the progress of your crypto project at no cost by using many other guides:

What’s the Coincheckup?

The CoinCheckup is a coin-tracking website with fresh and helpful features. One of such innovations includes sorting crypto assets by different categories. Another valuable tool is fundamental analysis. An interesting fact is that the Nexibeo team of investors has founded this tracker. Initially, they were performing the coins’ research process in an excel spreadsheet. But fortunately, these guys decided to automate and improve their investing approach with the help of Coincheckup’s application.

Unique Features

The first Coincheckup feature that we found compelling is a classification of all coins. So, you can sort altcoins due to types such as DeFi coins, StableCoins, Exchange tokens, Privacy coins, POW, POS, Tokenized Stocks, NFT, Meme, Gaming, and Yield Farming. Also, visitors can filter by the network, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Tron.

Another unordinary feature is fundamental investigation. It allows potential investors to see many vital characteristics for each listed asset:

  • Team strength that includes public profiles, achievements, leadership, and diversification.
  • Product strength that includes but is not limited to activities on GitHub for the open-source startups. 
  • The power of the asset consists of the type of blockchain and the utility of the coin.
  • The strength of the business contains web traffic and company incorporation.
  • Size of the community behind. 
  • Activity on different social media channels.


Although Coincheckup’s traffic is lower than Livecoinwatch’s number of visitors by approximately eight times, it’s still substantial (612K per month).

coincheckup's visitors
Number of visitors due to SimilarWeb.

Moreover, the Alexa Rank of Coincheckup is good (23,000), with 258 crypto-related websites referring to it. 

coincheckup alexa rank
CoinCheckup’s Alexa Rank.

How to add a token to Coincheckup? 

The most astonishing news is that you can add the token to Coincheckup by being listed on CoinCodex. Yes, these two companies collaborate, so you don’t need to do anything if your coin is already on Coincodex. However, if Coincodex doesn’t support your project yet, follow the two steps below. 

Check exchanges

Ensure that your altcoin is available for trading and has trade volume on any exchange from this list. If it’s not, then list token on Tokpie exchange. Besides, having an asset tradable on Tokpie unlocks many other coin-trackers for you: Coingecko, CMC, Coinpaprika, Coincodex, Nomics, Livecoinwatch, etc.  

Submit the form

After assuring that your cryptocurrency is trading on any exchange from the list, fill in Coincodex’s or Coincheckup’s form (much easier).

Fill the form
Token’s submission form on CoinCheckup.

What’s the waiting time to get the token listed on Coincheckup?

Of course, any crypto project wants to appear on coin trackers immediately. However, it’s impossible. The dark side of crypto market growth is the staff overloading of tracking websites. So, after the form’s filling, be ready to wait for 2-14 days until getting the token’s page on the Coincheckup website. 

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How to Add Token to Livecoinwatch Coin Tracker

Complete a new achievement of success for your crypto asset at no cost and quickly. Get step-by-step instructions for adding a token to the Livecoinwatch cryptocurrency tracker.

If you’re regularly asking yourself, “How can I improve my token for free?” or “How can I grow my crypto business today?” then this is the article for you. Today, you’ll learn about the Livecoinwatch’s advantages and how it helps to grow your token awareness for free. Also, you’ll get insights on how to add the token to Livecoinwatch at no cost. Spoiler: adding a coin to Livecoinwatch’s list of crypto assets is very fast and straightforward. 

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What’s the Livecoinwatch?

The Livecoinwatch is a coin tracker that shows live coin prices, charts, and crypto market capitalizations for over 10703 cryptocurrencies tradable on 338 exchanges (including Tokpie exchange). Moreover, it has valuable features and good Traffic, as explained below. 


Also, the tracker’s API can output over eight years of price history, while other leading trackers show only two years of history for ordinary altcoins. Also, users can sort crypto-assets by Trending Coins, Newest Cryptocurrencies, and Biggest Winners/Losers.


Besides, the tracker has substantial Traffic due to Alexa. So, it has over 5.5M visitors per month, and that number is growing due to the similar web (image below). Although it has 5-times lower Traffic than Coingecko has, having a token on Livecoinwatch makes sense because it’s easy to appear there. 

Livecoinwatch's traffic stats
Traffic stats of Livecoinwatch tracker.


