POVCoin (POVR) tokens have been distributed to the bounty stakes-holders and hunters

POVCoin token delivery

The distribution of POVCoing tokens to POVR Bounty Stakes holders and hunters has been successfully done on 25th March 2019!

POVR Bounty Stakes holders and bounty hunters have received POVCoin tokens on their Tokpie account balances, in accordance with the POVR stake-to-token conversion rates.

Now, users who have POVCoin tokens on their TOKPIE accounts can withdraw them at any time for FREE.

How to withdraw POVCoin Tokens

To withdraw POVCoin tokens from your  TOKPIE account balance to your personal eth address, click [Withdraw] button in the line called ‘POVR’ here.

What to do if I didn’t get POVCoin Tokens

If you didn’t see POVCoin tokens on your Tokpie account balance then write ‘code request’ to that member on BitcoinTalk.

When Exchange

NOTE: POVCoin token listing on TOKPIE exchange is now in Pending status. It will be listed when we see substantial progress in the development of POVCoin platform or store marketplace. To be instantly informed when the listing happens subscribe to any of the following channels.

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