Sensitrust Bounty: Earn SETS Tokens and Cash

Get a guide on the Sensitrust bounty. Learn about the conditions. Find links on the spreadsheet and bounty thread.

The Sensitrust job marketplace starts a 3-month bounty with 30,000 SETS tokens in the pool. Continue reading to learn about the SETS bounty conditions: duration, bounty categories, reward size, and terms of distribution. Also, you can find the links to the Sensitrust bounty thread and bounty’s spreadsheet.

What’s the Sensitrust bounty duration?

The Sensitrust bounty will be lasting 12 weeks.

  • Start: May 20, 2021
  • End: August 12, 2021


1 WeekMay 20May 26
2 WeekMay 27June 02
3 WeekJune 03June 09
4 WeekJune 10June 16
5 WeekJune 17June 23
6 WeekJune 24June 30
7 WeekJuly 01July 07
8 WeekJuly 08July 14
9 WeekJuly 15July 21
10 WeekJuly 22July 28
11 WeekJuly 29Aug 04
12 WeekAug 05Aug 11
Final checkingAug 12Sep 01
DistributionSep 02

Bounty categories and allocations

The Sensitrust bounty has the following categories and bounty pool allocations.

  • Bitcointalk Signature: 40%
  • Altcoinstalks Signature: 20%
  • Twitter: 30%
  • LinkedIn: 10 %

What’s the Bounty reward?

The participants of the Sensitrust bounty will be able to get both: SETS tokens and cash (ETH, USDC, or TKP). To get SETS tokens, participants shall wait for the distribution on September 2, 2021. But to get ETH, USDC, or TKP, hunters can sell their bounty stakes at any moment before September 02, 2021.

How to get a Reward in SETS tokens?

The reward pool for the bounty campaign is 30,000 SETS tokens. All eligible participants will get a share from that pool due to the number of bounty stakes they earn. So to get SETS tokens on September 02, 2021, a participant should perform the tasks stated in the bounty thread. 

How to get a Reward in ETH, USDC, and TKP?

Thanks to Tokpie’s bounty stakes trading solution, a participant doesn’t have to wait for bounty distribution to receive the reward. There is an option to get Etherum (ETH), USDC, and TKP  by selling bounty stakes. Moreover, Tokpie users can buy bounty stakes from hunters. Note that SETS bounty stakes trading will be available from May 26, 2021, to September 01, 2021. Learn how to sell SETS bounty stakes.

Distribution of SETS tokens

The distribution of the SETS tokens will happen on September 02, 2021. To get SETS, a participant must have an account on 


The bounty participants and Tokpie’s users don’t have to pass KYC to obtain a reward.

Bitcointalk Bounty Thread

To select bounty categories and join the campaign, go to the Bitcointalk Bounty thread.

Sensitrust Bounty Spreadsheet

Find the total number of participants and the amount of earned bounty stakes – open the Sensitrust bounty spreadsheet to check your status.

Also, check the distribution status in the Master Spreadsheet.
The green color means that your account on has already received SETS coins. Check your SETS’s balance here. But if the cell with your username has a “Wrong login email on” remark in the Master spreadsheet, then you need to do the following:

  1. Create an account on the
  2. Then, by using your Bitcointalk (or Altcointalk) account, send a personal message with your correct login email to the Bounty Manager. Use these links to BM profiles: on Bitcointalk and on Altcoinstalk.

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Job Marketplace on Blockchain: Unlock All Sensitrust Features with SETS Token

Learn how the Sensitrust platform helps to avoid hassle while hiring and job performing. Find a guide on how to trade SETS Tokens on Tokpie exchange.

Thanks to blockchain technology, counterparties can now use smart contracts to make safe and fast deals. So, this is a great idea to utilize the Ethereum chain in job marketplaces. One of such marketplaces is the Sensitrust. That platform allows employers to search for professional workers worldwide and hire them safely through smart contracts. Moreover, the holders of SETS Tokens can obtain additional platform features and discounts. Continue reading to learn more about Sensitrust and how to trade SETS Token on Tokpie.

What’s the Sensitrust?

The Sensitrust is a decentralized job marketplace. But its main competitive advantage is the ability to protect workers and employers by smart contracts. As a result, counterparties can hard-copy all job requirements and covenants on the blockchain. A worker receives payment from a smart contract only after independent approvals. Such approvals assure that the desired job quality. Therefore, hiring companies reach total safety.

What’s the SETS Token?

The SETS is a token that coexists on two chains: ERC20 and BEP20. To get additional features, users of the Sensitrust job marketplace shall pay SETS cryptocurrency. For example, companies could purchase the possibility to hire top professionals and get the best working results. On the other hand, job hunters could obtain access to training recourses to improve their rank and qualification.

How to buy SETS tokens?

To purchase SETS tokens for ETH do three simple steps:

  1. Fund your account with ETH. If you don’t have crypto, you can purchase ETH with a bank card in a few minutes.
  2. Open the SETS/ETH order book and place your trade order to buy. Use this instruction if you don’t know how to place a trade order.
  3. Withdraw SETS tokens to your personal Ethereum wallet or hold them on the account.

How to buy SETS with Bank Card or Apple Pay?

buy SETS with bank card
Obtain SETS with Visa, MasterCard, or Apple Pay

Use your bank card or Apple Pay to obtain SETS tokens for your local fiat currency.

  1. Log in and generate the ETH address by clicking on the [+ Deposit] button here.
  2. Enter the generated ETH address on the bank card processing page. Also, enter the amount of ETH and click on the “Continue” button.
  3. After getting a confirmation email, open the SETS/ETH order book to buy SETS tokens.

How to sell SETS tokens?

To sell SETS tokens for ETH follow three steps:

  1. Deposit SETS tokens on your account through Ethereum or BSC.
  2. Open the SETS/ETH order book, and place your trade order to sell. Read the instruction if you don’t know how to place a trade order.
  3. Withdraw ETH to your personal Ethereum wallet or hold them on the account.

How to deposit SETS token?

To deposit SETS tokens on your Tokpie account, follow this guide. Also, make sure that you are going to deposit the right ERC20 or BEP20 tokens. If you deposit the wrong tokens or the wrong blockchain type, Tokpie could not identify your transfer.

Note: Tokpie doesn’t charge any fees for depositing.

How to withdraw SETS token?

To withdraw SETS tokens from your Tokpie account, use this instruction. Besides, you must have an ERC20 or BEP20 compatible wallet address to be able to withdraw tokens. Also, check the withdrawal commission.


In addition, please be aware that Tokpie charges a fee for the listing. Tokpie does not give any investment, legal, tax, financial advice, or warranty of token price performance or successful fundraising.

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