How to Add Token to TokenInsight: Ultimate Guide

Make your coin visible for +90k people. List cryptocurrency on TokenInsight’s coin-tracker. It’s easy to do and free of charge.

Meet the TokenInsight – a coins tracker that focuses on users from China and the English-speaking world. These users are interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins like your coin. After adding a coin to TokenInsight, you get a historical chart with live prices. Furthermore, your altcoin gets ranked. As a result, anyone can add it to a portfolio and set alerts on smartphones. So, don’t wait. Find an ultimate guide on how to add token to TokenInsight now.

TokenInsight for iOS and Android
TokenInsight’s mob app

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What’s the TokenInsight?

TokenInsight is not just another coin-tracking website. Instead, it’s a powerful mobile app you can download on App Store and Google Play. Thanks to the TokenInsight’s tools, around 90,000 users receive unbiased, in-depth analysis of all cryptocurrency markets daily. Tools include ratings, industry research, and data. Moreover, TokenInsight’s classification system and proprietary rating research mechanisms help investors find value in blockchain and navigate uncertainties in the digital assets industry.


Around 80,000 – 90,000 crypto-passionate people are visiting TokenInsight’s website monthly. Important to note that May 2022 was not a good time for the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, the traffic is much higher during the market’s uptrends. 

tokeninsight's traddic
Tokeninsight’s number of visitors: March-May, 2022.

How to add my token?

The process of a coin’s adding to the TokenInsight is similar to Coingecko’s procedure. The tracker has tracked and untracked listings. So, to pass your token must satisfy the three core criteria:

  • A token must be tradable on at least one active exchange that TokenInsight supports. Check the list of eligible exchangers here. Note that Tokpie exchange has already integrated with TokenInsight. So, you can list a token on Tokpie to make it visible on TokenInsight’s main page and many other coin-trackers.  
  • Your project must have at least two major social media accounts (e.g., Facebook and Reddit) for news updating with active followers. 
  • A crypto startup must have a working, functional website (better with team bio) and other sufficient information on the cryptocurrency you list. 

If you believe your currency satisfies the above criteria, submit the form. Use the example of form filling in the series of screenshots below.

How to increase the rank?

The rank on the TokenInsight depends on two primary factors: Trading Volume and Circulating Market Cap. So, to increase the ranking and appear on the Class A coins, your altcoin should have a daily volume of above 1000 (the higher, the better) USD equivalent.

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