How to Add Token to the Ledger List

Find the ultimate guide on how to add your token to the list of coins supported by Ledger.

Owners of crypto projects were asking it for many months. So, here is the guide on how to add a token on Ledger. Moreover, adding your coin to the list of crypto assets supported by Ledger is free. Also, don’t lose a chance to add your project’s token on MEW and Trezor at no cost. Never stop making your cryptocurrency better and more attractive for potential buyers.  

Besides, learn how to improve your cryptocurrency circulation supply on Coingecko.

How to add my token to the Ledger?

To add your token or coin to the list of cryptocurrencies supported by the Ledger, do four simple steps.

Step 1. Open Request Form

Open the request form.

Step 2. Fill the form

Select “Buying / Selling / Swapping crypto in Ledger Live” in the “How can we help you?” field. All the rest fields, fill in as follow:

Name of the fieldYour reply
Your email addressYour official email address
SubjectAdding token to the list of crypto assets supported by Ledger
Where are you stuck?Buy crypto in Ledger Live
Ledger hardware walletLedger Nano X
Firmware version1.2.4-5
Phone or desktop?Desktop computer
Ledger Live version2.20.0
What operating system runs on your computer?Windows 10
64-bits or 32-bits?64-bits
DescriptionFind the same text here.
Filling the Ledger form
Filling the Ledger form

When you finish, hit on the Submit button.

submit the Ledger form
Submit the Ledger form

Step 3. Formulate the description

Then, enter the text into the Description field due to the following template.

Kindly add [token name][token symbol] token (ERC20).

  • Token name: enter your token name
  • Token symbol: enter the symbol of your token 
  • Blockchain: ERC-20 Ethereum
  • Token smart contract address: enter your token’s smart contract address 
  • Etherscan link: enter the link to your token’s smart contract address on Etherscan.
  • Link to the token logo: [link].

Here is an example of such a request:

Hello, kindly add BambooDeFi (BAMBOO) token (ERC20) to the Ledger list:
 Token name: BambooDeFi
 Token symbol: BAMBOO
 Blockchain: ERC-20 Eethereum
 Token smart contract address:  0xf56842Af3B56Fd72d17cB103f92d027bBa912e89
 Etherscan link:
 Link to the logo:

Step 4. Check the status of your request

To check the status of your request, go to that page. Then press CONTRL+F (search) and enter your token name or symbol. If you find your token, then relax. You did everything correctly. And All that you can do now is wait for the next Ledger update.

What should I do if I cannot find my token?

If you made step #4 but could not find your token, then do the following:

  1. Open your issue
  2. Write a comment like “Hi, please advise, have you reviewed our application (above)?”

If there is no reaction to your comment on GitHub for a long time, make a post on the Ledger’s Reddit board. Ask the Ledger team to check your request.

What is Ledger?

Like a Trezor, the Ledger is a hardware cryptocurrency wallet. Both wallets are the most popular devices to hold cryptocurrencies in the world. With cryptocurrency booming, it’s a smart idea to have your project’s token listed on both these devices.

What is the list of cryptocurrencies supported by Ledger?

Similar to Trezor’s List, the Ledger has its list of supported crypto assets. Also, the Ledger supports +22 native blockchains and more than +1200 tokens on the ERC20 Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, you should agree that 1200 is not so significant compared to the number of projects in the market and more blockchain startups coming every day. Therefore, Ledger might tighten the rules for adding new tokens soon.

Why is it important to get my token added to the Ledger list? 

After Ledger adds your token to the list, its users can perform the following actions with your cryptocurrency:

  • add accounts with your coin
  • send your coin 
  • receive your coin 

So, spend 5 minutes to complete the steps above. You don’t need to pay for it. As a result, your altcoin will get the additional and beneficial achievement. Don’t forget to share your token progress with your community. Good luck!

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What is Yearn Finance Global (YFIG) Token?

Learn about YFIG Finance project and how to trade its YFIG token on Tokpie exchange.

