Update 2.2

Find the description of the most recent Tokpie’s updates and improvements.

Learn about the Tokpie updates and improvements made during March-June 2020.

Server response time improvement

To improve the exchange performance, Tokpie upgraded its servers. So, now users can enjoy a two times quicker response time, fast routing, and database queries.

YouTube channel launch

After many users’ requests, we have finally launched the Tokpie YouTube channel.

Tokpie on YouTube
Tokpie YouTube channel

Deposit and Withdrawal improvement

At that moment, when you make a withdrawal, the transaction gets a ‘processing’ status.

processing of withdrawal on tokpie
Instant withdrawal processing status

Moreover, the system now processes all deposits automatically. That process usually takes up to 2 hours.

Bounty Analyzer update

Tokpie website visitors can now hide finished bounties on the Bounty Analyzer tool. By default, the checkbox “Hide finished” is turned on. However, if you need you can click on it to turn off. Also, we updated the description of how the analyzer works.

Hide finished bounties
Bounty Analyzer improvement

Road map update

You can now see the main Tokpie’s plan for the year 2020. However, because of the rapid market changes, some additional goals and achievements might be added.

Integration with DAI

Thanks to the cooperation with the MakerDAO, Tokpie has become a custodial exchange for the DAI stablecoin. The next step will allow users to lend and borrow DAI in a peer-to-peer way on Tokpie.

Lend and Borrow stats improvement

To simplify the lending and borrowing, you can now watch all Annual Percentage Rates (APR) in real-time. By clicking on any line (screen below), a lender or borrower opens the related promissory note’s order book.

APR for promissory notes
Lend and Borrow crypto

API improvements

Aiming to get Tokpie exchange listed on CMC, we added one of the five API methods. Now the full order book for any trading pair is available. Example. Moreover, we made a public API more resistant to the DDoS attacks. Additional API methods are coming.

Bank cards integration

Because of the partnering with Simplex, anyone can now buy bitcoin with a credit card. Furthermore, users can purchase popular crypto with debit, credit, MasterCard, and Visa cards.

buy bitcoin with credit card
Buy crypto with credit card

Mentions in crypto media

Discover the two new mentions about Tokpie in popular crypto media.

Completed and upcoming updates

Find the list of all finished and upcoming updates.

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Tokpie Exchange Update 2.1

Beta 2.1 released. Check out the new features.

Check out the most recent Tokpie’s updates and improvements.

Crypto Bounty Analyzer improvements

We had optimized Bounty Analyzer for the search engines. In addition, we have added the description of the main terms that help users to understand how the Analyzer works. Thanks to that, the Bounty Analyzer is now featured on top of Google’s organic results in a box as a featured snippet. Being featured means getting additional Tokpie brand exposure in search results.

featured snippet about bounty stakes
Capitalization of projects and its bounty stakes on Google!

Bounty stakes depositing update

Bounty stakes depositing rules have slightly changed. The system as usual locks some amount of TKP on a user’s account as collateral. Previously, the amount of TKP collateral was based on the current best bid price due to the formula: Best bid price x Quantity x Collateral rate.

However, starting from now, the collateral amount is based on a base price that is set by Tokpie. So, the new formula is Base price x Quantity x Collateral rate. Check the updated Rules here.

The search field on the balance page

To allow Tokie users to easily find a required cryptocurrency or bounty stake title, we have added the search field on the balance page. Simply start typing a project name of a crypto-asset symbol to find it instantly.

Searching field on balance page
Search for cryptocurrency fast

“Lend” in the toolbar

We added the “Lend” element into the left toolbar. It will increase awareness about Tokpie’s P2P lending tool. So, more people could lend their cryptocurrencies and earn returns.

Lending tool on Tokpie
Lend is in the left toolbar

Completed and upcoming updates

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Tokpie Cryptocurrency Exchange Update 2.0

Tokpie beta 2.0 released. Check out the new features aiming to improve cryptocurrency trading, staking, borrowing and more.

Learn about the recent Tokpie cryptocurrency exchange platform updates and improvements.

Collateralize Asset tool

Collateralize Asset tool allows Tokpie users to do the following:

  • deposit bounty stakes of supported cryptocurrency projects in seconds
  • settle previously deposited bounty stakes in seconds
Tokpie exchange platform toolbar with a highlighted Collateralize Asset section

Thanks to the collateralization users can deposit bounty stakes even if they have not yet earned them! Collateralization means using TKP tokens as collateral. In other words, the Collateralize Asset tool is the core element of Bounty Stakes Trading 2.0.

Tokpie devs added the Collateralize Asset section into the left toolbar (screenshot above).

