How to Add Token to Coincost: Ultimate Guide

Make your crypto asset visible on 1M-traffic portal that tracks cryptocurrencies since 2017. Get a guide on adding your coin to Coincost’s tracking website.

Wouldn’t it be wrong to list your Token on as many coin trackers as possible? Of course not. Every blockchain startup must bring in new visitors, users, and investors. And the most efficient way to attract people is to list your Token on every tracker. It doesn’t cost a penny.
Apart from CMC and CoinGecko, there are many other popular tracking resources such as CoincodexLiveCoinWatchCoincheckUpCoindataflowDigitalCoinPrice, Blockspot, TokenInsight, CoinLore, Coindar, BitDegree, Coinranking, and Coinpaprika as well as on Binance / Coinbase. So, today, we’re happy to introduce one more platform that shows cryptocurrencies’ prices in real time. Meet the Coincost, a light and high-traffic cryptocurrency tracker. Also, learn how to add your Token to the Coincost’s list. 

Besides, gain more attention to your crypto project for free by adding the coin to:

What’s the Coincost?

The Coincost is a crypto-tracker that shows the live prices of over 12,754 crypto assets. Also, it supports +540 exchanges and their markets. Its users can sort top cryptocurrencies by market cap and volume. Furthermore, visitors can spot the most viewed coins for the last 24 hours and seven days. Important to note that the tracker’s domain has been active since 2017. So, there is no reason to think that its website could stop working.


According to Similarweb, Coincost’s traffic was around 613.1K in December 2021. However, sometimes the number of visitors reaches one million (check the image below).

Number of visitors on Coincost
Coincost’s stats.


Also, the portal supports 24 languages and has a light and very responsive interface. After being listed on Coincost, your Token gets a separate page (example) with a price chart, brief information about your project, and social links.

How to add Token?

Do two simple steps if you want to add Token to the Coin Cost. First, make sure that your coin is already tradable on any exchange from this list. The second step is to submit a short contact form on the tracker’s website. Find a detailed explanation below. 

1. Check crypto exchange

As said in the beginning, Coincost supports over 540 exchanges, so make sure that your altcoin has a trading volume on any one of them. For instance, the Tokpie exchange is already in the Coincost’s list of exchangers. So, list your currency on Tokpie to make it visible on Coincost. Besides, having a coin tradable on Tokpie unlocks many other trackers for you.

2. Submit the form

After checking exchanges, fill out and submit a short form. How to do it? Click on “Contact us” in the Coincost’s website footer. Fill in your name and email address. Finally, enter the message and press the “Submit” button. Find a template of the message’s text below. 

Hello, Kindly add our [Token’s symbol].
Please find all details below.
Token’s name:
Token’s symbol: 
Token’s address URL: 
Link to the Token’s logo:
Exchanges/markets where the asset is listed and traded:

CoinCost submission form
CoinCost’s form.

Additional ways to promote your Token for free

How to Add Token to DigitalCoinPrice: Ultimate Guide

Unlock price forecast and comparing tool for your project’s Token. Learn how to add your cryptocurrency into DigitalCoinPrice’s tracking platform.

Since 2017, the DigitalCoinPrice cryptocurrency tracker has become one of the trusted recourses in the crypto community. Why? Because it attracts around 800,000 – 1,300,000 visitors monthly. Apart from standard tools of altcoins analysis, DigitalCoinPrice’s website provides a price forecast for each listed token. Moreover, users can track, compare and add favorite coins to portfolios. Continue reading to learn how to add Token to DigitalCoinPrice for free.

Also, speed up the growth of your cryptocurrency at no cost by using the following guides:

What’s the DigitalCoinPrice?

The DigitalCoinPrice is a cryptocurrency-tracking platform. A Group of professionals launched it in 2017 to provide the crypto community with accurate market analysis and data. Also, this platform offers the latest news, blogs, and many other helpful tools described in the following paragraphs.

Compare coins

Besides basic features, adding a coin to the DigitalCoinPrice’s list of assets unlocks comparing tool. For example, anyone could compare your Token with any other cryptocurrencies. This comparison summarizes the coins’ differences by rank, price performance, social channels, and other parameters.

Comparison tool on DigitalCoin
DigitalCoin’s comparing tool.

Gainer and losers

Another feature allows visitors to instantly find gainers and losers among crypto assets for the last 1, 24, or 168 hours. So, if your Token’s price grows higher than other listed currencies, around 1M of DigitalCoin’s visitors could notice your crypto startup.

Price Forecast 

One of the most popular DigitalCoinPrice features allows seeing price forecast for any listed asset. Such estimation uses historical price data to calculate predictions. 

Additional features

Another valuable feature is creating a personalized portfolio. Such a portfolio shows a pie chart. Also, users have the ability to upvote favorite tokens without registration. Besides, any user can see price charts on a log scale.

Creating portfolio on DigitalCoin.
DigitalCoin’s portfolio tool.


Due to the Similarweb, the DigitalCoinPrice had around 800K-1,300K visitors per month in November-December 2021. That’s slightly lower than CoinDataFlow traffic, but it’s still high enough. Also, DigitalCoinPrice’s Alexa Traffic Rank is 16963 that’s a good result compared to other trackers.

Number of visitors on Digitalcoin
Digitalcoin’s Traffic.

How to add Token

Adding Token to the DigitalCoinPrice usually takes 24 hours. Moreover, usually you don’t need to do anything because the tracker retrieves data from CMC’s API automatically. So, get verification of your token from CoinMarketCap to appear on DigitalCoinPrice aggregator automatically.

However, if you still don’t see your currency on DigitalCoinPrice. Complete the following two steps. First, make sure that your cryptocurrency is already tradable on any exchange from DigitalCoin’s list of exchanges. The second step is to write an email to DigitalCoin’s team. Find more details in the two paragraphs below. 

1. Check crypto exchange

Make sure that DigitalCoinPrice supports crypto exchange where your altcoin has trading volume. But the problem is that the tracker doesn’t have a separate list of supported exchanges. So, it would be best to ask whether an exchange that lists your coin is supported or not. For example, DigitalCoinPrice supports Tokpie exchange. That’s visible on that page

Moreover, having a token tradable on Tokpie unlocks the DigitalCoin and many other cryptocurrency trackers. They are Coingecko, CMC, Coinpaprika, Coincodex, Nomics, Livecoinwatch, CoinCheckup, Coindataflow, and others.

2. Send an email

Once you checked the exchange, send an email request. By using your project’s email, write a message to with the following subject and text.

[token symbol] – Add token request.

Body Text: 
Hello, Kindly add our [token symbol] token to the DigitalCoinPrice.
Please find all details below:
Token name: [Your Token Name].
Token’s symbol: [Your Token Symbol].
Token address ULR: [Link to your token’s address].
Website: [link to your web page].
Exchange(s)/market(s) where token is listed and traded: [link(s) to your market(s)].

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