Today we would like to introduce you to the YFIG Finance project.
Its YFIG token is opening another door to the DeFi and farming. Please read this article to learn about Yearn Finance Global (YFIG) ERC-20 token and how to trade it on the Tokpie.

What is YFIG token?

The Yearn Finance Global (YFIG) is an Ethereum based token issued by the YFIG Finance project. The YFIG token holders could increase their revenues from decentralized staking and farming. Focusing on building decentralized financial instruments, YFIG Finance helps its users earn on the existing smart-contract-enabled cryptocurrencies. Also, it’s important to note that the project will liquidate its BSCswap, and PancakeSwap soon.

How to buy YFIG tokens?

To purchase YFIG tokens for USDT, ETH, or WBTC do three simple steps:

  1. Fund your account with USDT, ETH, or WBTC. Note that you can purchase ETH and USDT with a bank card in a few minutes.
  2. Open YFIG/USDT, YFIG/ETH, or YFIG/WBTC order book, and place your trade order to buy.
    Use this instruction if you don’t know how to place a trade order.
  3. Withdraw YFIG tokens to your personal Ethereum wallet or hold them on the account.

How to sell YFIG tokens?

To sell YFIG tokens for USDT, ETH, or WBTC, follow three steps:

  1. Deposit YFIG tokens on your account.
  2. Open YFIG/USDT, YFIG/ETH, or YFIG/WBTC order book, and place your trade order to sell.
    Read the instruction if you don’t know how to place a trade order.
  3. Withdraw USDT, ETH, or WBTC to your personal Ethereum wallet or hold them on your account.

How to deposit YFIG tokens?

To deposit YFIG tokens on your Tokpie account follow this guide. Make sure that you are going to deposit YFIG tokens that relate to the smart contract address: 0xf3a231bf11a0ef1a3074cf5a1f5620bc85d975fb. If you deposit the wrong tokens, Tokpie could not identify your transfer.

Note: Tokpie doesn’t charge any fees for depositing.

How to withdraw YFIG tokens?

To withdraw YFIG tokens from your Tokpie account, use this instruction. You must have an eth compatible wallet address to be able to withdraw tokens. Also, Check the YFIG token withdrawal commission.


Please be aware that Tokpie charges a fee for the listing. Tokpie does not give any investment, legal, tax, financial advice, or warranty of token price performance or successful fundraising.

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How to Add Token to Trezor List

Find the ultimate guide on how to add your token to the list of coins supported by Trezor.

Do you want to make your ERC20 token more attractive for buyers, traders, and holders? If the answer is yes, then read the guide below. You will know how to add your ERC20 token to the List of all coins & tokens supported by Trezor. Moreover, it’s free of charge.

Also, make your token more attractive by:

How to add a token to the List of coins & tokens supported by Trezor?

Follow eight simple steps to add your Ethereum token to the Trezor List.

Step 1. Get a token address in ERC-55 format

Use this application to convert your token’s smart contract address to the ERC-55 format. To pass Trezor verification you should use the ERC-55 address format in the steps described below.

Step 2. Open Github

After signing Github, go to that page.

Step 3. Create a File on Github

Click on the Add file button. Then press on ‘Create new file’.

create new file
Create a file on GitHub

Step 4. Enter the name

Enter the name of your file. It should be your ERC20 token’s smart contract address but in ERC-55 format. Example: 0x3D371413dd5489F3A04C07c0C2CE369c20986ceb.json
Don’t forget to add a .json extension into the file name.

file name and code
Enter file name and code

Step 5. Write the code

The simplest way to write a code for your token is to copy the example below. Just copy-paste the code below and edit by entering your token parameters. Replace YOUC with your token symbol, enter your token smart contract address, decimals, and so on.

