DocTailor Bounty

Check out the main DocTailor bounty conditions.


  • 7,000,000,000 DOCT tokens will be allocated among bounty participants in accordance with the number of bounty stakes earned.
  • Ethereum (ETH) reward: bounty hunters could sell DOCT bounty stakes for ethereum on the Tokpie exchange. Know how to do that.


DOCT token rewards will be distributed via DocTailor wallet address within the Zloadr app.

LINK To Bitcointalk Bounty Thread


KYC is required

Bounty hunters could get DOCT token rewards only through DocTailor wallet address within Zloadr app once the campaign has finished. Wallet creation in the Zloadr app will require KYC.


  • Week 1 (July 20 – July 26)
  • Week 2 (July 27 – Aug 02)
  • Week 3 (Aug 03 – Aug 09)
  • Week 4 (Aug 10 – Aug 16)
  • Week 5 (Aug 17 – Aug 23)
  • Week 6 (Aug 24 – Aug 30)
  • Week 7 (Aug 31 – Sep 06)
  • Week 8 (Sep 07 – Sep 13)
  • Week 9 (Sep 14 – Sep 20)


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Tokpie Exchange Partners With DocTailor

The Partnership with Tokpie will drive DocTailor’s bounty and DOCT token sales.

DocTailor (DOCT) is a platform that allows creating and distribution of self-customized smart legal documents on the blockchain. Any DocTailor user without developing skills can implement a smart contract to save time and money. DOCT token will be used for paying a subscription fee and escrow service on the Doctailor platform.

Thanks to the partnership with Tokpie, all bounty hunters participating in the Doctailor bounty campaign could sell 50 percent of their bounty stakes for Ethereum (ETH) on Tokpie exchange at any moment until distribution.

“We are delighted to support our growing community by allowing them bounty stakes selling on the Tokpie exchange,” says Doctailor CEO Sam Enrico Williams. “Thanks to Tokpie, our bounty participants could get money immediately while the bounty campaign is running”.

Tokpie is the first cryptocurrency exchange platform with
Bounty Stakes Trading service where people could earn, trade, and invest as never before.

Tokpie CEO, Vasilii Silin said: ‘’Doctailor is going to operate in a very promising market. There are over 100,000 businesses worldwide that could be highly interested in simple, fast, and automated implementation of legal smart contracts. This is why Tokpie users might be interested in obtaining DOCT tokens through buying Doctailor bounty stakes”.

The creation and implementation of smart legal documents is a problem for many organizations and individuals because it requires developer experience, time, and money. The aim of DocTailor is to solve that problem in a simple, cheap, and time-saving way.

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DOCT (DocTailor)

UPDATE: This project website is not working anymore. So DOCT token has a delisted status starting from January 08, 2021.

What is a DOCT token?

DocTailor (DOCT) is an Ethereum based utility token applied on the DocTailor platform.

Total distribution is 500,000,000,000 DOCT only!

What is the DocTailor platform?

Starting from September 2019, the DocTailor platform will allow Accountants, Lawyers, brokers, insurance, bankers, other professionals, and individuals to create Smart Legal Contracts & Agreements with Escrows on Leading Blockchains.
The main advantage is that creating and deploying smart legal contracts and agreements will not require developer experience.

The demand for DOCT token will be supported by the need to pay for a subscription fee due to the price plan chosen and pay for escrows as well.
DocTailor team expects that over 100,000 businesses worldwide will be using the platform when launched in full.

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