IPT Turbo Bounty Results

Turbo bounty results

Due to the Bounty campaign schedule, the Crypt-ON Turbo Bounty campaign has come to the end.

Therefore, trading in the [IPT_Stake_Turbo / ETH]  market has been stopped on 27th March 2019,  23:59 UTC.

What’s next

  1. During the next 7 days, bounty participants can make any questions/complaints. No any questions/complaints will be accepted after 2nd  April 2019 @ 23:59 UTC.
    ✅ Done!
  2. The final results and stake-to-token conversion rates will be published on 3rd April 2019.
    ✅ Done! Check out IPT stake-to-token conversion rates.
  3. Bounty manager will randomly select 6 participants (one from every bounty category) on 4th April 2019 by using this service. The selected participants will equally share 250 USD prize pool and get the reward in eth equivalent immediately afterward.
    ✅ Done!
    Check your number on the column [L] in the related spreadsheets here.

    Category Range of numbers
    Bitcoin .com 1-7
    Steemit 1-16
    Reddit 1-41
    LinkedIn 1-101
    Twitter 1-129
    Facebook 1-156

    The following winners had been defined:

    Category Winner number Random selection proof
    Bitcoin .com #2   ? Video
    Steemit #5   ? Video
    Reddit #33 ? Video
    LinkedIn #32 ? Video
    Twitter #54 ? Video
    Facebook #41 ? Video

    The result, the following six participants’ eth addresses had shared $250 prize pool:
    #2   ? 0xAA11a90b392f56a3b1aEC8ffbeF2C14D6331C127 ? $41.66
    #5   ? 0xE0a762Ed5EB38D64a8DB5514E94b5b80ef255A54 ? $41.66
    #33 ? 0xA146d155599533c2C8B86ee68472f3642648cd53 ? $41.66
    #32 ? 0x23801f6E95CA594746Af77204Ce090144aEB6fE2 ? $41.66
    #54 ? 0xbe4fdd895f74017204f5bf90c469056fb3bd97be ? $41.66
    #41 ? 0x844e552502C7dcDAC72150a89D275C238E637C77 ? $41.66

    The rewards will be transferred in ETH, in accordance with ETH/USD rates at the moment of payment.

  4. The date of IPT token distribution to eligible bounty hunters and bounty stakes buyers will be defined on April 15 – 20, 2019.
    IMPORTANT: Due to the recent post of Crypt-On’s CEO, the token distribution will happen within 21 days after August 01, 2019. 
All holders of the above IPT_Stake_Turbo titles will automatically get IPT tokens on their Tokpie account balances, in accordance with the conversion rates revealed above. Bounty participants who didn’t make stakes depositing or did it partly will also get IPT tokens at the same rates on the moment of token distribution.

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