  "symbol": "YOUC",
  "address": "0x3D371413dd5489F3A04C07c0C2CE369c20986ceb",
  "decimals": 10,
  "name": "yOUcash",
  "type": "ERC20",
  "ens_address": "",
  "website": "",
  "logo": {
    "src": "",
    "width": "128",
    "height": "128",
    "ipfs_hash": ""
  "support": {
    "email": "",
    "url": ""
  "social": {
    "blog": "",
    "chat": "",
    "facebook": "",
    "forum": "",
    "github": "",
    "gitter": "",
    "instagram": "",
    "linkedin": "",
    "reddit": "",
    "slack": "",
    "telegram": "",
    "twitter": "",
    "youtube": ""

Note that the required parameters that you must include in the code are:

  • symbol: Short ticker style symbol of your token.
  • name: long token name token (take it from Ethercsan).
  • address: Ethereum address of ERC-20 token, but in ERC-55 format
  • decimals: The decimals of the token. As Number and not String.

Optional parameters are the following:

  • logo: An optional logo of your token. Must be a square (recommended: 128×128) PNG w/ transparent background.
  • support: A support email, support URL, or other way people can get assistance regarding the token.
  • website: the link to your project website, and
  • other links to your project’s social accounts.

We suggest you include as much as possible parameters.

Step 6. Check and confirm

After you entered the file name and code (as on the picture above), scroll down and click on ‘Propose new file’

propose new file on github
Propose your file on GitHub

Step 7. Create a pull request

Confirm your submission two times as shown below. Also, you can add a comment like “Add [your token name] token”. As the result, you create a Pull Request.

create pull request
Create Pull Request on Github
confirm PR creation
Confirm pull request creation

Step 8. Wait for checking

If you successfully created the file (without any errors) then you see the status of your Pull request as verified (colored green on the picture below).

additional verification
Pull request checking

Note that your request will require additional checking. It will be done by Trezor’s authorized team. Your need just wait for passing it.

Also, you can check the status of your request in this folder.
Gray color means that the request is under checking. A green checkmark means that Pull Request has successfully passed Trezor checking.

Status of your request
Checking status

Trezor team will review your issue and give feedback. They will confirm if they would like to add your token in the firmware. Otherwise, they will decline. Please note that they can not merge each and every token.

When your Pull Request successfully passes all checking, you see it in this section. It means that Pull Requests merged into the Master. After that, just wait for the next Trezor firmware update to see your token in the List.

Ethereum list of tokens
Pull Request successfully merged to master

I can’t pass Trezor verification. What to do?

If you can not pass the verification then review your code, fix errors, and create a file again as described in 1-7 Steps above. If it doesn’t help, contact us via telegram, we will help.

What’s the Trezor?

Trezor is a hardware wallet. Many thousands of people use it to safely store their coins and tokens. Trezor is a small device. A simple connection to your computer with a USB cable allows you to make all operations with your cryptocurrencies.

what's a Trezor
Trezor hardware wallet

Moreover, Trezor allows making secure payments without exposing your private keys to a potentially compromised computer.

Nowadays, many online exchanges and wallet providers can be hacked or just disappear. So, a hardware wallet like a Trezor is the safest way to manage cryptocurrencies.

What’s the List of coins & tokens supported by Trezor?

The list of coins and tokens supported by Trezor is a list of cryptocurrencies. There are more than 1631 coins and tokens on the list right now.

If a crypto asset is on that list then Trezor’s users can search it by using name and symbol. If your token is not in the list, then Trezor’s users have to use a smart contract address to find your token.

Fortunately, your token doesn’t have to be a Top 30 cryptocurrency to be added to the list. Also, you don’t have to pay to be added.

What are the benefits of being on Trezor’s List?

The first benefit that you get is a promotion. After adding your token to the Trezor list of coins, you can publish great news. That achievement can inspire your project’s community.

The second benefit is the growth of trust among the holders of your token. Especially it’s might be important for new big buyers of your tokens.

Finally, all Trezor’s users could easily search your token inside the wallet by using just your token’s name or symbol. Also, users could see the logo of your token inside the Trezor interface.

