Crypt-ON (IPT) Conversion Rates

According to the Crypt-ON Turbo Bounty Results,  the following stake-to-token conversion rates were revealed.

Stake-to-token conversion rates

Stake Title IPT / Stake
IPT_Stake_Turbo 44.15
All holders of the above IPT_Stake_Turbo titles will automatically get IPT tokens on their Tokpie account balances, in accordance with the conversion rates revealed above.
Bounty participants who didn’t make stakes depositing or did it partly will also get IPT tokens at the same rates on the moment of token distribution. The date of token distribution will be stated here

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IPT Turbo Bounty Results

Due to the Bounty campaign schedule, the Crypt-ON Turbo Bounty campaign has come to the end.

Therefore, trading in the [IPT_Stake_Turbo / ETH]  market has been stopped on 27th March 2019,  23:59 UTC.

What’s next

  1. During the next 7 days, bounty participants can make any questions/complaints. No any questions/complaints will be accepted after 2nd  April 2019 @ 23:59 UTC.
    ✅ Done!
  2. The final results and stake-to-token conversion rates will be published on 3rd April 2019.
    ✅ Done! Check out IPT stake-to-token conversion rates.
  3. Bounty manager will randomly select 6 participants (one from every bounty category) on 4th April 2019 by using this service. The selected participants will equally share 250 USD prize pool and get the reward in eth equivalent immediately afterward.
    ✅ Done!
    Check your number on the column [L] in the related spreadsheets here.

    Category Range of numbers
    Bitcoin .com 1-7
    Steemit 1-16
    Reddit 1-41
    LinkedIn 1-101
    Twitter 1-129
    Facebook 1-156

    The following winners had been defined:

    Category Winner number Random selection proof
    Bitcoin .com #2   ? Video
    Steemit #5   ? Video
    Reddit #33 ? Video
    LinkedIn #32 ? Video
    Twitter #54 ? Video
    Facebook #41 ? Video

    The result, the following six participants’ eth addresses had shared $250 prize pool:
    #2   ? 0xAA11a90b392f56a3b1aEC8ffbeF2C14D6331C127 ? $41.66
    #5   ? 0xE0a762Ed5EB38D64a8DB5514E94b5b80ef255A54 ? $41.66
    #33 ? 0xA146d155599533c2C8B86ee68472f3642648cd53 ? $41.66
    #32 ? 0x23801f6E95CA594746Af77204Ce090144aEB6fE2 ? $41.66
    #54 ? 0xbe4fdd895f74017204f5bf90c469056fb3bd97be ? $41.66
    #41 ? 0x844e552502C7dcDAC72150a89D275C238E637C77 ? $41.66

    The rewards will be transferred in ETH, in accordance with ETH/USD rates at the moment of payment.

  4. The date of IPT token distribution to eligible bounty hunters and bounty stakes buyers will be defined on April 15 – 20, 2019.
    IMPORTANT: Due to the recent post of Crypt-On’s CEO, the token distribution will happen within 21 days after August 01, 2019. 
All holders of the above IPT_Stake_Turbo titles will automatically get IPT tokens on their Tokpie account balances, in accordance with the conversion rates revealed above. Bounty participants who didn’t make stakes depositing or did it partly will also get IPT tokens at the same rates on the moment of token distribution.

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All bounty campaigns where you can get ETH every day and regularly

IPT Stake-to-token conversion rates
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IPT tokens DISTRIBUTION is planned on April 15 – 20, 2019.

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  1. Join Crypt-ON Turbo Bounty running by the TOKPIE’s partner – Crypt-ON to earn some stakes in the following categories: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Steemit, (forum).

    NOTE: Crypt-On Turbo Bounty Campaign supports the unlimited number of participants, but is limited in time until March 27, 2019. Check the current number of participants and all stakes earned by them in the Spreadsheet.

  2. Sign up or login TOKPIE exchange. Then click on [Deposit] button to add 50% bounty stakes you have already earned. After a short check-up, the stakes will appear on your TOKPIE account balance.

    NOTE: Don’t click on “Deposit” until you see your stakes in the spreadsheet and strictly follow the instructions when depositing to speed up the processing.

  3. Sell your stakes in the [ IPT_Stake_Turbo / ETH ] market to get Ethereum immediately!

– By clicking on the market you can submit your trade orders at any price you want, check market depth, view current bids, asks, last matched prices and price charts;
– You may sell and buy IPT stakes only until Mar 27, 2019 (end of the Crypt-On Bounty campaign);
– All holders of IPT bounty stakes will automatically get IPT token on their Tokpie account balances during token distribution and in accordance with the conversion’s proportion revealed as the results of the bounty campaign;
– You can check bounty stakes price without registration (6 sec. loading time)
– The following trade fees are applied.



Q: May I see some feedbacks for how it works?
A: Sure, this is our 5th “Get Ethereum instantly” campaign. Check our ANN thread dedicated to the Bounty Stakes Trading.
Also, you can join the discussion of that campaign on Bitcointalk.