Borrow tool

Borrow tool is the main feature of the Tokpie’s P2P Lending solution. It allows Tokpie users to do the following:

  • issue promissory notes to get a loan
  • settle previously issued promissory notes to unlock collateral
Tokpie exchange platform toolbar with a highlighted Borrow section
issue promissory notes to get a loan

As a result, Tokpiee users can borrow money: stable coins or any other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, a borrower can use TKP and other popular altcoins as collateral with up to 90% LTV ratio. Learn how it works for TKP token now.

The Borrow section is located on the left toolbar (screenshot above).

Crypto Bounty Analyzer

The Bounty Analyzer has no analogy on the crypto market. It not only saves time but also helps to determine:

  • what bounty is worth for joining
  • which bounty stakes are overbought and oversold
  • what are the forecasted market capitalizations of all listed projects based on their bounty stakes prices (BIDs)
Crypto Bounty analysis table that helps to decide what bounty stakes to earn, sell or buy
Best bounties and prices of their stakes

Tokpie has located the Bounty Analyzer on a separate page. Many updates of that tool will be made soon. Besides, this is a fundamental premise for the new product that Tokpie will release in Q1, 2020.  

Usability updates

Tokpie devs made two useful updates to improve order book functionality.

Base cryptocurrency description

Every order book now contains a link to the description of the base cryptocurrency (screenshot below).

cryptocurrency exchange order book
Asset description and balances

Balances of base and quote cryptocurrencies

In addition, every user can now see his available balances of base and quote cryptocurrencies. For example, for a CRAD/USDC pair, a base cryptocurrency is CRAD token and quote cryptocurrency is USDC.

Upcoming Updates and Releases:

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Crypto Bounty Analyzer: Earning Ethereum Made Fast and Simple

Crypto Bounty Stakes Trading allows to get ETH, USDC for bounty work immediately and upfront. No need to wait many months before receiving unpredictable reward.

Help to sell and buy bounty stakes.

Forget about hard manual work aiming to find out how much money you could earn by participating in crypto bounties, selling and buying bounty stakes. Introducing, Crypto Bounty Analyzer – an automated and free bounty analysis tool.

Сatch the best moments to sell and buy bounty stakes. Find the most profitable crypto bounties to join. Save your time every day!

? Crypto Bounty Analyzer ?

Crypto Bounty Analyzer
Automated crypto bounty analysis


The tool analyzes all bounty stakes listed on Tokpie exchange to provide the following:

  • The related project name and website link
  • Bounty stakes title as it used on Tokpie exchange
  • The market where the bounty stake is traded
  • Bounty pool allocation percentage applied to a bounty campaign and to each bounty category
  • The number of a listed project’s tokens allocated to a bounty campaign and to each bounty category
  • The number of bounty stakes which have been already earned by all participants due to related bounty spreadsheets
  • The forecasted number of bounty stakes that would be probably earned by all participants at the end of a campaign
  • The forecasted number of tokens which would be probably given for 1 bounty stake in the future
  • The current highest bid price of 1 bounty stake
  • The forecasted market capitalization of a project and every related bounty stake. This is the main parameter that allows you to find the most undervalued or overvalued bounties for joining them, buying or selling stakes
  • Automated recommendation to buy or sell
  • Links allowing to earn, deposit and trade the related bounty stakes
  • The approximate day when the trading will be stopped

Problems it solves

The Crypto Bounty Analyzer is an absolutely unique solution. Being filled with dozens of different projects’ bounties, it solves the core problems of bounty hunters, traders, investors, and crypto projects.

Bounty hunters problems

  • It’s hard to know what is the best bounty to join;
  • It’s hard to decide: keep bounty stakes and get the related tokens later or sell them now to get Ethereum, USDC, and TKP.

Learn how crypto bounty hunters can get ETH, USDC, and TKP immediately by selling bounty stakes even before completing bounty tasks and distribution.

Traders and investors problems

  • It’s hard to know what is the best bounty stake to invest in;
  • it’s hard to evaluate and compare different crypto projects on early-stage by using inefficient ICO trackers like Icobench, etc.

Learn how traders and investors can get the best ROI by trading bounty stakes.

Crypto projects problems

  • It’s impossible to know what is the transparent (market valued) capitalization (a token price) of a project on early stages;
  • it’s hard to stand out a project from hundreds of others and promote its token sale
  • It’s hard to avoid token price dump caused by bounty hunters selling tokens after distribution at any (low) prices.

Learn how crypto projects can boost token sales and avoid price dump thanks to the Bounty Stakes Listing.

Use cases



Crypto Bounty Analyzer provides up-to-the-minute updates for all market data found on the Tokpie exchange. Every three minutes, all order books where bounty stakes traded are queried for their most recent market data. Here is a detailed description of how each metric is calculated.

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