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All tokens, coins, bounty stakes, and promissory notes which are listed on Tokpie exchange.

List of assets traded on Tokpie exchange

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?Promissory notes available for P2P lending and borrowing on Tokpie

How to list cryptocurrency on Tokpie

To get token, coin, or bounty stakes listed on Tokpie, please submit the form.

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Learn more about the TOKPIE (TKP) token and its unbeatable advantages

What is the TKP token?

TKP is an Ethereum-based ERC20 utility token issued and accepted by the Tokpie cryptocurrency exchange platform.

What are the TKP advantages?

Above all, the holding of TOKPIE (TKP) tokens allows:

What is TKP token total supply?

The TKP token total supply is 100,000,000 TKP only!

In other words, it’s impossible to issue additional tokens.

How many tokens are in circulation currently?

The number of TKP tokens currently involved in the free market circulation is 25M. Tokpie keeps the rest of the supply (75M) as a reserve for future growth and development.

What is the Tokpie exchange platform?

Basically, Tokpie is the cryptocurrency exchange platform where people could trade coins and altcoins. However, what makes Tokpie a unique exchange, is the BOUNTY STAKES TRADING and P2P Lending solution.

TOKPIE registered trade mark on blue font
Tokpie exchange registered trademark logo.

The bounty Stakes Trading solution allows Bounty hunters to get money (Ethereum, USDC, TKP) immediately and upfront by selling bounty stakes. No need to wait for a reward for many months. At the same time, smart investors can get the highest return on investments (ROI)  by obtaining worthy tokens for a penny while buying bounty stakes from hunters.

In addition, The P2P Lending solution allows TKP holders to get loans by using TKP as collateral and earn returns by lending tokens.

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Where can I trade TKP tokens?

Sell and buy TKP tokens against ETH and other cryptocurrencies on different Exchanges.

Find all available markets to trade TKP. In addition, vote for the token on popular trackers to increase its rank and awareness.

List of exchanges and markets to trade TKP

We, in Tokpie, strive to list our token on as many exchanges and markets as possible. However, listings are very expensive especially if you want to get listed on TOP20 exchanges. Hence, to avoid slowing down the platform development, Tokpie lists its token in a slow mode without any rash.

Uniswap 🆕TKP/YOUC

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To increase the token rank, open TKP’s page on CoinGecko. Then thumb up ? and click on the star ⭐ as shown on the screenshot below.

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Go to Blockfolio and give a thumbs-up as shown in the figure below.
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