Q: How can you prove that this is eligible?
A: Check official bounty campaign and TOKPIE contracting with Crypt-ON.

Q: What is the TOKPIE?
A: TOKPIE is the first cryptocurrency exchange that provides a unique Bounty Stake Trading service to hunters and early investors.

Q: I have questions. Where can I ask them?
A: You can post your questions here or ask them on TOKPIE telegram group.

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IPT Bounty Results

According to the official Crypt-On’s blog, the Bounty campaign was ended.
Therefore, the IPT stakes trading had been stopped.

Bounty hunters will receive IPT in accordance with the token sale results. Token sale campaign has been prolonged till April 01, 2019.

TOKPIE users who currently have IPT stakes on their TOKPIE accounts balances will automatically receive IPT tokens, in accordance with the conversion rates that will be calculated by Crypt-On team.

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TOKPIE partners with CRYPT-ON

Partnering with Crypt-ON will bring the new value to the TOKPIE’s community and facilitate its growth.

Crypt-ON is a platform (MVP is live) that is going to assist its users in secure trades through escrow, in P2P lending, in finding employment/specialists, and in P2P cryptocurrency exchange without mediators.

TOKPIE is the fast developing crypto exchange platform that provides, among other things, bounty hunters, investors and crypto startups with a unique win-win-win solution: Bounty Stakes Trading service.

Crypt-ON collaborates with TOKPIE to boost its bounty by allowing current and future hunters engaged to the Crypt-ON Blog & Media bounty campaign to deposit a half of their stakes on TOKPIE platform to exchange them for ETHER instantly.

TOKPIE CEO, Vasilii Silin said: ‘’We, in TOKPIE, are very happy to be partnering with such a reliable company as Crypt-ON. The company suits all our strict requirements and will be in high demand within TOKPIE users”

Crypt-ON CEO, Paul Andreev, added: “I’m sure the additional exposure to TOKPIE’s community is the perfect match for us to ensure the successful running of our bounty campaign and IPT token sale.’’

The Crypt-ON has a great team full of well experiences specialists and already released its MVP (prototype).

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How to Earn Stakes in Crypt-ON Blog and Media Bounty

Publish articles & videos about Crypt-ON or its MVP to get bounty stakes exchangeable for ETHER on TOKPIE exchange.

Important: TIME IS LIMITED! You must submit your articles/videos as soon as possible (before January 21, 2018) to earn the Crypt-ON bounty stakes.

Have to inform you, that articles posted on platforms,,, will NOT be approved.
The minimal requirements for a text blog — 50 subscribers. As for the videos, they must be not less than 2 minutes long and the blog itself must have at least 200 subscribers.

All pieces of content (TEXT ARTICLES) are divided into 3 categories:

Awesome — 100 stakes;

Great — 50 stakes;

Good — 20 stakes.


Awesome — 200 stakes;

Great — 100 stakes;

Good — 40 stakes.

To send a link to the publication or video, fill this form (VIDEO OR TEXT).
All content must be original. You can use our official images, logo, graphics and other staff published on Crypt-ON website and ANN thread.
Articles must be longer than 500 characters. Videos must be at least 2 minutes long.
The article or description of the video must contain at least 1 link to Crypt-ON website and 1 link either to the Crypt-ON Whitepaper or to the official Crypt-ON ANN thread. The article or description must also contain a link to your BTT profile in order to prove your authorship.
The number of your stakes is displayed in this spreadsheet (VIDEO OR TEXT).


Awesome — 1000 stakes;

Great — 500 stakes;

Good — 200 stakes.

You need nothing but to test how good Crypt-ON’s MVP is and then make a review on the social media, which is convenient for you.

  • Firstly, register at the Crypt-ON’s MVP
  • Conduct a trial transaction with a friend or join the platform as an independent arbitrator
  • Afterward, give a feedback (video, social media post, article etc.) through one of the resources allowed (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Steemit,, Bitcointalk Crypt-on ANN thread comment, Reddit). Your media must be more than 200 subscribers.
  • Express your opinion, possible bugs, difficulties with understanding the interface and so on. The review must also contain a link to your Telegram profile in order to prove your authorship.
  • Submit through the google form (MVP ONLY) with all the info required and get your bounty

Spreadsheet (MVP ONLY)

For any purposes, join the Crypt-ON chat. There you may find people to join you with a trial deal or the supports to help you if needed.

Blog and media campaign (articles&video) — 35%

Facebook — 10%;

Twitter — 15%;

Turbo Bounty (10 weeks) — 10%

Translation and moderation — 5%

Telegram group owners — 10%

Smart drop — 15% (FINISHED)

Useful links:
How to Get Ether (ETH) IMMEDIATELY for Crypt-ON bounty stakes
Crypt-ON Bounty on Bitcointalk Forum

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