World Family Coin Bounty: WFC Tokens and Cash

Join WFC bounty. Find out the main conditions, get the spreadsheet and bounty thread links.

World Family Coin Bounty

The World Family Coin – a people-governed platform for the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) commences a 2-month bounty. The reward pool is 2,000,000 WFC tokens. Find below the World Family Coin’s bounty outline: duration, bounty categories, reward size, and terms of distribution. Also, you will find the links to the Bitcointalk thread and bounty spreadsheet.

What’s the WFC bounty duration?

The WFC bounty will be lasting 8 weeks.

  • Start date: July 05, 2021.
  • End date: Aug 29, 2021.
  • Final checking: Aug 29 – Sep 04, 2021.
  • Distribution: Sep 05, 2021.

Bounty categories and allocations

Also, the World Family Coin bounty has the following categories and bounty pool allocations.

  • Bitcointalk Signature: 70%
  • Altcoinstalks Signature: 10%
  • Twitter: 10%
  • Facebook: 10%

What’s the Bounty reward?

The bounty hunter can earn both: WFC tokens and cash (ETH, USDC, or TKP). To get WFC tokens, participants need to wait for the distribution date – Sep 05, 2021. Simultaneously, hunters can get ETH, USDC, or TKP by selling earned bounty stakes at any time before Sep 05, 2021.

How to get WFC tokens reward?

The reward pool of the World Family Coin bounty campaign is 2,000,000 WFC tokens. So, each eligible participant will get a share from that pool due to the number of bounty stakes earned. To get WFC tokens on Sep 05, 2021, a participant should perform the tasks stated in the bounty thread.

How to get ETH, USDC, and TKP reward?

Fortunately, bounty participants don’t have to wait for bounty distribution to get the reward. Instead, they sell bounty stakes for TKP to get ETH and USDC. Moreover, any Tokpie user can buy WFC bounty stakes from hunters. Learn how to trade the WFC bounty stakes.

Distribution of WFC tokens

The distribution of the WFC tokens will happen on Sep 05, 2021, directly to hunters’ accounts. Note, to get tokens, a participant must have an account on Check your balance here on Sep 05, 2021, after 23:00 UTC (London time).


The bounty participants and Tokpie’s users don’t have to pass KYC to receive rewards or to trade bounty stakes.

Join WFC Bounty: Bitcointalk Bounty Thread

To select bounty categories and join the campaign, go to the Bitcointalk Bounty thread.

World Family Coin Bounty Spreadsheet

Check your status, find the total number of participants and the amount of earned bounty stakes – Final Bounty Spreadsheet.

Also, check the distribution status in the Master Spreadsheet.
The green color means that your account on has already received WFC coins. Check your WFC’s balance here. But if the cell with your username has a “Wrong login email on” remark in the Master spreadsheet, then you need to do the following:

  1. Create an account on the
  2. Then, by using your Bitcointalk (or Altcointalk) account, send a personal message with your correct login email to the Bounty Manager. Use these links to BM profiles: on Bitcointalk and on Altcoinstalk.

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