How to Earn Bounty Stakes on POVcoin Signature Campaign

Learn how to receive POVcoin bounty stakes that could be exchanged for ETH on Tokpie platform instantly.

Reward per week

Member: 3 stakes
Full Member: 5 stakes
Sr. Member: 10 stakes
Hero/Legendary: 20 stakes

Avatar: 1 stake


  1. Newbies and Jr. Members are not allowed to join
  2. Use signature to the end of the week to get weekly stakes
  3. Posts with less than 75 characters will not be counted as valid posts
  4. Make 10+ posts per week (not all in one day; minimum 3 days)
  5. Posts made only in these boards will be counted: Altcoin Discussion, Announcements (Altcoins), Mining, and your local (non-English) boards dedicated only to Announcements and Mining. Also, the signature wearing on other forums like Altcoins is acceptable.

How to join
– Join Telegram group
– Join Telegram channel
– Join POVcoin Bounty support group
– To sign up, follow the link:
– Get the signature code and avatar here.

Spreadsheet (SIGNATURE)

General Terms:
2.7% (8,100,000) of POVR TOKENS total emission to be divided according to the stakes accumulated among eligible participants.

Bounty campaign includes these categories:

Videos:              35%
Signature:          25%
App Download:   25%
Articles:             15%

KYC is NOT required
Bounty campaign lasts until February 15, 2019, or until all tokens are sold out.

Useful Links:

Earn Stakes on Betform Bounty Signature Campaign

Get signature and follow rules to get bounty stakes exchangeable for ETHER on TOKPIE exchange.


  • Rank of participants at least Jr. Member;
  • Bitcointalk accounts with negative trust ratings are not suitable for the campaign;
  • Each participant must have Betform signature (available here) and image (in case the rating allows);
  • Participants must publish at least 10 constructive messages a week. Only 3 of these messages can be published in local topics. Posts or reply like “hello”, “good luck”,”hi”, “love this project”, or any other unsubstantial posts will not be counted as valid;
  • Messages in the Marketplace; Off-topic; Archival; Marketplace (Altcoins) will not be considered;
  • You must have Betform signature and image, until the campaign ends, otherwise, you will not receive a reward;
  • Participants with red trust score will not be accepted;
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed;
  • Must have to join both telegram group;
  • Register:

Weekly rewards:

Jr. Member: 1 stake per week
Member: 2 stakes per week
Full Member: 3 stakes per week
Senior Member: 5 stakes per week
Hero Member: 7 stakes per week
Legendary: 10 stakes per week

General Rules.

  • Payment Address cannot be changed;
  • Managers and team have the right to make changes in the rules and requirements during the campaign;
  • Each participant can use only one account to join the campaign;
  • Multiple accounts belonging to one user are not allowed, those participants who cheat or are dishonest will be disqualified;
  • It is necessary to join Betform Telegram chat
  • You can ask questions regarding bounty campaign here: (For any questions related to the Bounty Campaign);

Bounty program consists of:

Signatures campaign 15%
Translations 8%
Twitter campaign 13%
Facebook campaign 15%
Articles campaign 11%
Youtube campaign 11%
LinkedIn campaign 5%
Reddit campaign 10%
Download and rate App 2%
Telegram 10%

Useful Links:

Get Ether (ETH) Immediately + Tokens later by participating in Bounty!

Use your Facebook, Twitter or Bitcointalk accounts to join Bounty campaign, earn stakes, and deposit half of them on TOKPIE platform to sell for Ether INSTANTLYNo need to wait 4–6 months to monetize your work!


Welcome to the revolution in bounty common practice! Bounty hunters had never before could earn ‘cash’ (ether) directly for performing Facebook, Twitter, and other bounty tasks. But now it’s possible thanks to the TOKPIE platform.

Join the discussions on Bitcointalk:
ENGLISH thread;
RUSSIAN thread.

HOW IT WORKS (life example)

1. Participate in one or all of the following Bounty Campaigns running by our reputable Client to earn some stakes:
Twitter campaign
Facebook campaign
Bitcointalk Signature campaign
Moderation campaign

NOTE: All Bounty Campaigns support the UNLIMITED number of participants. Here you can check the current number of participants and stakes earned by them.

2. Sign up on TOKPIE platform and click [deposit] to exchange up to 50% of bounty stakes you had earned for the same amount of the related Title. A Title is the proxy bounty stake giving you the same rights as original stake.

3. Sell your Title on the following order books (click to check the current market prices):
KGT_Stake_Twitter_25% / ETH
KGT_Stake_Facebook_15% / ETH
KGT_Stake_Bitcointalk signature_25% / ETH
KGT_Stake_ANN Moderation_5% / ETH

NOTE: You may sell, buy or just hold your Titles on your TOKPIE account balance until its conversion to the related tokens in November 2018.

Q: How can you prove that it’s not a scam?
A: Check official bounty campaign page and TOKPIE contracting.

Q: Why is there no activity in the KamaGames Bounty thread?:
A: Because bounty campaign is running on a specialized bounty platform – ‘Bountyguru’.

Q: What is the TOKPIE?
A: TOKPIE is the new crypto exchange that penetrates the market by providing a unique Bounty Stake Trading service to hunters and early investors.

Q: I have questions. Where can I ask them?
A: You can post your questions here or ask them on TOKPIE telegram group.