How to Earn Bounty Stakes on POVcoin Video Campaign

Learn how to obtain POVcoin bounty stakes that could be exchanged for ETH instantly on Tokpie platform.


50 stakes for 1st submission
25 stakes for every other submission


  1. Describe POV coin project and its features
  2. Upload them on YouTube and/or Facebook (any video platform)
  3. Must have at least 10 subscribers
  4. Duration should not be less than 1 minutes of actual content
  5. Stakes will be allotted on the basis of the quality and audience of the video. The amount of stakes assigned is non-negotiable.
  6. Plagiarism or use of other’s material will be considered as an invalid submission
  7. Maximum of 5 submissions
  8. Each submission has to have the links to:
    – your personal bitcointalk account in the description
    – 1 link to
    – 1 link to Application
    – 1 link to the Indiegogo campaign.

How to join
– Join Telegram group
– Join Telegram channel
– Join POVcoin Bounty support group
– To sign up and report your video, follow the link:

Spreadsheet (VIDEOS)

General Terms:
2.7% (8,100,000) of POVR TOKENS total emission to be divided according to the stakes accumulated among eligible participants.

Bounty campaign includes these categories:

Videos:              35%
Signature:          25%
App Download:   25%
Articles:             15%

KYC is NOT required

Bounty campaign lasts until February 15, 2019, or until all tokens are sold out.

Useful Links:

How to Earn Stakes in Crypt-ON Blog and Media Bounty

Publish articles & videos about Crypt-ON or its MVP to get bounty stakes exchangeable for ETHER on TOKPIE exchange.

Important: TIME IS LIMITED! You must submit your articles/videos as soon as possible (before January 21, 2018) to earn the Crypt-ON bounty stakes.

Have to inform you, that articles posted on platforms,,, will NOT be approved.
The minimal requirements for a text blog — 50 subscribers. As for the videos, they must be not less than 2 minutes long and the blog itself must have at least 200 subscribers.

All pieces of content (TEXT ARTICLES) are divided into 3 categories:

Awesome — 100 stakes;

Great — 50 stakes;

Good — 20 stakes.


Awesome — 200 stakes;

Great — 100 stakes;

Good — 40 stakes.

To send a link to the publication or video, fill this form (VIDEO OR TEXT).
All content must be original. You can use our official images, logo, graphics and other staff published on Crypt-ON website and ANN thread.
Articles must be longer than 500 characters. Videos must be at least 2 minutes long.
The article or description of the video must contain at least 1 link to Crypt-ON website and 1 link either to the Crypt-ON Whitepaper or to the official Crypt-ON ANN thread. The article or description must also contain a link to your BTT profile in order to prove your authorship.
The number of your stakes is displayed in this spreadsheet (VIDEO OR TEXT).


Awesome — 1000 stakes;

Great — 500 stakes;

Good — 200 stakes.

You need nothing but to test how good Crypt-ON’s MVP is and then make a review on the social media, which is convenient for you.

  • Firstly, register at the Crypt-ON’s MVP
  • Conduct a trial transaction with a friend or join the platform as an independent arbitrator
  • Afterward, give a feedback (video, social media post, article etc.) through one of the resources allowed (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Steemit,, Bitcointalk Crypt-on ANN thread comment, Reddit). Your media must be more than 200 subscribers.
  • Express your opinion, possible bugs, difficulties with understanding the interface and so on. The review must also contain a link to your Telegram profile in order to prove your authorship.
  • Submit through the google form (MVP ONLY) with all the info required and get your bounty

Spreadsheet (MVP ONLY)

For any purposes, join the Crypt-ON chat. There you may find people to join you with a trial deal or the supports to help you if needed.

Blog and media campaign (articles&video) — 35%

Facebook — 10%;

Twitter — 15%;

Turbo Bounty (10 weeks) — 10%

Translation and moderation — 5%

Telegram group owners — 10%

Smart drop — 15% (FINISHED)

Useful links:
How to Get Ether (ETH) IMMEDIATELY for Crypt-ON bounty stakes
Crypt-ON Bounty on Bitcointalk Forum

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