TKP ethereum-based token

What is TKP token?

TOKPIE (TKP) is an Ethereum-based ERC20 utility token applied on the Tokpie cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The holding of TOKPIE (TKP) token allows:

Total distribution is 100,000,000 TKP only!

What is TOKPIE exchange platform?

Tokpie is the first Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with BOUNTY STAKES TRADING solution. This solution allows Tokpie users to earn, trade, and invest as never before.

Bounty Stakes Trading allows Bounty hunters to get cash (Ethereum, USDC, etc) immediately by selling bounty stakes as soon as they earned (appear on bounty spreadsheets). No need to wait for a reward for many months.
At the same time, smart investors can get the highest return on investments (ROI)  by obtaining worthy tokens for a penny while buying bounty stakes from hunters.

Basically, Tokpie is the cryptocurrency exchange platform where people could trade coins, altcoins and bounty stakes.

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