How To Deposit Easy Feedback Round 3 Bounty Stakes

Know how to Deposit any amount of EFT Round 3 bounty stakes, which you are planning to earn in the future or already earned.

Follow the instruction below to deposit Easy Feedback (EFT) Round 3 Bounty stakes on your Tokpie account balance.

1. Sign up or login Tokpie to open Collateralize Asset page and select bounty stakes title that you wish to deposit.

The following Easy Feedback (EFT) Round 3 Bounty stakes are available for collateralization and depositing:
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Telegram
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Twitter
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_YouTube
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Facebook
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Blog
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Signature
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Translation
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_LinkedIn
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_Reddit
– EFT_CA_Stake_R3_YoutubeEngnt

2. Enter how many stakes you want to deposit.

You can enter any amount of bounty stakes you want to deposit for trading.

stakes depositing
EFT round 3 bounty stakes depositing

3. Click on the [Collateralize & Deposit] green button.

After pressing on the green button (3), a new line appears in the Collateralized Assets table as shown in the figure below.
It means that you have just deposited some bounty stakes on your Tokpie account balance and can trade them by clicking on ‘hummer’ icon (4). Know more how to get TKP, ETH, USDC by selling your bounty stakes.

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