A token Rank on Livecoinwatch depends on the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency. The system calculates it by multiplying the volume-weighted average price by its circulating supply. Important to note that a crypto-asset must be tradable on two exchanges and have three markets to get the rank.

How to add a token to Livecoinwatch?

Listing a token on Livecoinwatch takes a few minutes. But before filling the form, check in the searching bar: it might be your coin is already there. If it’s not, then follow the steps stated below:

1. Check exchanges.

Make sure that your token is available for trading and has trade volume on any of these exchanges. If your coin is not yet tradable, then list it on Tokpie exchange easily. Moreover, listing on Tokpie unlocks many other trackers for your project’s cryptocurrency: Coingecko, CMC, Coinpaprika, Coincodex, Nomics, etc.  

2. Open the request form

Scroll down to the footer here and click on the “Request a Coin” line to open the form.

3. Fill in the form

Then, please prepare the following data and enter it into the related fields on the form.

Filling form on Livecoinwatch
Livecoinwatch’s form submission for adding a token.
  • Email address. It’s better to use an official domain email related to your crypto project website.
  • Coin/Token name. Just copy-paste it from your token page on Etherscan (ERC20) or BSCscan (BEP20). 
  • Symbol. A short name of your token that is also visible on Etherscan or BSCscan. 
  • Website. A web URL of your crypto startup
  • Exchanges. Enter just the names of crypto exchanges, which list your token. It must be at least one exchange where your coin is available for trading. Note that you don’t have to enter links to your markets.
  • Circulating supply API. There is no requirement to enter this information. But if you want to get a rank, add it.
  • Total supply API. Also, this is not a requirement, but better to enter such a link.
  • Etherscan. Note that you need to fill in that field with the token contract address URL. It can be Etherscan or BSCscan, or any other scanner. 
  • Whitepaper. Add a link to your project WP. 
  • Telegram. Put in the link to your company’s group chat in telegram.   
  • Reddit. Important to note that you should write in the subreddit link here (not a user profile link).
  • Twitter. Write in the link to your project’s official Twitter page. 

After filling in all the required fields, click on the Submit button. That’s it. 

How to add additional market?

If your asset is already on Live Coin Watch and you want to add an additional market, do the following:

  1. Open your token’s page on Live Coin Watch and scroll down to the “Markets” section;
  2. Click on the “Report a missing market” link.
  3. Enter the name of the exchange in the popup window and select it.
  4. Click on the “Submit” button. Good job!
Add additional market to Livecoinwatch
Adding additional market to Livecoinwatch

How long does it take to get the token listed on Livecoinwatch?

For testing purposes, we made a new BEP20 token submission on 1st November. Then, the Livecoinwatch added it in 3 days. So, usually, the listing takes 72 hours after the form submission. As a result, you get a page like that for your coin.

How to update Circulating Supply?

To update the circulation supply for your token, you need to enter the “CIRCULATING SUPPLY API” URL into the coin submission form. Also, note that the Circulating Supply is the number of coins circulating within the market and in people’s hands. Simultaneously, the Livecoinwatch’s tracker doesn’t include locked, escrowed, reserved, or not tradable currencies in the circulating supply calculation. At the same time, Total Supply is the number of coins that have ever existed. This number excludes any burned tokens. Finally, the Max Supply is the maximum amount of cryptocurrency that will ever exist.

Useful links to grow the token

For any questions, contact Tokpie at

Ultimate Guide on How to Add Token into Coincodex

Learn more about the Coincodex cryptocurrency tracker. Also, find a guide on adding your token into Coincodex’s list of assets at no cost.

Thanks to our previous guides on adding a token to the TrustWallet, Trezor, MEW, LiveCoinWatch, CoinCheckup, Coindataflow, DigitalCoin, Coincost, Blockspot, TokenInsight, Binance, Coinbase, and the best Coin Voting platforms, updating circulating supply, and enabling Bank Cards purchases, your crypto asset became more attractive. So, please don’t stop making it better. Today, you’ll learn how to add the token into Coincodex. Also, read below to learn more about Coincodex’s advantages.  

Also, don’t forget to Gain liquidity for free on PancakeSwap and Uniswap. And enable the dynamic price traction on the BscScan and Etherscan for your cryptocurrency. Finally, read a step-by-step guide to making best token.

How to add token into Coincodex?

Please find an ultimate guide on how to add a token to the Coincodex below. Note that adding crypto assets is free.

