Betform (BFC) tokens have been distributed to the stakes-holders

Allocation of BFC tokens among Betform Bounty Stakes holders has been successfully done!

Congratulations! The ‘delivery’ of BFC tokens to eligible TOKPIE users has been successfully made. It means that those users who held BFC bounty stakes on their TOKPIE accounts balance on December 10, 2018 (10:00 UTC) have received BFC tokens due to the Conversion rates.

For example, if you had 1 [BFC_Stake_Bitcointalk_signature_15pc] and 2 [BFC_Stake_YouTube_11pc ] titles on your TOKPIE account balance on Dec 10, 2018 (10:00 UTC) then 1696.27 BFC tokens (1 x 1325.14 + 2 x 185.57) have been allocated to your TOKPIE account balance at March 21, 2019. At the same time, your BFC Stakes balance has become zero.

Now, users who have BFC tokens on their TOKPIE accounts can withdraw them at any time for FREE.

NOTE: BFC token listing on TOKPIE exchange is now in Pending status. It might be listed in the Q3-Q4 2019.

Betform (BFC) Conversion Rates

Due to the Betform Bounty Campaign results the following stake-to-token conversion rates were determined.

Stake-to-token conversion rates

Stake Title BFC / Stake
BFC_Stake_Bitcointalk_signature_15pc 1,325.14
BFC_Stake_Facebook_15pc 8.78
BFC_Stake_LinkedIn_5pc 11.43
BFC_Stake_Reddit_10pc 73.05
BFC_Stake_Twitter_13pc 8.81
BFC_Stake_YouTube_11pc 185.57

TOKPIE partners with Betform

Partnering with TOKPIE will bring liquidity to Betform bounty as well as boost BFC token sale.

The Betform mission is to become the top decentralized social betting platform that offers players a wide range of multiplayer blockchain games at a maximum degree of convenience. At the same time, Betform will adhere to the highest security standards in the ecosystem.

Betform is able to this by connecting blockchains, leveraging smart contracts, and payment channels, while working in a completely secure, instantaneous and low-cost manner.

By partnering with Tokpie, Betform will allow people participating in its bounty campaigns to trade their bounty stakes until the end of the Betform token sale. The token sale is scheduled to end on January 31, 2019.

“We are delighted to offer holders of our bounty stakes an opportunity to trade them directly for eth on the TOKPIE platform,” says Betform CEO Edward Yeoh. “Before TOKPIE’s innovative solution, bounty hunters had to wait many months before they could redeem them. This is a real win-win for our supporters and us.”

TOKPIE is the fast developing crypto exchange platform that provides, among other things, bounty hunters and crypto startups with a unique win-win solution: the Bounty Stakes Trading service which allows TOKPIE partners to list their bounty stakes on the trading platform.

TOKPIE CEO, Vasilii Silin said: ‘’We, in TOKPIE, are very proud to be partnering with Betform. The company has MVP and great perspectives; so its bounty stakes and BFC tokens will be in high demand within our growing community.”

Betform uses a transparent way of generating the outcomes of its games. The PRNG is tested and certified by a reputable test lab. Players can access and verify all the card games history at any time. Unlike other online casinos, players can join with friends or make new friends at the gaming tables.

Betform operates a highly secure and efficient environment where the operations are powered by smart contracts. Smart contracts immediately pay out winnings after each round of the game ends. The platform is regulated by relevant licensing jurisdictions.

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