Earn TerraGreen Reddit Stakes in the Round 4 Bounty

Make upvotes, comments, posts, and reposts on Reddit to get TerraGreen bounty stakes tradable for Ethereum on TOKPIE platform.


  • The TerraGreen bounty Round 4 will end on May 01, 2019!
  • Follow TerraGreen Reddit
  • Your Reddit account must be Open for Public access, failure will result in disqualification;
  • Your Reddit account should be at least 30 days or older;
  • Your account should have at least 20 karma;
  • Nonsense, short comments like “nice/cool/great” and plain spam comments/posts will result in disqualification on all of the TerraGreen campaign categories;
  • You can do posts/reposts in any other crypto related Reddit groups;
  • Only 1 comment per day will be counted (you can do max 5 comments per week);
  • Only 2 posts/reposts per day will be counted (you can do max 10 posts/reposts per week).


  • 1 Upvote + Comment: 1 stakes
  • 1 Post/repost to other subs: 2 stakes

How to join:

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