So what’re you waiting for! Add your ERC20 token to the List of coins & tokens supported by Trezor for free. It’ll make your token a much more reliable and attractive asset for all existing and potential token-holders.

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How to Get Token Listed on McAfeeDEX for Free

Who knows how to make the most powerful decentralized exchange? John McAfee does know it 100%.

The latest John McAfee’s blockchain venture, McAfeeDEX is a mega-hyped decentralized exchange. Moreover, it is offering a free listing for Eethereum-based tokens. These facts could make this exchange a Forkdelta killer in the near future.

Besides, McAfeeDEX has already passed the CoinMarketCap phase #1 exchange listing process. It means that all ERC20 altcoins listed on McAfeeDEX will automatically gain traction on CMC sooner or later.

Hence, the Tokpie team has decided to list the TOKPIE (TKP) token on McAfeeDEX without hesitation. The following pairs are available:

Read below to know how to list your token too.

mcafeedex crypto exchange
TOKPIE (TKP) token on McAfeeDEX

How to list cryptocurrency on McAfeeDEX

Anyone can list any ethereum based token on McAfee’s for free in few steps:

  1. Activate your Metamask
  2. Open McAfee DEX
  3. Click on ‘Add Token’
  4. Enter your token smart contract’s address, ticker (symbol), and decimals in the next window
  5. Click on Confirm
  6. Also, enter the promo code ‘machere to get listed your token for free on Tokpie exchange (optional). ?
how to list your token on McAfeeDEEX
Click on ‘Add Token’ in the upper menu bar.
Enter your token smart contract’s address, ticker (symbol), and decimals

Additional trading pairs on McAfeeDEX

It is possible to trade ERC20 tokens against Ethereum (ETH) and other additional stable coins. Currently, the following quote currencies (stable coins) are available:


DAI is a decentralized stable coin based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard. Every DAI is pegged to $1 USD.


WBTC is an ERC20 token wrapped by Bitcoin. This is the first Eethereum based backed 1:1 with Bitcoin.


BUSD is an invention of the Binance exchange and Paxos Trust Company. One BUSD represents one US dollar-backed stable coin.


TUSD is a symbol for TrueUSD token, a price-stable cryptocurrency pledged by US Dollars. The TrustToken, a platform issued TUSD, is aiming to tokenize real-world currencies (USD, Yen) and valuable assets (real estate, art, and IP).

Additional markets (quote currencies) are available

What is TKP

TKP is a token of Tokpie exchange. It’s a first-ever cryptocurrency exchange that provides Bounty Stakes Trading service. Tokpie users can trade, earn and invest as never before. Moreover, holders of TKP can benefit through 500% trade fees discount, regular airdrops, and many other perks and bonuses.

What is McAfeeDEX

McAfeeDEX is a decentralized exchange. It’s based on Ethereum blockchain and backed by John McAfee.  To make trade deals you can be a resident of any country. Traders don’t need to provide any documents and emails. The exchange works in a completely decentralized way. The Takers pay 0.25% transaction fees. At the same time, Makers don’t pay anything.

Please note that at the moment of writing this article, McAfee’s exchange is on beta testing. Therefore, some functions e.g. price chat displaying or balance updating may work weirdly. In addition, Coingecko currently doesn’t support McAfee exchange.


Also, Stay always in touch with Tokpie to Earn, Trade and Invest as never before.

TOKPIE (TKP) Token is Now Listed on VinDAX!

We are happy to announce that Tokpie (TKP) token is now listed and tradeable on VinDAX:

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TOKPIE (TKP) Token is Now Listed on TokenStore!


⚠️ Token. store ETH is shutting down on June 22, 2020. Please cancel your orders and withdraw your funds from the exchange as soon as possible.

Road to CMC

We are happy to announce that the TKP token is now listed and tradeable here:

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CryptoAds (CRAD) Token Listed on Tokpie

Tokpie exchange has listed CryptoAds (CRAD) token!

CRAD token is now listed and tradeable on the following markets: 

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Details about CryptoAds and Tokpie partnership

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