TOKPIE (TKP) Token Listed on Coinlim!

An additional step moving TKP toward Coinmarketcap is done!

We are delighted to announce that the TOKPIE (TKP) token is now listed and tradeable on Coinlim exchange.

To find and trade TKP/ETH on Coinlim follow these steps:

  1. Click on 
  2. Type tkp, select ETH and click on the TKP line as shown below ūüĎá

    Find TKP on Coinlim
    TKP on Coinlim

Useful Links

The list of exchanges where TKP is traded

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Where can I trade TKP tokens?

Sell and buy TKP tokens against ETH and other cryptocurrencies on different Exchanges.

Find all available markets for TKP token trading. In addition, vote up for Tokpie to trade TKP on new exchanges.

List of exchanges and markets to trade TKP

We, in Tokpie, strives to list our token on as many exchanges and markets as possible. However, listings are very expensive especially if you want to get listed on TOP20 exchanges. Hence, to avoid slowing down the platform development, Tokpie lists its token in a slow mode without any rash.


Vote to trade TKP on new markets


Go to Blockfolio and give a thumbs-up as shown in Figure 1, below.
It will help to list Tokpie exchange on Blockfolio and support our token.

Tokpie on Blockfolio
Figure 1. Vote for Tokpie exchange on Blockfolio


Although you can already buy and sell TKP on ForkDelta unofficially. Please go to Github (Forkdelta) and give a thumbs-up for yes as shown in Figure 2 below. It will help to get listed officially.
Note that you must be registered on Github to be able to vote.

Figure 2. Vote for TKP on Forkdelta

Useful Links