Earn Tokpie Reddit Campaign Stakes: Round 3

Make upvotes and comments, posts and reposts on Tokpie Reddit page to earn Round #3 bounty stakes tradable for ETH and USDC on TOKPIE exchange.

Ten Ways To Get Ethereum and USDC Without Investing

Learn how to earn ETH and USDC without investing your own money.

To get free ethereum (ETH) and USD stable coin (USDC), perform simple tasks online by using any of ten options: Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Bitcointalk, Telegram, LinkedIn, write articles, publish videos, translate and share referral links. BONUS: In addition to ETH and USDC you will earn promising (and already tradable) TKP tokens.


  1. Join Tokpie Bounty campaign to earn some stakes:


    NOTE: Tokpie Bounty Campaign supports the unlimited number of participants, but is limited in time until July 28, 2019. Check the current number of Round 1 participants and stakes earned by them.


  2. Register or login TOKPIE platform. Then click on [Deposit] button in the related line to top up your TOKPIE account balance with 50% bounty stakes, which you have already earned.

    NOTE: Don’t click on “Deposit” until you see your stakes in the bounty spreadsheet and strictly follow the instructions when depositing to speed up the processing. Stakes depositing will be available until July 28, 2019.


  3. To get Ethereum and USDC immediately, sell your stakes on the following ETH and USDC markets:


– By clicking on the links above you can submit your trade orders at any price you want, check market depth, view current bids, asks, last matched prices and price charts;
– You may sell and buy TKP stakes only until the end of the Tokpie Bounty campaign planned on July 28, 2019;
– All holders of TKP bounty stakes will automatically get TKP tokens on their Tokpie account balances within 21 days after July 28, 2019, in accordance with the conversion’s proportion revealed as the results of the Bounty Campaign;
– You can check bounty stakes prices without registration (6 sec loading time)
– The following trade fees are applied.



Q: May I see some feedbacks for how it works?
A: Sure, this is our 9th “Get Ethereum instantly” campaign. Check  ANN thread dedicated to the Bounty Stakes Trading and find even more feedbacks here. Join the discussion on Bitcointalk.
Check also these videos: English, Russian.

Q: What is the TOKPIE?
A: TOKPIE is the first cryptocurrency exchange that provides a unique Bounty Stake Trading service to hunters and early investors.

Q: I have questions. Where can I ask them?
A: You can post your questions here or ask them on TOKPIE telegram group.

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Learn How to Earn Tokpie Reddit Campaign Stakes

Make upvotes & best comments, posts & reposts on Tokpie Reddit page to earn stakes tradable for ETH and USDC on TOKPIE exchange.

Stay always in touch with TOKPIE to Earn, Trade and Invest as never before.

Best comment of Week 1
Aivaryamal “Great news, many will still have time to exchange their steaks for Ethereum, while I will wait for the appearance of other projects on the platform)”.

Best comment of Week 2
bdboy70 “TOKPIE is extremely different system crypto exchange where a bounty hunter can sell his bounty at the moment of running his bounty. This idea will brought a revolution in bounty and exchange history i think. #Tokpie“.

Best comment of Week 3
denzkilim “Tokpie is the first crypto trading platform that offers a different kind of approach in the trading industry because bounty participants have the ability to sell their earned stakes for Ethereum on a supported bounty program”.

Best comment of Week 4
Ikediashi04 “You don’t need to wait forever before getting your tokens. You can trade your stakes for ETH. This project is awesome!”

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Earn TerraGreen Reddit Stakes in the Round 4 Bounty

Make upvotes, comments, posts, and reposts on Reddit to get TerraGreen bounty stakes tradable for Ethereum on TOKPIE platform.


  • The TerraGreen bounty Round 4 will end on May 01, 2019!
  • Follow TerraGreen Reddit
  • Your Reddit account must be Open for Public access, failure will result in disqualification;
  • Your Reddit account should be at least 30 days or older;
  • Your account should have at least 20 karma;
  • Nonsense, short comments like “nice/cool/great” and plain spam comments/posts will result in disqualification on all of the TerraGreen campaign categories;
  • You can do posts/reposts in any other crypto related Reddit groups;
  • Only 1 comment per day will be counted (you can do max 5 comments per week);
  • Only 2 posts/reposts per day will be counted (you can do max 10 posts/reposts per week).


  • 1 Upvote + Comment: 1 stakes
  • 1 Post/repost to other subs: 2 stakes

How to join:

Useful Links:

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