 1. Check Exchange

To add the coin into the Coincodex, the first that you should do is to find an exchange. So, check that Coincodex supports the Exchange that lists your token. Enter the name of the Exchange into the searching bar (image below). If the exchange’s name is there, proceed with the 2nd step. But, if you can not find it, then list your token on Tokpie exchange. Coincodex supports Tokpie. So if your altcoin is tradable on Tokpie, you can quickly get listed on the Coincodex tracker.

Search an Exchange on Coincodex
How to find the exchange on Coincodex

2. Fill in the Coincodex’s form

Adding tokens to Coincodex’s list of assets requires filling the form. So, open Coincodex’s request form. Then fill it due to the step-by-step instructions. 

Enter basic information

  • Enter your project’s email.
  • Write your coin name.
  • Enter your coin’s symbol (ticker).
  • Insert the link to your token’s logo. Note that the logo must be 200×200 pixels and in png format. To get the link, upload the logo here.  
Step 1: Filling Coincodex form
Filling Coincodex’s form: step 1

Project description and markets

  • Enter a short description of your project.
  • Place the link to your project’s website.
  • Insert the whitepaper’s link; if you don’t have WP, then put a link to your project’s FAQ section.
  • Enter your token’s market pair(s). For example,
    Tokpie (BMC/USDT):
    Tokpie (BMC/ETH):

    Note that the Exchange (s) must be in Coincodex’s list. Check it by searching an exchange on the search bar (screenshot above). 
  • Insert the total token supply. 
Step 2: Filling Coincodex form
Filling Coincodex’s form: step 2

Token’s Circulating supply and price

  • Enter the API URL that shows the total token supply in real-time. If your token runs on the Ethereum blockchain, replace the contract address with your token’s address in that link:
  • Insert circulating supply. The best decision is to enter a 100% circulation supply that usually equals the total token supply. 
  • In the “Circulating Supply API – enter URL” field, place the same link that you used in the Total Supply API field. 
  • Enter your ICO price. If you did not make ICO/IEO, insert the initial token price you had on the listing date. 
  • Select the release date that is the day when you made the first transaction with your crypto asset. 
Step 3: Filling Coincodex form
Filling Coincodex’s form: step 3
  • Enter the platform name. For example, it can be Etherscan.
  • Check the box (or boxes) with your token’s standard. For instance, it can be ERC20. However, you can select more than one standard. It’s beneficial when your token runs on both networks like BEP20 and ERC20. 
  • Click on the Next button
Step 4: Filling Coincodex form
Filling Coincodex’s form: step 4

Social channels’ links

  • On the next page, enter the links to the project’s social channels. Although that is not a strict requirement, it’s better to enter as many links as possible. For example, you may enter Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Bitcointalk, Github. 
Step 5: Filling Coincodex form
Filling Coincodex’s form: step 5
  • Enter the link to your token address in the Explorer field.
  • Fill in the last field – “Other.” Enter the links to your project’s social channels that you might have but could not include in previous steps.  
  • Click on the Submit button. That’s it.
Step 6: Filling Coincodex form
Submitting the form

How to update market pairs on CoinCodex?

If you found that your token has already been listed on CoinCodex, but without all market pairs then update it. So, to update market pairs write an email message to by using your official email. Use the template text below.

report to Coincodex's support
Write to Coincodex’s support team

What’s the Coincodex?

The CoinCodex is the cryptocurrency tracker that aims to be the window into the world of coins and tokens. Also, it’s collecting real-time prices and historical charts from more than 300 exchanges and for over 7,000 coins. Moreover, users can create a watchlist for favorite crypto assets. Also, the tracker is mobile compatible and has app versions (for Android and iOs). Finally, thanks to the Portfolio feature, any person can make personalized traction. 

Therefore, using a portfolio, a person can monitor which of his crypto investments performs the best in real-time and compare it with other crypto holdings. So, the crypto portfolio is a mighty instrument that allows users easy cryptocurrency tracking in one place.

Crypto portfolio
Making crypto portfolio

So, if you want to stay in the crypto business for a long time, use every option to promote your token. Do it, especially when that option is free of charge. Therefore, don’t wait. Fill in Coincodex’s form now. As a result, your altcoin appears in one more tracker. Always increase awareness. It’s never too much.

Useful Links

For any questions or cooperation, you can contact Tokpie at